Friday, May 30, 2008

Say what?

When someone finds out you are getting married, a lot of different comments are made. "When are you getting married?" " What are your colors?" "Where are you going on your honeymoon?" "What does your dress look like?" "Who is your maid of honor?" Some people like to offer their advice: "Don't get too stressed out." "Something will go wrong, but it will be ok in the end." "Allow other people to help you." "Make sure you have a good photographer" Some advice is great: "You are going to be so happy together. Always remember the reason you said yes." "Both of you will make mistakes, but you forgive and you move on. And remind yourself why you love that person in the first place." Some is weird (and not appropriate): "Three weeks away huh? There is still time." "Second marriages are great." What? Say what? Those are actual statements that were said to me. Weird, no? Why would someone say something like that to a person who is entering the biggest commitment of their lives? I know. People are bitter. And/or unhappy in their own lives. Who knows. But it isn't ok. It is right up there with the 4 times in my life that I have been asked if I was pregnant by complete strangers. What, someone can't have a tummy pouch? Someone can't love pizza just a bit too much? Geez, who knew. Anyways, my reaction to those statements, aside from complete confusion, was simple. " Ohh well, I'm really in love with Chris so no need for me to back out." " Ummm, no second marriage for me. One and done." Keep it to yourselves people. Shut it. 8 days (well, 7 really. This day is about over)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Get that bride some tissues! STAT

I am a crier. I hate to admit that when I was younger, I would get emotional watching episodes of Full House. When DJ and Stephanie would fight and then have that heart to heart about how they are sisters and will always love each other...TEARS!!! Pretty much anything sister related makes me break down because I have the best sister in the world. I value our relationship so much that seeing other sisters makes me cry. I told you. I am a crier. Thinking about the wedding day and certain moments of that day always make me get that lump in my throat. But there are a few that really get those water works going. I discovered some last week while driving and listening to my ipod. Through the speakers, not through the earphones. Because I like a bit of self inflicted crying now and again, I turned it to Canon in D. The song I will be walking down the aisle to. My mom and dad will be on each arm. I picture it and I hear the music. And I cry. A lot. I listen to our first dance song, "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds. I picture it and I hear the music. And I cry more. I listen to the song my dad and I will dance to, "Daughter" by Loudon Wainwright. You might remember it as the song that played at the end of the movie "Knocked Up." I thought it was such a cute, fun song to listen to. WRONG. Listening to it the other day made me cry. A lot. I picture my sister standing up to give her Matron of Honor speech and that lump develops. I have no idea what she is going to say but this is huge moment. I was an emotional wreck trying to give the speech at her wedding. I had it all typed out, I started to speak, I looked at her and BOOM. So many tears. I couldn't go on. And well, the ceremony is another thing. I was pretending to recite my vows the other day ( I talk to myself a lot, who cares?) and more tears. Now here is the thing. This can go one of two ways. 1. I can be the emotional mess I have described above. The anticipation of these moments is just the beginning and on my wedding day I won't stop crying from start to finish. 2. Something in me will switch and I won't shed a tear. I will be so happy and excited and anxious that tears won't form. All of those moments that have made me cry just thinking of them will be amazing but no tears will be produced. But since I am the girl who cries at Full House, I think we should go with #1 taking place. 10 days (just typing that....a small tear comes to my eye!!!)

Monday, May 26, 2008

20%, 60%, how about 0%

Since I really only have a few more actual projects to do for the wedding (making our photo frame cardbox and putting the favors in bags) I have moved on to a new obsession. That obsession is called weather watching. Since we are 12 days out and the weather forecasts can only go up to 10 days, it is really just a guessing game. A guessing games that brings you to near tears, makes you want to email your coordinator to ask about rain arrangements for an outdoor wedding and email all of your guests asking them to bring umbrellas. I had a thought while going to the grocery store: Everything has worked out. We had a guest list of 219 people. That is 49 people OVER the maximum our reception room could hold. 170 people in that room would be bananas. Our final number is 118. That worked out. The planning for the menu worked out. All of our vendors have been great. Things are working out. The weather has to play into this master plan of just being ok, right? It can't possible RAIN on my wedding day can it? MSN weather is calling for 91 degrees, sunny with a 20% chance of rain on June 4 Yahoo and the weather channel are calling for 81 degrees, scattered t-storms and a 60% chance of rain on June 4. Now, I have seen t-storms in the forecast before and never have seen an actual thunderstorm. I dont care if it is cloudy. I don't care if the clouds are so dark there is no light on our ceremony. But if those clouds produce one drop of real rain from the hours of 3:00-7:00 I will be a unhappy bride. Do you hear me Mother Nature??? Don't do it. I swear. I know people. 11.5 days

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Next Week

"Hey Michelle, when is your wedding?" "Next week." 12 days

Friday, May 23, 2008

I have been thinking about writing this post for the past few days and I am bored so here it goes. I recall typing shortly before actually being engaged. I looked all over the website and felt like I didn't belong there. I quickly "x'd" out of the page and moved on. I shouldn't be on this page, I thought, it is only for those engaged girls out there. Lucky bitches. Oh sorry. Left over bitterness from my non-engaged days. But when I finally did get engaged (read below), I was pretty excited to explore the website. And the first thing I found were the message boards. Looking back at my records, I see that on February 20, I signed up for the knot. Some would say I was overly anxious but I am just on top of things. Through the message boards, I got some great ideas and a sneak peek into the weddings of others. It is a really great resource. But there is one main reason I am writing this. Because of the message boards I was able to make a friend. A really good friend. One random day on the Northern California knot board, I came across a person who lived in the Sacramento area and was getting married on the same day as me. How great! We chit chatted on the board and then exchanged emails. Life has not been the same since. I really don't know how I would have made it through this wedding process without Cathleya. We shared SO many ideas (well, she gave me ideas and then I stole them for my own), good wedding planning moments, stressful moments and just overall had great conversations. 99% via email. We would get together for dinner about once a month and we found ourselves talking about all sorts of topics, not just wedding stuff. She spent 5.5 hours with me (at her parents house) helping me make my wedding invitations. We kept each other on task as the wedding got closer and closer. We pranced around the bridal salon in our dresses together. She even attended my bachelorette party! And we thought how awful it was that after a year of getting to know each other, we would miss each other's weddings. We already talk about getting together right after our honeymoon's to share pictures and stories. I told her I am sending her a picture on 6/7/8 of me in my dress so she better have her phone handy. I feel like I know her wedding just as well as I know mine. Being able to share this process with someone experiencing the same exact things has been amazing. I wish every bride had as much friendly support as I did. Thanks Cathy for being such an amazing friend. I look forward to continuing our friendship long after our weddings are over and done with. 15 days

Thursday, May 22, 2008

February 19, 2007

I don't think I ever blogged about the night Chris and I got engaged. I didn't have a blog back then so I'm pretty sure I didn't.

I feel like retelling the story now. Being so close to the end of our engagement and the start of our marriage feels like a good time to tell the story. But first, I have to go to the bathroom.....

And I'm back.

I am going to be writing this story in the order of how I came to find out each occurance. Since the proposal was a secret, there are many things I didn't know occured in the days leading up to 2/19 so those things will be told after the actual proposal took place.

February 19th was a Monday and a holiday. We didn't have any plans except to go out to dinner in Fairfield with his parents and family friends. I remember the weather being really nice that day.

I went to the apartment fitness center to go running and a funny thing happened while I was there. My Ipod nano fell off the ledge of the treadmill and actually slid into the small gap on the belt. So my ipod was now inside of the treadmill. THe treadmill ate my ipod. I didn't know what to do. There were some guys (kinda scary looking but turned out to be very nice) in the room and after telling them what happened, they offered to help. At the same time, an apartment worker came in giving a tour. I explained what happened but she said she couldn't do anything to take apart the treadmill. Thanks. The guys said, well if you get a screw driver, I can take apart that panel and we should be able to find it. I ran home, grabbed a screw driver and came back. We took off the panel, searched and finally found the ipod sitting unharmed. Weird.

My mom called me soon after I got back from the gym and asked if I could come by her house to help with her fence that had fallen down. She knew we were going to be in town for dinner so I said sure. I didn't want her lifting a heavy fence on her own.

We had to leave our apartment at 4 to get to the restaurant at 5 and fix the fence. Our reservations were at 5:00 at the Hungry Hunter. I was very excited about this because they have a good steak and I was really wanting a good steak. I put on my jeans and a new sweater (because restaurants are cold). I was in the bathroom putting on my makeup while chris was in the bedroom ironing. A strange conversation took place. I started it.

Me: "Hey Chris. What would happen if you came home one day and found a note from me saying that I couldn't wait any longer to get married. The note says that I am leaving you."

Chris: "I would be sad but I'm not going to do anything that I am not ready to do."

I made a face and forgot about it...well didn't really forget about it but ya know.

We get out the door at a bit after 4 and hit crazy traffic. Three day weekend coming to an end traffic. I knew it wouldn't last long as it is a common spot because of two freeways coming together. But it did take us 15 minutes to go 2 miles. I called my mom and told her about the traffic and how I didn't think we could stop by her house. She said well ok, just let me know as you get closer. We got into town at about 5:05. I called my mom:

Me: "I dont want to be late for dinner. That is rude. Can I come by after?"

Mom: "well it is going to be dark. It will just take a minute."

Chris: " We can stop by. I'll call my parents and tell them we will be late."

Me: "I dont want to be late. Can't my dad fix the fence"

Chris: "We are already on our way. Lets just stop by."

I made face.

We pull into my mom's driveway and I jump out of the car and walk super fast towards her front door. I walk in, call out her name, look to my right and notice the following people standing in her living room:
My mom

My dad

Chris' mom

Chris' dad

Chris' sister

Chris' brother

My first thoughts: Where are Kit and Dennis? (Those are the family friends we are having dinner with). Are my parents coming to dinner too? Why is everyone standing up? We are going to be late! Wait....why are there cheese and crackers on the dining room table? Why does everyone have a goofy grin on their faces?

I seriously had all of those thoughts within the 30 seconds before Chris got my attention.

Me: Hi everyone. What is going on?

Me: Umm hello? WHAT is going on? Chris? I turn around.
Now Chris has a goofy grin.

Me: WHAT THE F????? ( I felt that way, I didn't actually say it)
Chris grabs my hand. It hits me. He is going to propose. I start crying.

Me: What are you doing? What are you doing?

He led me back towards the front door. Why? My mom's front door is the place we first saw each other. He picked me up for our first date, a blind date, at my moms house.

He tells me how this is where we first met. He says I know I always tell you that I have loved you since I first saw you and you never believe me. But I mean it. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
(I am pretty sure he said those things. My face was covered by my hands and I was crying my eyes out.)

He got down on his knees.

He asked me to marry him. I guess. I wasn't looking or listening. I think the last thing I saw was the ring box being pulled out of his pocket.

I said yes. More crying. Lots of hugs.

Here are some funny facts regarding this proposal that I didn't know but other people did:
1. The previous Monday, Chris got to work and decided that it was time to propose. "What am I waiting for?" he asked himself. He went to and purchased a ring. It was set to be delivered the following Monday. The plan was then set in motion.

2. He made the call to my mom to ask her if he could come over to talk to her on Thursday night. He left that message. My mom called him back and said ok. Then she called him again. "Should Dennis be here for this conversation?" "Oh yeah. For sure."

3. I had a work training that Thursday night and Chris said he had a mixer for work to go to as well. Made sense as he has those a lot. I get a bit silly prior to work events. It was also my friend Jessica's birthday that day and I decorated her office. While doing that, I cut my left ring finger. I put on a bright pink bandaid. While waiting for our event to start, I was bored so I drew a ring on the bandaid. "Look everyone, I'm engaged!! I just proposed to myself and I said yes. This is the only ring I will have on my finger for a LONG time." Seriously. I did that. Probably at the same time he was at my mom's house, talking to my parents about the fact that he was going to propose to me Monday night.

4. He called my sister. "I'm going to propose to Michelle monday night. Can you be there?" My sister: "What? Seriously? Are you serious? Seriously?" Sadly, my sister or Diana or Matt couldn't be there.

5. When I ran back to the house to get that screw driver, Chris ran towards the front door to see me. Why? He was tracking the ring delivery on the computer and didn't want me to come into the office to see it on the screen.

6. Chris' mom was instructed to put the ring on this ledge thingy at my mom's house by her front door. Chris was supposed to walk in the house first and grab it and put it in his pocket. But because I stormed in, he didn't do that. I didn't see the ring and I still contend that if I would have walked in right after him, I would have noticed him do that. The dramatics of the proposal would not have been the same.

We all went to dinner after at Carino's and my sister, Matt and Diana joined us. It was so much fun having our families there, celebrating, smiling and making the phone calls and text messages to all of our friends. Our cell phones would not stop beeping and shaking. I must have gone through a lot of minutes that night.

I never got my steak.

16 days


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hello dress. How are you? I'm good, just a bit chubby

I am going to visit my dress this evening. Originally, I was just going to be going to the bridal shop to support Cathleya in her dress fitting but I didn't want to feel left out. Or be in the same building as my dress and not see it. But there is something I must do before trying it on. Lose 10 pounds. I have 3 hours. Hmmm I think not. So I am going to swing by Macy's and buy some spanx or another variety of "please suck me in so I don't have a huge pot belly on my wedding day" undergarmet. My coworker informed me that last time she went to Macys, they did not have spanx there. And since I have no time to drive to the nearest Nordy's, I will have to make due with something at Macys. With 17 days left (I had to check!), I would rather get something and try it on with my dress then risk not knowing what I look like a)without the help b) with something that doesn't help at all on the actual wedding day. I'm excited to prance around in my wedding dress one last time before the day. Of course, I said that back in March when I tried it on but whatever. I mean it this time. I have to because there is NO more time to try it on. 17 days woot woot!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Forgive me!

I hadn't even realized it was a week ago that I last blogged. A week ago we were still in the 20's. As in, 25 days away. Welcome to the teens my friends. How does it feel you ask? Exciting. It is so close. Not close enough to feel like I am on the edge of my seat but pretty darn close. This weekend was very busy. Friday night I drove down to Fairfield to pick up the tables at the rental place for my shower. After dropping them off at the hostess' house, I spent the night with the Borcherts in preparation for my shower on Saturday. The shower was incredible. I had such a great time. There were 16 people total which was a perfect size. The games were fun, the food was great, the company was amazing. We were gifted with amazing things for our kitchen and I can't wait to start using them! My sister and Melissa did a fantastic job planning the perfect shower. Thanks! Sunday was the Bay to Breakers. It was great running weather as the city was completely fogged in. Their were costumes, naked men, drinking on the streets, music and lots of sweat! Chris and I finished the race, had lunch and took the long trek home. How long? 45 minute line to board the Muni Bus 1 hour bus ride back to BART 30 minute BART ride to Orinda 45 minute drive to Fairfield 45 minute drive to Sacramento 4 hours and 15 minutes. We finished the race in 1 hr and 39 minutes. Hmmmm.... I have been getting lots of wedding projects done as well. My deadline to have things completed is May 31st and I feel good about that. Little by little, things are coming together, vendors are getting paid, friends and family are getting excited. Soon it will be here, gone and over with. But it will be a blast. 18 days

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Honeymoon

As excited as we are to get married and enjoy the day of our wedding, I must be honest in telling you that we are even more excited about our honeymoon. Who doesn't get excited for vacation, right?

Chris and I have only been on one true vacation together. We went to Las Vegas for 4 days in 2005. It was on that trip that we really got a sense of how easy it was to be together. I think the only time we left each other was when I went downstairs one morning to get donuts. I recall getting back from Las Vegas, dropping Chris off at his house and crying. The thought of not being with him 24:7 made me so sad. 9 months later, we would move in together and the rest is history. (I hate that phrase.)

Our other long vacation was this past summer but we were not alone. A family road trip from Fairfield to Albuquerque with a stop at the Grand Canyon. We didn't have too much alone time on that trip obviously, but it was a good bonding experience and I enjoyed meeting his extended family at the reunion in New Mexico.

Our honeymoon will be the most extravagant vacation to date. 6 days and 5 nights in Maui.

I have been to the Big Island many times and Chris has been to Honolulu once but we have never been to Maui. My parents have gone, coworkers have visited and due to their excitment about the place, we are thrilled. We threw around many honeymoon ideas.
1. St.Lucia at an all inclusive Sandals resort. No worrying about cash, all the food and drink you want and a beach and pool at your footsteps. But the flight was a bit long from the Left Coast and we didn't want to spend 1.5 days flying....
2. Europe, specifically Paris. I hate to say that after seeing the movie Ratatouille, I couldn't stop thinking about going to Paris. I researched online, I listened to French tutorials through the computer. I priced out airfare. Again, too expensive and too much time flying.
Hawaii was never on the list. I had been there before and it is so familiar. But when it came down to really deciding what we wanted, Hawaii was the best choice.
A. It is beautiful there. Guarenteed.
B. We didn't have to worry about exchanging our currency
C. No language differences
D. No strange cuisine. We are not foodies so good old American food is fine with us.
E. Short plane ride. 4-5 hours. We leave early in the a.m. from the mainland and get to Hawaii shortly after 1. We don't lose time at all.
F. Is there a beach? YES. Is there a pool? YES. Is there a bar? YES. Is the sun going to be out? YES. Done, Done, Done and Done.
25 days until the wedding
27 days until Maui

Monday, May 12, 2008

Comment PLEASE

I was reading another knotties blog (heatherjk) and saw that on one sleepless night, she asked for her readers to comment and introduce themselves. I have the link to this blog in my knot signature which means every time I post, the link appears. I would like to think that lots of people read my blog but no one really comments. Except my sister. Thanks Ang!!! So I am going to copy Heather and ask that those of you who are reading this, please comment! Just say hi. When are you getting married? Where are you from? What drives you crazy?

Check...and next!

I finished putting together 127 favors this past weekend. It seemed very daunting at first but being surrounded by a lot of chocolate makes the job easier. I wanted to make sure I finished them this weekend so I could have time to put our programs together....whenever I find time to take them to the printer. Tomorrow I hope. We are now 27 days away from the wedding. It is coming up so fast and then it will all be over. Strange indeed. I am not stressed. I am not panicked. I am ready!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I got nothing Part 2

I thought that as I got closer to June 7, I would have more to write about regarding the wedding. But I find myself at a loss. I really have nothing to write about. Mainly because anything that is going on right now should probably not be put out into the cyber world. I'll keep it to myself. Today is our RSVP deadline. Apparently, that only means something to me and the 104 other people that have contacted me one way or another to tell me they are attending the wedding. Or the 57 people who have done the same to inform me that they can't make it. You other 50-something people are slackers. That's right. Slackers. I said it. I gave you a stamped card. It asked a question. All you had to do was pick up a pen, make a couple of marks and stick it in the mail. You had 6.5 weeks. If you do intend to come, you will be going to the buffet line last. I hope there are yummy mashed potatoes still available for you to eat. So there. 31 days

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy May!

I can officially say "I am getting married next month." May feels exciting to me for many different reasons. I am going to list them. 1. My mom had her birthday on Sunday. Happy 60th Mom! Now the whole world knows how old you are! 2. The end of the school year is approaching which means that work gets really busy and then really, really slow. 3. My bridal shower is on the 17th. Finally! 4. My sister's birthday is on the 27th. I won't mention her age because it means that I am a year older in three months and that is not ok. 5. As of the 10th, my wedding is in 4 weeks. WOWZERS. There are many things to celebrate this month but also a lot to do. We purchased all of the candy for our favors this weekend. 50 8 packs of mini candy bars. M&M's (peanut and plain), PB cups, twix, snickers, milky ways, york peppermint patties, junior mints, 3 musketeers and I can't even remember the rest. Oh and 15 bags of hershey's kisses. That is a lot of chocolate. I hope it doesn't melt.