Thursday, April 10, 2014

39 Weeks

We really need to get that one last piece of art work hung above the crib! 
 Also, I'm huge. I did crop out my huge feet and I don't know why I have a weird color splotch on my face.

Hey Baby, come on outta there! The birds are chirping, the weather is mild and your mom is just about ready to be done with this whole thing. It's been fun. It really has. I have taken immense pleasure in growing you. The biggest honor of my life, I'd say. But there comes a time when we all reach our breaking point. My feet (and my blood pressure) are saying it is time to go. So please, let me make you aware of some changes that will be happening the next few days:

1. I will be eating salsa more often. I think you like it so take it all in. And if you don't like it, consider exiting my body so you don't have to digest it anymore.

2. I will be doing squats every night. Feel free to continue dropping down (and out).

3. I might even resort to bouncing up and down on a ball. Don't be alarmed. Everything is okay.

4. When I'm done with work on Friday, take that as a sign.

5. I like to be punctual. It is my hallmark. Please consider not being late to bless the world with your presence.

6. Girl, you should see all the clothes awaiting you. You are going to rock your wardrobe!!!

I can hardly believe I am one week from my due date. Even if I go overdue, this whole experience of being pregnant is coming to an end. And that hurts a little. It has been incredible. In a flash, I'll go from waddling around to being in labor to holding my baby. Perhaps I should save the sentiment for next week, when I'm typing away on my actual due date but I can't help but want to get these feelings out just in case she arrives by then. 

In other news, I decided that I would start my maternity leave today instead of next Monday. So far, so good!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

38 Weeks

We went on a field trip last night. A field trip to Labor and Delivery.

No, this isn't a baby announcement. In fact, I'm grounding this baby the second she comes out. Mommy was tired and you and your lengthy nap caused me to miss my bedtime. I thought that only happened once you arrived!!!

As I do every night, I started my kick counts at about 7:30. I was on the couch watching tv and within minutes, I usually get something. Last night, it was operation silence in there. I counted a few small movements before seeing 30 minutes speed by. I needed a change of location so I moved upstairs and got into bed. After flipping from my left side to my right side to my back, repeat, repeat, I started to worry. Again, nothing. The clock was ticking, I was tired and I imagined a trip to the hospital was in order.

When the clock hit 9:30, I called L&D. They asked a few questions and said I should come in to get hooked up to the monitor and check things out. I appreciated the happiness in her voice but it didn't calm my nerves at all. I never have an issue with kick counts so this threw me for a loop.

I sat in a bed in the triage room and the nurse placed the doppler on my stomach. "Let's do a quick listen before I get you all set up so you'll know everything is okay." The strong heartbeat of my daughter echoed throughout the room and the nurse smiled. "See, she is fine." I laid back and had the doppler and a contraction monitor strapped to my belly. I had some water and waited for two significant jumps in her heart rate to please the doctor and nurse. It took a while. Girlfriend was not impressed. About 30 minutes in, I drank two juice boxes and 10 minutes later, my belly started to move, her heart rate increased and the doctor was happy. Just an extra long nap.

I had my fingers crossed, hoping for an ultrasound and was super excited when the doctor pulled the machine out. She was going to do a fluid check and I was super close to asking "how about a quick scan over her private parts to give me some confirmation?" Turns out I didn't have to ask. The first image on the screen led her to say "definitely a girl." SWEET RELIEF. I was so happy. What a silly fear but it has been on my mind for MONTHS.

The other news was that my amniotic fluid is on the low side of normal. Not in a dangerous range but something to be aware of. Luckily, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow so I can ask some questions about what that can mean for my delivery.

Two weeks until my due date but I will be surprised if I make it that far. I might eat those words later when I'm a week overdue and willing this baby out but you heard it here first. I think Julia will make an early entrance into our world.

I'm ready to meet her!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

37 Weeks

Still not close enough.

In the past week, I've started to transition from "x number of weeks left" to "x + 1 number of weeks left." This is mainly because a lady in the waiting room at my doctor appointment on Tuesday told the receptionist that her daughter was 11 days overdue with her first.

Hence my shift in thinking. My boss suggested counting down the days until I go on maternity leave and I like that idea. I'm hoping I don't spend too much of the beginning of my leave without a baby but I'm going to appreciate that time off and soak it all in.

Some other updates:

-Upon texting my sister yesterday, she replied "Please do not text me unless you are going to the hospital." The demands!!!

-Baby is head down! That explains a lot.

-I fell asleep on the couch at 6:15 last night and could have easily called it a night. I decided to wait until 7:00 to move into bed and didn't actually go to sleep until 8:00. This is like first trimester exhaustion all over again. Luckily, I can make it through the day with no problem.

-I'm said my first early goodbye to a group of wonderful 6th graders yesterday and got very emotional. I cried when I got into my car to leave the school. The next week will be quite emotional and I'm not sure why! I say goodbye to students each and every school year but there is something about leaving before the school year ends that feels out of place. I'll put some tissue in my car for sure!

-My doctor told me that I am having a textbook pregnancy and I didn't even get a lecture on my weight. Apparently, she has given up on me. I've gained 40 pounds and I can't wait to get it off.

Some images that rocked my world this morning:

Cuddles with Kitty before leaving for work. 

Yup, watermelon sounds/feels about right

Thanks. So the baby continues to grow but its house will not. POOR BABY!!!!

Here is hoping I make it to week 38.......

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My favorite part of being married is chatting with my husband. I adore that time together.

In my "must get to the gym days", I would rush out of the door, work out, get home, shower, eat dinner and before I knew it, it was nearly time for bed. There wasn't a lot of down time to just talk. I longed for a day when I would decide that it was a rest day and I would get home at 4:15 and do whatever I wanted to do.

But my favorite thing would be to sit on our bed together and just talk about our days. The mundane, the exciting. Whatever it was-it was nice to just chat.

Earlier this week, we had a great chat. In between the hilarious story my husband was telling me, we would stare at my stomach as our daughter thrashed around, visible from the outside. She obviously enjoyed his story telling. Maybe it was all the laughing I was doing.

I love that after 10 years together, there are still stories I have never heard. 10 years of chats that can be easily forgotten but that make me happy to have such an amazing partner in this life.

Soon our chats will change topics. Our lives will be consumed with our baby and that is okay. As long as we still find time for chats, I will be happy.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Packing the Hospital Bag

There are a lot of pins that come up if you search "Hospital bag" on Pinterest. A LOT. I've been wading through them for the past couple of months, trying to determine exactly what I would need for a few nights (1? 2? who knows!) away from home. We are lucky because the hospital where I plan to deliver is just 10 miles away and both sets of families are also a quick drive. If  we need anything during our stay, no doubt someone can bring it to us.

That being said, my plan was to pack light. Pinterest links think differently. Even the minimalist hospital bag lists had things that I think are strange and quite honestly a waste of time. For example, a stand up mirror: I get not wanting to look completely tore up but really?? I'm going to pack a stand up mirror in my bag??? No.

Last night, a friend that is due a few weeks after me posted on Instagram that she had her hospital bag all packed. WHAT???? I'm so behind. We don't even have a duffle bag and I will not be rolling a suitcase into labor and delivery. So I aside my day of being lazy and watching basketball and made a plan to get some things packed and out of the way.

Thank goodness we had our hospital tour yesterday and they provided us with a great pamphlet that covered several topics, including what to pack:

This is more like it. I went to Walmart this morning, picked up a duffle bag and got to work packing. So far, I've included:

-3 nursing bras
-3 loose fitting tank tops
-2 pairs of leggings 
-a t-shirt for going home (it isn't a fashion show and we live 10 minutes away)
-2 outfits for baby to go home in (a newborn and a 0-3 month)
-2 blankets
-snacks for my husband
-toiletry bag with essentials (again, if I need anything else, someone can bring it to us)

I'll have my husband pack a couple of clothing items for himself before zipping the bag up and calling it a day. I know that chargers and other things might have to be thrown in at the last minute but I think I'll put all those things close together so we can grab them in case we find ourselves in a rush! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

36 Weeks

Being 36 weeks pregnant means:

-If you sneeze due to seasonal allergies, you will pee a little.

-One second, you will be gasping for air (while simply lying in bed) due to the position of the baby and the next you will be squeezing your kegel muscles to avoid peeing yourself even more.

-Imagining the birth of your child on the way to work and crying in your car.

-Calling your mom and when she answers, hearing "are you in labor?!?!?"

-Purchasing Preparation H. And using it.

-Continuing to wonder if your 20 week anatomy scan was correct.

-Fearing your next doctor appointment because you really don't want to get the weight discussion from your doctor. Not this late in the game. I'M DOING MY BEST.

-Counting down the work days until you go on maternity leave. (17......or 14...or 15). I'm undecided.

-Rolling off the couch after a 30 minute feet propping session to make the swelling go down.

-Feeling like 36 weeks isn't close enough to the end but realizing that labor could realistically start anytime. Crazier things have happened!

As always, thanks for reading and following along this crazy journey with me!

Monday, March 17, 2014

What Will They Say?

I attended a beautiful memorial yesterday for my Uncle Miles. He passed away last month. He would have celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary to my Aunt in July.

50 years.

There were various people that spoke about him during the memorial. His brother, a friend from college, a firefighter that knew him from church. My Aunt wanted people to get a sense of his life from childhood into his adult life. Mission Accomplished.

I don't see this branch of my family much so my knowledge of Miles wasn't vast. I learned a lot about him yesterday and many of those things left a smile on my face. I knew he was a man of faith, above all. I knew he had a landscaping business. I knew he was passionate and head strong mostly because he passed those traits onto his daughters.

As family and friends gave their tributes to him, I got lost in my own thoughts regarding what is said about people after they pass away. In most circumstances, the best features of a person's personality and life story are put on display. Sure, we all have demons. No one is perfect and obviously, their memorial isn't the time nor the place to speak about that.

But the thing that stood out to me was how generous Miles was. How he once picked up hitchhikers, took them to church, paid for their breakfast and drove them hundreds of miles away to their desired destination. Aside from the obvious that picking up hitchhikers is a bad idea, this was the example of the type of man he was.

I hope my life story continues for several decades. I hope I can accomplish important feats in my work life. I hope I successfully raise a child to be kind, loving and fun. I hope my marriage thrives year after year. But mostly, I hope I can think outside of myself more often. Not so at my memorial there are kind words spoken about me but because it is the right thing to do. Because I want to be the kind of person that sleeps peacefully at night knowing that I gave it my all that day and that maybe, just maybe, I helped someone or made someone's day brighter.

It is funny how the death of someone sparks life in people. It makes us reevaluate our lives and the people we want to be, the relationships we want to keep and the improvements we strive to make.

I believe a good reminder to do the right thing, the kind thing, throughout our lives is to ask, "what will they say about me" when my time comes to transition from this life.