Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap into new ideas

Happy Leap Day! I hope someone is getting married today- that would be pretty cool.

In the spirit of Leap Day, I am going to have to leap into a new wedding idea, although I am not happy about it.

My wish tree that I have dreamt about for so long is no longer a reality. What is a wish tree? I was going to use this as a guest book.

My friend Kim (fellow knottie and weddingbee blogger Mrs. Lemon). This is her wish tree. Amazing right???? I can only wish (haha, no pun intended) that mine could be this great.

I ordered what I thought would be the perfect branches from Sure, the measurements were small but I got two so that would make a perfect pair of trees. WRONG. You need a TREE not just some silly branches.
This looks like total crap. Horrible.
The branches are too small. Drats. It is not going to happen.
I have 80 of those oval cards and I will let allow them to go to waste. Plan B is a wish bowl. Not a fabulous but still different and nice. I can make a collage after the wedding to hang up.
99 days!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To label or not to label...

With 5 weeks until the invitations go in the mail (and 100 days until the wedding) I needed to start thinking about getting addresses on the envelopes. There are so many options these days for addressing invitations but only one was right for me. Good old fashioned hand writing.

First, let me show one really popular method and one that I might use for our thank you cards.
The Martha Stewart Wrap Around label. (

I really like the look of this and you can include your return mailing address on the backside of the envelope. It is a little more formal than a regular label but to me, a label is a label.

Here is my problem with labels (even Martha's). Labels remind me of junk mail. I get a lot of junk mail everyday. All addressed to me with mailing labels on them. When I flip through my mail and see these labels, I automatically think "Junk". I don't know if other people think this same thing but if they do, they might not notice my return address sticker in the corner and assume "more junk." Then my wedding invite ends up in the trash. Booo.

There is something personal about hand writing. And there is something really great about pulling out your mail, flipping through and seeing something HAND WRITTEN to you. You know this is not junk mail. You know it is an important piece of mail from a friend or family member. You move this out of the junk mail pile and into the must read pile. Often times, I open this kind of mail before I even walk 5 feet from the mail box. It is a personal letter or invitation from someone in your life. It deserves to be opened right away! This is the reaction I want when people see my hand writing on a piece of their mail in April. I have spent so much time on the rest of the invitations, why not take the time to hand address them myself?

What about the time it takes? I started working on addressing Sunday. I completed about 25 in about 25 minutes. On Monday, I dove in and completed some more. I now have 40 invites left to address. And 5 weeks to do it. Now, I believe that with all the time you would spend downloading the wrap around template, typing the info into the template, feeding the paper into your printer, cutting each label, running the paper through the xyron machine (to make it a sticker) and then carefully placing the label onto the could have hand written MOST of your invitations. And made them more personal.

"But my handwriting is sloppy." I know about 10 people that have amazing handwriting that would be happy to at least split the responsiblity with me. Buy them some dinner or some coffee to show your appreciation. Luckily, my handwriting isn't too bad and I was able to really take my time and make them look nice.

Please vote for hand addressing your wedding invitations in 2008. It is the right thing to do.

Visiting My Dress!

I get to pay a visit to my wedding dress today. My friend Cathleya ordered her dress from House Of Fashion as well, so I told her that when her dress came in, we could go together and prance around the store like princesses. Today is that day! I have lost 11 pounds (my weigh in on Sunday, where I was down a total of 13 must have been a fluke) but it is no where near enough. Yes, my dress fits just fine but I could look better in it. Nonetheless, I am super excited to bond with my dress. Plus, this time I will have shoes and my veil to try on with it. The whole package. After work, I am going to run home, fix up my makeup a bit before going back to HoF. I want to look pretty before all the princess prancing takes place. Whew, say that 10 times fast!! I can't wait to wear the dress on my wedding day. Has Chris seen it? Kind of. While looking through one of my bridal magazines he came across a picture of my dress. No, he didn't know it was my dress and I sure enough didn't tell him. He was commenting on every dress in the magazine and when he came across mine, he said (and I quote) "Ugh, no. It looks like someone threw up a thousand beads on this dress. No. I don't like it." I tried to play it off like I didn't care. But I dont. I'm sure he will think I look amazing. Even if someone threw up a thousand beads on me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Knot-My thoughts

I remember checking out before I was engaged. My first thought? This place looks scary. I didn't feel like I deserved to be there since I didn't have a ring on my finger yet. Everything was so overwhelming-guest lists, dresses, hair styles, jewelry, check lists..aHHHHH!! But you can be sure that as soon as I got engaged, I signed up, signed on and started my obsession. I mainly stay on the message boards as there are plenty of good ideas, useful bios from brides and brides to be and some good fun snark to read during a boring day. In my early days of knotting, I posted some stupid questions and rants. I didn't get flamed (teased, ridiculed) too much but I quickly learned where to post and where not to post. Not ALL boards are wedding related. As my wedding approaches and most of my questions are answered and my needs completed, it is fun to read about newly engaged brides stressing over guest lists (been there), dress shopping excursions (done that) and the joys/horrors of planning a wedding. It brings me back to the early days when I had over 450 days to plan the wedding. I can't wait until these ladies reach that break in their need to research everything under the sun. It happens. There is one thing I do find interesting from my time on theknot. The expectation to do what other people are doing. I admit that I have felt like I "should" have this in my wedding or that I "have to" do this, that and the other thing in order to make my wedding better. It is not true. My list of "Things I'm not doing." 1. Professional Makeup artist 2. Professional hair stylist 3. Out of Town welcome bags/boxes Here is a flame worthy item.... 4. Open bar-Let me explain. I have NEVER been to a wedding with an open bar. Did I think this was tacky? NO. Alcohol is not dinner. If you go to a reception at 6:00 p.m., you expect dinner. If they do not have dinner, you have every right to be pissed. I would be. I get in a bad mood when hungry. Just because it is a wedding and they have a bar, does not give everyone the right to expect free alcohol all night long. That being said, we are pre-paying for a certain amount of beer at the bar. Once the limit is reached, the beer is no longer free. Mixed drinks will not be free at any point. I don't care how this is looked upon. I will not give people a free pass to get wasted at my wedding, just because it is free. Another knot rant: People making posts about needing help finding airline tickets or a veil or a honeymoon location. You want strangers to pick out your honeymoon local? And there is this lovely thing called Google (and MANY other search engines) where you could find this information on your own. I am sure you have looked all over the place for airline tickets. How are we supposed to find you any??? Also, don't send out save the dates 15 weeks before the wedding. That is a waste of time. Don't spend $17,000 on flowers unless you are going to be on Platinum Weddings on the WE channel. That is just a huge waste of money, I don't care what your vision is. That is silly. Once you buy your wedding dress, STOP looking. Why would you keep going back to the bridal shop to try on new dresses? Three dress brides??? Are you kidding me? Just stop. Don't forget brides-we have brains. Don't let the bridal bliss (or stress) get to your head. Take a deep breathe, go to google and find what you are looking for. Asking the silliest of questions (and sometimes in the wrong places) will only get you online laughed at. And no one wants that. Especially a super sensitive bride to be.

T-Minus 100 days

Chris and Michelle: A Timeline July 31, 2004: First Date August 20, 2004: Second First Date (after Michelle got back from a 2.5 week Italy trip) April 25, 2006: Chris moves to Folsom; officially shacking up February 19, 2007: Engaged!! June 7, 2008: Marital Bliss begins I knew that Chris and I would get along after our first and second phone calls. I'm not sure if anything romantic would develop but we seemed to like the same things and I enjoyed talking to him. Lucky for me, I also enjoyed spending time with him. A lot. Relationships are a funny thing. You start a relationship with someone not knowing where it is going to take you. Chris claims that he knew that he loved me the minute I opened the door on our first date. I don't know if I believe him but it is a cute thought. Now, after 3.5 years of dating, I can't imagine a day without him. I lived 25 years without knowing him but now, it seems impossible to get through a day not excited to see him, talk to him or share my day with him. We are so close to being husband and wife. Closer than we were 3.5 years ago, closer than we were even a year ago when we first got engaged. I have never been more excited in my life. This person who was a stranger 4 years ago is now the person that I will spend the rest of my life sharing my days with. And that makes me more excited than anything else in this wedding planning process. Wedding To-Do's: March 1. Complete addressing invites (40 left as of 2/26) 2. Make appointment with bakery to finalize cake flavors/design 3. Hair and make up trial 4. Continue losing weight (down 13 so far!) 5. Contact Kinko's about printing the wedding program 6. Continue pre-marital counseling with Pastor Paul 7. Buy stamps for invites 8. Pick Men's ware for the groom, groomsmen and dads