Monday, June 30, 2008

30 whole minutes! WOW!!

How sad. I worked out today for the first time in 29 days and it was not easy. Not easy getting to the gym I mean. I had to wear actual shoes with laces and socks! Ick. I was determined to get 30 minutes under my belt but I didn't think I would feel so horrible doing that. The bike is the easiest to get started with because you can sit on your butt. I set it at level 7 and I felt like there was no resistance so I jumped up to 8, which was too hard. Back to 7. For 15 minutes, I broke a good sweat. I can think of two times when I broke a sweat last: dancing at my reception and in Hawaii anytime we walked outside. Sweating is gross. After my tough bike ride, I got on my favorite treadmill at the gym. Yes, I have a favorite treadmill. It is near a ceiling fan and not under any annoying fluorescent lights that bug the crap out of me. I punched in 20 minutes at 3.5 speed and 3.5 incline. That was feeling good so I jumped up to 4.0 incline and only made it to 15 minutes. Whew, time to go home. I'm done. I felt so lazy working out because I am out of shape completely. I have a long road ahead of me to 13.1 miles. Good thing I have plenty of time but I need to get moving!!

You're doing what? Again??

In August of 2006, I decided that I should run a half marathon. I don't know why I thought this would be a good idea but I went with it. I spent nearly 12 weeks training for this race. I printed out a training schedule on and followed it very closely. I ran about 5-6 days a week, increasing my mileage every week until the race. The most I ran for one of my training runs was 8 miles. EIGHT MILES!! The half marathon is 13.1 miles and while I was a bit worried that I was well under that, I felt confident in my ability to run. I finished the race is 2 hrs 36 mins. It was tough. Really tough. I knew the exact pace I wanted to keep in order to finish before the 2 hr 45 min cut off time, and I held to that pace. At about mile 10, I really started to wear down. It was getting warm, my legs were so tired and achy and the crowd was really slim. I felt like I was out there alone, which sucks when you are trying to be distracted from the pain. I would try to walk but it made my legs hurt 100 times more. I was doing the slowest version of a run I could. And when I finally made it to the last .1 miles, I was thrilled. You know how some people really kick it up a notch and sprint to the finish?? I didn't do that. I couldn't. I got the finish line, walked a few steps and fell to the ground. Not in an injury type way but in a "I don't want to use my legs anymore today" way. My mom, dad, sister and Chris were there waiting for me with Red Gatorade, my favorite. I think I drank two of them plus two bottles of water. I was overcome with emotion at the end. All that hard work was over and I did it. I ran 13.1 miles. We went back to our apartment so I could shower and change before lunch. As soon as I got into the shower, I wanted to stay in there all day. The hot water felt so good. We went to Mel's for lunch and I ate back all of the calories I had just burned. I was feeling good at this point. Tired of course but good. That changed fast. Later that night, while laying on the couch, I swear I couldn't move. My thighs, hips, calves, feet, butt, toes, back all hurt so bad. I really tried to swing my legs off of the couch but I couldn't. Chris had to help me up. I slowly walked up to the hot tub at our apartment (more like lukewarm tub) and soaked for a while. I can't remember the days following that but I'm sure I was sore. As crazy as this sounds, I am going to do it again. I need something to motivate me to start working out again. And not just 30 minutes here and 20 minutes there. I need a goal. I knew that I HAD to run 3 miles this day and 4 miles the next week. I didn't have a choice. I didn't want to be out on the course, in pain and unable to finish. I am very competitive and want to do the best I can at things. This half marathon will be another huge accomplishment for me and hopefully a way to jump start my weight loss again. The race is 118 days away. I will start my official training on August 1. I need some time to get back into exercise mentality by hitting the gym and doing weights and cardio for the next month. Stay tuned for updates! Your support is needed!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

49 weeks away!

NOTE: I realize that this is my third blog entry today. I think that is weird. We have been married for three weeks now. Three weeks ago at this time, we were just wrapping up our reception, I think. I had no concept of time that night so I really have no idea. Three weeks ago feels so far away but thankfully, I have pictures to look at whenever I want to remember. And while I look back in time, I also look forward to our first anniversary. Yes, I am jumping that much into the future. Why? Because I love to travel. I grew up traveling a lot and I rather enjoy it. Near or far, it is fun to see new places and be exposed to different people, places and things. Your every day routine gets so boring and traveling breaks it up nicely. I don't think Chris had the chance to travel like I did. Before we met, he had never been in the Pacific Ocean, never explored San Francisco or seen Lake Tahoe. He had never been to Reno but that really isn't missing out on much. These places are just a few hours or less from our hometown yet he never visited. It makes me sad. It also makes me excited to share places with him. Here is just a short list of the places we have visited together in our almost 4 year relationship: San Francisco and surrounding areas Reno Lake Tahoe Las Vegas LA/Hollywood/Santa Monica Grand Canyon Albuquerque Hawaii Hawaii was our biggest trip together and that was for our honeymoon. I hope that in our life together, we can travel to more exotic places. Which leads me to 49 weeks and our first anniversary. I would LOVE to take a trip. There are two places that I would love to go with Chris. Disneyland or New York. I have been to both, Chris has been to neither. Sad and sad. Disneyland would be the easiest choice and it is a shame he has not gone yet. Being the little kid he is, he would have a blast. We would only need to go from Fri-Sun, it is a short flight and we can stay in a cheap hotel since most have shuttles to the park. Plus, we could go to California Adventure as well, which is a pretty cool, smaller park. But....I would love to go to New York. I was 12 when I went and was on an East Coast tour with my family. That didn't make it any less amazing but I would love to go as an adult and do more adult things. Although nothing screams adult like a 90 mile per hour cab ride through Harlem at night after the Yankee game. Good times. Staying near Times Square, a picnic in Central Park, visiting the different neighborhoods, going to the top of the Statue of Liberty (is that open yet?) and so much more. It would be glorious. I watch shows like Sex and the City and think how awesome it would be to live in New York for 1 year. Or even 6 months. It seems so exciting. And all I want is to visit for 4 days. Our honeymoon was so relaxing and laid back. I feel like our first anniversary trip should be more exciting. Or we could go to Italy. I won't get to into how much I love Italy but I want to take Chris more than anything. And I don't think we can take two big trips in two years. Perhaps the Italy trip will be our way to celebrate the start of trying to have a baby. I didn't mean that to sound gross. My sister and her husband went to England for a week before they committed to trying to have a child. It was their last big trip before parenthood. I think Italy would be a good way to get in the mood for baby. I meant that to be gross. :)

Sugar Rushes are good

My friend Lindsay informed me that she is travelling the local Sacrament area visiting cupcake shops and reviewing them on her blog. I was lucky enough to be invited to one of her cupcake shop visits! I don't turn down a trip to a cupcake shop. Or a candy shop or cookie shop. We visited Cupcake Cravings, which is near the Arden Fair Mall, in the Howe Bout Arden shopping center. I had purchased cupcakes from this fine shop twice before and was very pleased with the product. Lindsay was a first timer so I was excited to tag along and find out what her thoughts were. Upon entering the shop, the sweet smell of sugar overtook me. I loved it. I could sit in there all day. The girl at the front counter was patient while we tried to select a good variety of cupcakes. We decided on three very different flavors: 1. Red Velvet 2. Strawberry Dream 3. Caramel Comfort Instead of sitting on a bench in the shopping center and chowing down (and because I am a bit of a fatty), we went next door to Baja Fresh and ordered some chips and salsa so we could eat the cupcakes in a proper way. After cutting the Red Velvet quite perfectly, we took a bite. I don't think I would make a very good food taster because I generally dive right into my food without actually tasting it. I slowed down a bit and tried to savor the flavor. The cream cheese frosting was quite rich but good and the cupcake was very moist. I'm not a cupcake expert and in asking Lindsay, she told me a bit more about what a Red Velvet cupcake should taste like. I still thought it was great but there wasn't a ton of flavor. We moved onto the Strawberry Dream next. I'm not a big fruit person and strawberry isn't my favorite flavor but I was curious to how it would taste in a cupcake. I was quite happy with it. Again, the frosting was rich but provided so much strawberry flavoring. The cupcake was not quite as moist but it still had a strong taste of strawberries. It was more flavorful than the red velvet and tasted refreshing, if that is possible. Before diving into the Caramel Comfort, we took a break. Just by looking at the rich chocolate cupcake, we knew we were in for it! A small cup of water and some salsa cleared our pallets. Lindsay didn't realize that there would be caramel inside the cupcake. What a great surprise! The caramel filling was rich and thick. Not at all thin and runny which was really nice and what you might expect from a small cupcake shop. The cake wasn't very moist though. The bottom of it even tasted a bit stale but the middle was a bit better. The cupcake wasn't as chocolately as I would have liked but the chocolate ganache icing was just right in flavor. Lindsay asked me to name my favorite and I told her that I couldn't do that. We experience three very different cupcakes that could not be pitted against each other for first place. Each had something that I enjoyed. Red Velvet provided the most moist cupcake Strawberry Dream had the best tasting frosting Caramel Comfort's filling was amazing I highly recommend picking up some treats at Cupcake Craving. The reviews on yelp are the opposite however, which I find strange. Many point out that their cupcakes were served cold which is not how ours were given to us. In addition, I purchased a Smore Galore for my husband. He has had this flavor in the past and like Lindsay, was delighted and surprised by the filling. I asked him to give me his review of the cupcake and he simply said "3.5 out of 4 stars." I think he deducted .5 a star because I didn't bring him two. Thank you so much Lindsay for inviting me along. I would love to do it again and try out 3 more tasteful cupcakes. I already have them picked out in my mind!

Friday Movie Night No. I lost count

For nearly 4 years, the Friday night ritual of Chris and Michelle has been going to opening night of a movie. Chris is a movie freak while I would only go to a movie theater a handful of times a year if something was playing that I was really interested in. I can barely remember those days now. Being a bit mushy and romantic, I saved the ticket stubs from our movie dates for a long time. After our first year together, I believe I counted about 23 movie tickets which meant out of the 52 weeks together, we spent half at a movie every weekend. I don't even want to guess how much money that is! Luckily, we were both losers and living with our parents at the time. Go ahead, laugh at us. The summer movie season is usually pretty exciting and we have been a on roll seeing some funny movies in the past few months. Forgetting Sarah Marshall was hilarious and Get Smart was fun to watch and humorous. But the movies Chris has been really excited to see are just now being released or will be released in a few weeks: Wall-E and The Dark Knight. Tangent: I am a fan of the old school Disney movies. The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King. Cinderella is one of my all time favorites. Sure, I saw Toy Story and really enjoyed it and obviously a new form of animation was being created but I never caught on to the Pixar craze. Chris has seen them all and loves Pixar movies. He was shocked when I told him I had never seen Finding Nemo. Ok, I bet you are shocked too. That being said, the Pixar movies I have seen I love. Ratatouille was an amazing movie. Heartfelt, funny, visually fun to watch. In fact, I wanted to go to Paris because of that film. So when Chris saw the previews for Wall-E during Ratatouille, I knew I better mark my calendar. I'm not going to do a movie review of the film but I will say that I loved it. I had a smile on my face the entire time because it is just so darn cute and funny. I love that we have Friday Movie Night. For a while, we started Friday Movie Night at home but if a movie comes out that is a must see, we drive the mile to the local theater, pay an arm and a leg and enjoy the newest main attraction. Our next Friday Movie Night will actually be a Saturday Movie Afternoon when we drive 90 miles (on way) to Dublin to watch The Dark Knight in IMAX. Because when gas prices are $4.50 a gallon, it is a super duper good idea to drive 180 miles to watch a movie that you could see one mile down the road. Like I said, Chris is a movie freak and marriage is about sacrafices right? As long as I don't have to drive and can get some popcorn, I'm game.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Forgotten Passions

Pre February 19th, 2007 there were many daily, weekly and yearly passions that I had. Once that ring appeared on my finger, I left those behind for wedding planning, bridal magazines, favor boxes, invitations and growing my hair out.

Now that I am wife, I supposed I should read websites that involve gardening except that I don't have a garden. Or children, but I won't have those for a while. Maybe I should get really into cooking. That would be difficult considering that I am really picky and scared that most food will kill me if I try to eat it.

Some of my pre-engagement interests were pretty lame but I still considered them daily/weekly/monthly/yearly rituals.

-Reading I loved reading this website. Trent, the guy who runs it, had just moved to L.A. when I first started reading it. He wasn't meanspirited like another gossip blogger but provided commentary on pictures and even tv shows. For some reason, it moved out of my frequently visited website when theknot and weddingbee took over my life.

-Purses! Oh how I loved purses. My purse of choice were Dooney and Bourke's. Not horribly expensive but no Target prices there. I remember making a complete impulse purchase at Macy's one day on my lunch break to buy this purse:

and the matching wristlet because it was only $50 more. I tried to use purses for at least 6 months because that way, I wouldn't feel like they were a waste of money. I have a section in two closets in our apartment of old purses. Sometimes I go through them and find pens, compacts and other goodies that I didn't feel deserved to be transfered. I should have a garage sale (wait, I don't have a garage) and sell them for $5 a piece. But knowing me, as soon as I get rid of it, I will want to use it. Yeah right. My current purse is from Target and cost $9.99. It is cotton.

-Magazines. I still love magazines but the variety has changed. Years ago, I had a subscription to US Weekly. What trash! I got rather angry when they started running cover stories that Nick and Jessica were getting a divorce. "Not true!" I would say. Only to find out that yes, it was true. But before their divorce was made public, I decided not to renew this magazine because I was sure it was filled with lies. I still read it at Barnes and Noble without paying the $4.

Another magazine I used to read was Cosmo. What smut! Cosmo had interesting articles about women, fun clothes and makeup advice, celebrity pictures and sex advice. My sister used to tease me and give me a hard time for reading such a trashy magazine and I gave her a hard time for reading "Redbook". I told her that it was for old ladies (read 30 year olds). The cover stories seemed so dull. Nothing like "Seduce your man while sleeping" or "101 sex positions in a car" that Cosmo offered. Redbook offered juicy reads like "Emptying your vacuum bag without making a mess" and "Making sure those jeans you are wearing aren't considered "mom" jeans." Snoozefest. But after I was engaged, my interest in Cosmo ran out. They seemed to promote a lifestyle that I was not a part of. I was no longer in the dating realm and I couldn't really afford the clothes they advertised. And to make matters even worse, when I would go to my sisters house, I would find myself skimming through Redbook.....and.....enjoying it. Blasphemy!

Now that I have typed this all out, my forgotten passions seem pretty lame. I did shop a lot more for myself instead of buying all wedding related things. Sadly, I can't pick that back up since we are trying to save for a house. No more stops at Sephora for makeup and skin care items that I don't need. No more spontaneous shopping trips to Old Navy or Macy's.

I guess those will be forgotten passions from married life. Until we win the lottery, of course. In that case, purses, here I come!

Wedding Day Thoughts

I have to start this post by saying that I have started to lose interest in talking about the wedding day. Mostly because other people have stopped asking. I watched the video clips (all 43 of them) last night and I enjoyed myself but I feel like with those 7 recap posts, I wore myself out. But because I said I would, I will try to put some advice and thoughts out there. Actually, forget the advice. I can't give advice. Everyone is different so I will just share what made my wedding the best day of my life. 1. The moment I let it go. I was so involved in what was right and wrong prior to the start of the reception that I honestly still felt like I was planning. Until our dj set me straight. Then I relaxed. Looking back at the video I noticed that the version of Canon in D being played was all wrong. It wasn't the version of the song that I asked for. He started playing in when the 5th bridesmaid walked down the aisle. It was strange but I honestly don't remember hearing it at all. I don't remember hearing our processional song either. I tuned those things out completely so it really doesn't matter! 2. Enjoy your guests. ENJOY YOUR GUESTS. You won't be able to spend quality time with all people. If you are dancing, you will spend the most time with those other guests who are dancing. I figured that if people wanted to be a part of that, they would. If they wanted to sit in their chairs and watch, that must make them happy. Not my problem. We did our table visits and averaged about 2-3 minutes per table. We hugged everyone, thanked them for being there, told them to have a good time, and moved on. For some people, that was the only time I talked to them. But there were 110 people there and I know they didn't expect to have my full attention the entire night. But we did enjoy our friends and family that attended. I look at those pictures and video and I can see people having a good time. Your guests are the most important people at the wedding. Show them a nice time and your wedding will be amazing. I promise! 3. Smile! Don't look irritated even if you are. Chances are, you will have a dozen cameras on you at any given time. I love our pictures because we are always smiling. 4. Don't drink too much. Oh boy. I wasn't fall down annoying drunk that night but I was silly I'm having a great time drunk. And that was too much. A good portion of the night (after all the main events) is a blur to me. I see myself in the video having conversations with people and cracking up but I have no clue what I am talking about. And that is it. Those are the only thoughts I can share with you to make your day fun. Like I said, everyone is different. Family and friends are different, venues and vendors are different. But I feel like those things live in my memory three weeks later. All in all, the 15.5 months of planning and being engaged was fun. It consumed my life, yes but I enjoyed it. Sadly, the day came and then was gone. The honeymoon came...and then it was back to normal life. I love being a wife. It still hasn't completely sunk in that I am Chris' wife. A wife like his mom, a wife like my sister and wife like millions of other people in this world. And he is my husband. We call each other husband and wife all the time but it still is so strange! I wonder when it feels normal. I am closing the chapter on my wedding. I have shared the best pictures, detailed the day and gave my thoughts. That is all I have left. I think my next blog entry will be about cupcakes. Not bad, right?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wedding Highlights Part 7

-Like I previously said, I got a bit carried away with the alcohol that night. Half of it being that I was thirsty and the other half being I didn't need a wallet to get drinks. I only got one drink from the bar myself (not including the two shots) and I drank red wine the rest of the night. It is some sort of miracle that I didn't spill it on my dress. -At the end of the night, I recall leaving the reception room with a trash bag filled with things I didn't want throw away. I saw some of the favor boxes in the trash which made me sad. I went from table to table grabbing any box that still had candy in it! I also grabbed our table postcards, cake topper, cake serving set, etc. I am sure my mom would have made sure everything was gathered but I was tipsy and happy! -I ended up walking into the main hotel bar with a bottle of wine in my hand. I even clinked bottles with the other bride having her reception. "Hooray for brides with bottles" I yelled. She must have thought I was a moron. -After giving our friend Devin and my cousin Christina a tour of our hotel room, we went back down to the bar. I poured the wine into a plastic cup, we took crazy pictures and I BEGGED my husband to afterparty with us. He hates bars and clubs so he was very hesitant but knew that we could not be apart on our wedding night. 30 minutes I promised him, and he agreed. -Adrienne, Mayra, Sean, Devin, Ashley, Christina, Chris and the bride. We all walked the .2 miles to Scarlett's on Sutter St. We were there the night before which was great because the bouncers wouldn't let me in without my id. Luckily, the owner/bartender remembered me and Adrienne and told the guys to let us in. "Dress designers don't put pockets in wedding dresses. Where is her id supposed to go?" He rocks. -He also hooked us up with a few drinks although not too many of us needed any more alcohol. I had a glass of champagne and set up shop on a small, corner dance stage. It was basically a large wooden block in a corner, up about 4 feet from the ground, where earlier a go-go dancer was shaking her thing. I got up there and took over. Did I mention that I was still in my wedding dress and veil? Oh yeah. I was. It was awesome. -We stayed for the 30 minutes and left because it was so crowded. But it was a blast and so much fun to walk around in my wedding dress for a bit longer. It extended the party and I did not want the night to end. -We stumbled back to the hotel. I remember laughing a lot but not sure what was said. And I remember standing our hotel room begging Chris to unlace my dress because I couldn't breath but I don't remember taking the elevator to the room or saying goodbye to our friends. I'll spare the rest of the details of the night. I know my sister reads this. next up: Thoughts and feelings about my wedding and all weddings.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Officially an Uncle

Chris has been Uncle Chris since Diana was born. We had been dating 10 months at the time of her birth, but I think we were fairly certain that we were in it for the long haul. Therefore, he was Funcle Chris prior to our marriage. Why Funcle? Faux Uncle put together. He wasn't a "real" uncle yet but a fake one. To be upgraded later! Diana never knew the difference really. From a young age, she would stare at my man lovingly. I gave her the stink eye but allowed her to glance from afar, seeing as she was just a baby. But all amorous glances would have to cease and desist immediately when we became engaged. No matter how much Chris acted like he didn't love and adore Diana, he did. I would tell him that we would be seeing Diana (and everyone else) and he would respond like it was no big deal. But the second he saw her, he couldn't be distracted. He loved playing with her and she loved the attention from Funcle Chris. I am assuming in the most recent weeks, she started actually saying Uncle Chris. She said his name many months ago and it was very cute. The morning of our wedding was the first time I heard her say Uncle Chris. We were having breakfast in the hotel and when she saw me, the first thing she asked was "where is uncle chris?" She doesn't normally see Chris without me so she was confused. We explained that we would see him later that night. We have now had two family get togethers as husband and wife. One for Father's Day, the day after we got home from Maui and another yesterday for Diana's birthday. Somehow it feels different going to family events as husband and wife. I feel like our relationship is taken more seriously. We are official and Chris is Officially part of our family. And he is officially Diana's uncle. And since Chris is the oldest of the children in his family, I will guess that he might be the first to have kids and won't experience the joy of being an uncle to his sister's or brother's children until down the road a bit. Nothing beats it. I know he loves Diana. He has known her since day 1. He has been there for all of the milestones and events. And I am so happy that he has been there all along. Diana will have a greater love for him because of it. There is no Au Bob without Uncle Chris and there is no Uncle Chris without Au Bob. I love that Diana will always connect us together, just as it should be.

Wedding Highlights Part 6

-We were so excited to enter the reception room and really get moving on this party. I understand that the ceremony is the most important part of a wedding but the reception is the party and that is always the msot fun! -We entered to the Chicago Bulls Theme from the Michael Jordan era. It was great. Chris had borrowed his brother's rip away pants to wear and we ran into the room, low fived our bridal party and Chris added a shoulder bump with his brother. Then ripped off the pants in a furry. It was awesome and got a good reaction from the crowd. -We immediately went into our first dance. That was weird. The song was pretty long (Ben Folds "The Luckiest" was about 4:30 minutes long). We danced for 10 seconds before we both said how strange it was. We were just dancing and people were watching us. And the song was really long. We goofed around, made each other laugh and I will admit, I totally posed just to make the pictures look romantic. I closed my eyes, rested my head on his shoulder, etc. It looks like we were so into it in pictures but really, I just wanted it to end. So weird. -We went right to the buffet line and got our food and shortly after, all the tables followed. Now, I wanted to eat. I was really hungry and the food looked so good. But I was so anxious. I was looking out at all of the tables with family and friends and I wanted to see everyone. I told Anthony, our DJ, that we were going to get up and do table visits. He shot that down right away. "I'm in charge tonight. Everything that needs to happen will happen. You just relax. I understand you like being in charge but I do this every weekend. So just have fun." Umm ok. Sounds good to me. I am so thankful he said that to me because 5 minutes prior I was complaining to Chris that the right music wasn't being played. Chris said to me "who cares? You are the only person that knows and it is not a big deal." I needed a reality check and got it. The rest of the night was amazing because I let it go. -We did our table visits which included a tequila shot (thanks Kelly, Todd, Jeff, Lucia, and Kim), hugs, well wishes, laughs and great visiting. It was really nice to see people and thank them for coming. That was the only time I talked to a lot of the guests since I was pretty much on the dance floor the rest of the night. -Chris and I left the reception for 15 minutes to do more pictures since our time got cut short before. We went out behind the hotel in the grassy, nature area which was a great location. -When we got back, it was really time to party. My sister, Chris' brother and my dad did their speeches/toasts, we did our father/daughter and mother/son dances which were nice. The song with my dad was a bit uptempo so he was swinging me all over the dance floor. It was hilarious....and not coordinated at all. Chris' dance with his mom was a lot more refined! -We cut the cake and then presented his parents with their surprise anniversary cake. It was so great. We got tears from his mom and even a smile from his dad. It was a wonderful moment. I loved watching it back on the video! -The bouquet toss was really great. I wanted all women to come onto the dance floor to participate. I told myself to throw it really hard but I ended up tossing it only to the front row of people....and my sister caught it. Just like I caught her bouquet 6 years ago. This was not planned. But it was planned at her wedding! We are sisters!!! -Chris' garter toss was awesome. The DJ surprised everyone when he said that Chris had to dance for the chance to get my garter. So he showed the crowd his moves. The robot, the running man, the shopping cart and the sprinkler. We had no idea this would happen but it was great and hilarious. I was cracking up. He removed my garter and was so excited to find it was Kelly Green and Gold and had the A's logo on it. I kept that a secret for a year! His brother (being 6'7") simply extended his arm into the air and grabbed the garter. Not really a surprise. -From that point on the dancing started and didn't stop all night. It was so great to just let loose with friends and family. People eventually started to leave and sadly, I don't recall saying goodbye to many guests because I was a dancing machine. There was also another tequila shot thrown in there somewhere, along with 4 glasses of wine and an apple martini, well....the night is spotty. Which kind of sucks but I know I had a good time. Up next: The afterparty and the wrap up. It is almost over!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Diana!

Today is my niece's third birthday. It is really hard to believe that she is 3 years old already.

She used to look like this:

And I loved to video tape her doing anything, like this:


And then she did the diaper derby


And the all of a sudden, she looked like this:

Where does time go?

I am so glad to be such a big part of Diana's life. Being Au Bob is the best thing in the world. I love being an Aunt and I know Chris loves being an Uncle. Diana loves him so much. I heard her say Uncle Chris for the first time on earlier this month and it was so cool. She actually said Chris before she said Michelle. Oh wait, she still doesn't say Michelle! But she has had a crush on Chris for many years now (well since she could notice the handsome guy) so it is ok.

I can't wait for many more years enjoying the heck out of my wonderfully funny and sweet niece. I love you Diana!

Wedding Highlights Part 5

I have to admit that after the crazy fun reception, a lot of the ceremony became a blur. But thanks to our friends who video taped it, I got to re-live it last night, just in time for this post. -Pastor Paul did a great opening to our ceremony. It was a bit long but filled with meaningful words and a great start to our wedding. Chris and I held hands but I longed to look at his face. We stood side by side the entire time during this opening. I just wanted to kiss and hug and talk to him!! -After we moved up underneath the arch, everything went by fast. We said our "I will's" and the audience said their "I will's" to support, love and always be in our lives. -Before I knew it, Paul was handing me my vows. Already??? And I have to go first?? As a fast talker, I told myself to go slow and speak from the heart. Watching the video last night made me nervous! I remember getting choked up a little bit right after I started but then I took a deep breath and pulled through. I stumbled over a couple of words but managed to say the vows without a major breakdown. I felt so much better when that was over! And I was very proud of my words. -I assumed Chris had been up all night writing his. As of Friday at 10, they had yet to be written so I would guess he pulled an all nighter. He did a great job. He was so serious. I don't think I had ever heard his voice have that tone. He asked me a week prior if his vows could be funny. That worried me a little but I did want his words to show his personality. I guess he decided to keep it serious. But they were perfect. 12 hours after the wedding, I couldn't remember a damn word he said. We have them on video and I plan to type them out (I am sure his typed vows are still in the tux pocket at Men's Warehouse!) along with mine and frame them. They are our vows and I think they should be hung on a wall so we can see them everyday and remember the words we spoke that sealed our marriage. -The ring ceremony was next. It was cool to do the repeat after me part. I like doing that. It is fun. Probably because I didn't have to make up my own words! The rings were on and we were almost done! -Paul did his final prayer and Chris was told he could kiss the bride. I remember it very clearly although the whole ceremony felt like some outerbody experience. Watching it on video was great because I was able to watch myself and that made everything feel more real. We were announced and down the aisle we went! -We walked back to the holding area and I dragged Chris to the hallway where I waited just 40 minutes before. We hugged, he told me how beautiful I looked and I cried. And cried. It all came out. I held it together during the ceremony but in that moment of being alone for just 30 seconds, I was so emotional. The anxiousness was over. No more waiting. I felt so happy and Chris did too. -The pictures started, the pictures ended and it was time to party. Next up: Enter, eat, dance, drink, have the time of your life.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Wedding Photos Part 1

We won't our professional pictures in our hands for a couple of weeks (although all 1,637 of them are online) so until then, I thought I would share some of the pictures friends and family have uploaded for us. We have some great pictures!!

There are loads more that I put here:

And when we get the cd of pros in our hands, I will have a whole new page just for those. They are amazing!

Wedding Highlights Part 4

-After I calmed down from the hallway freakout, we did a lot of waiting. The girls were coming in and out of the room, my parents made their grand entrance (with madri gras masks, beads and horns. Silly folks!) and I had a chance to just watch the clock and wait.

-Word floated up to my room that the ceremony in the other area that was supposed to start at 5:00 was running late. I believe it was about 5:15 at this point. I didn't know if that meant we couldn't start until they ended or if we could start after their processional. But I was pissed. We were all ready to go. I just wanted to get this show on the road. All of my bridesmaids started talking crap about the other bride in order to make me feel better. It was funny but I started to feel really anxious so I went into the other room. I hate being late. I'm never late. I didn't want our guests to be sitting there, thinking that I was running late.

-A few minutes later, the phone rang. Jennifer (our site coordinator) said that if we wanted to, we could go downstairs to wait and that we would be starting shortly. I was almost out the door before the phone call ended.

-Cry Moment #2: As we processed out of the hotel room (there were 11 of us!) and started walking down the hall, I got very emotional. I was walking down to my wedding. Officially. I teared up a little bit and then snapped back into happy mode. We got in the elevator and went downstairs to wait.

-Since everyone was in the same area (guys and girls) I was sequestered to a small hallway off of the corridor where all the guys and girls were standing. At this point, Chris was only about 10 ft from me but I had no chance of seeing him. Our photog snapped some pictures which was good because it forced me to smile! Then it was time. The guys filed out. The girls left one by one. Before I knew it, me, my mom, my dad and Jennifer were standing there.

Cry Moment #3:And I freaked out. I burst into tears. Shockingly, this did not cause my dad to cry. I remember him smiling and telling me it would be ok. Thinking back at it, I think I was so excited to see Chris up there. I didn't want to wait any longer. I wanted to run up the aisle and hug him. I hadn't spoken to him all day and I missed him. Especially when I am feeling emotional. As we walked up the aisle, I wasn't sobbing but I was trying not to cry at all. I knew if I cried, I would be looking down and missing the moment. So I forced my head up, scanned the audience and when we turned the corner, looked right up at Chris. And this is what was looking back at me:

Chris' smiling face. And everything was better. He looked the happiest I have ever seen him. Genuinely happy. He told me afterwards that he was feeling really nervous. Not cold feet nervous. Nervous about reading his vows, nervous about the build up. All of it. But I couldn't see that in his face at all. We stared at each other for a while before my parents sat down. It was all really happening in this moment. It was here.
It started.
Up next: The ceremony, the pictures and the party.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wedding Highlights Part 3

-After a partially sleepless night, I was so excited for the day but 5:30 seemed so far away. My hairdresser Kim would arrive at 12:00 and get started on my sister and then me so I had plenty of time to hang out. -After breakfast, I tried to take a nap but that didn't work. It was nice to just hang out with my friends in our hotel room. We talked, watched Clueless and planned for the day ahead. My nerves were ok although I really just wanted all the preparation to begin!! -I got a text message from my friend and fellow 6/7/08 bride Cathleya. She was in Folsom, at a hair salon just a short 2 minute drive from the hotel. She came to the hotel and had our last get together before our weddings which was awesome. She got to meet my mom, we chit chatted about our rehearsals the night before, gossiped a bit and hugged goodbye. A year of emails, dinners, dress fittings and paper source trips was finally resulting in our weddings. It was a great moment. Thanks for coming to visit Cathy!! -CRY MOMENT #1: After a few hours of wandering around the hotel, going in and out of my parents room, I could finally check into our wedding night suite at the hotel. This would be our get ready room as well. The best part of this room? The balcony that overlooked the ceremony area (well kinda. It was off to the right of the room a bit). There were two weddings going on that morning and I watched both from the balcony. Both brides walked down the aisle to Canon In D. As soon as I heard this, I burst into tears. This is really happening. It is June 7th. In just a matter of hours, I will be walking down the aisle to this very song. My guests will be standing up watching me and I will be Chris' wife. It was too much for me to handle. -Kim the hairdresser arrived and got started on my sister's hair. I organized the room so that our photographer could take some fun pictures of our ring, my garter, veil, dress and shoes and then just waited for my turn. All of my girls started to get ready in their own way-doing their hair, asking about advice on hair styles, eating lunch (thanks mom!), popping in and out of my room to check in. It was great. The pace was picking up which I loved. -Debbie, our photog, showed up and started taking pictures immediately. It was my turn to sit in the chair and get my hair done. Kim got to work, I directed and objected to the hair style so we changed it. Luckily, Kim has known me since I was 8 years old so she was open to any suggestions without getting offended! -After hair, my wonderful friend (and bridesmaid) Melissa got started on my makeup. With the camera in my face, she worked fast and efficiently. The end result was amazing. I felt beautiful. Time was really flying now. -My friend Jessica arrived to help me get into my dress. It took a while to lace up but the job was done and I was almost completely a bride. I put on the finishing touches (veil, necklace, garter, shoes) and I walked out into the main room of the suite. My friends saw me and couldn't wipe the smiles off of their face. "NO TEARS!" I said. I wouldn't be able to handle it. I felt so emotional. -It was 3:00. Chris was supposed to be in the hotel at 2:30 and was instructed by me not to leave a hotel room until he was told. But of course, he was not in a room. His 14 year old sister is on the phone, doing the best mom impression that she can. "You need to get to the hotel, right now!" It was awesome. I was a little mad at him. He was delaying our pictures!!! -When we finally got the word that he was in a room, we all headed downstairs for pictures. They went great, the weather was nice and it was fun finally being outside and walking around in my dress. I felt so special. -CRY MOMENT #2: After me, Debbie and my sister went to take some bride only photos in the parking lot (that sounds weird but the pictures are nice), we headed back upstairs. On the way to the parking lot, our guests had started to arrive. I told my sister, "I'm not talking to anyone. I'm not looking at anyone I know. Please help me." She greeted people for me but kept me moving. I put my head down and kept walking. I knew I would freak out and cry if I saw my family. Anyways, me and my sister were in the elevator going back to my suite. We came out of the elevator and saw a few of the groomsmen standing in the hallway. Then we saw Mayra, one of the bridesmaids lunge towards us. "NO!!!" she screamed. Then she lunged back towards the hallway and a door slammed. Chris was standing right there in the hallway. This all happened within 10 seconds and it freaked me the F out. I started crying uncontrollably. I couldn't move. I couldn't look at anyone. My sister and Mayra were trying to comfort me but I was so freaked out that I was shaking. "Take me back to my room, please." They ushered me down the hall and I fell apart back in the room. Poor Mayra. She saw me walk out of that elevator and she said her heart jumped out of her chest. I thank God she was there. Chris would have seen me for sure. Melissa would have had to re-do my makeup. Up next: The waiting and the walk plus cry moments #3 and #4

Wedding Highlights Part 2

Saturday June 7, 2008 -As I laid my head down on the pillow, my headache got worse. It moved from a little ache to a behind the eye pain to a full blown migraine. I felt nauseous, dizzy and my head was hurting so bad I was almost in tears. I tried to calm myself down but the stress I was feeling was too high. I needed to get good sleep that night and I could tell that was not going to come easily. -I finally realized that I had to do something about it. Instead of waking up one of my bridesmaids who was in the room with me, I grabbed my wallet, key and flip flops and headed down to the lobby. At 3:00 a.m. I saw a vending machine earlier in the day full of toiletries and prayed all the way down the elevator that they would have some sort of pain killer. Of course they don't. I walk to the front desk in a complete daze, asking if they have anything there. No. Suck it. -I get back in the elevator and I start to cry. I could fall into a puddle on the ground and just sleep in the elevator at this point. I hate to have to wake up a friend but I had to do it. Luckily, Adrienne had some aleve and although she would only give me two (I asked for three), I gulped them down and went to sleep. -Ever take pain killers on an empty stomach? No? Well, that doesn't help the nauseous feeling. The aleve was eating at my stomach lining and then I felt like I really would throw up. Could this night get any worse? No, it didn't. I slept, the headache went away and I woke up at 8 a.m. ready for breakfast. What did I learn from this? When you aren't used to drinking alcohol, do not indulge in the following: 2 days before: Two very strong vanilla and cokes 1 day before: Electric Lemonade, strawberry margarita, two other cocktails between 2:30-8:00 A bit too much for my alcohol sensitive system. Coming up next: Wandering and waiting, getting pretty, and the walk.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wedding Highlights

I was thinking of doing a long recap but that made me feel tired. So instead, I am going to do a highlights post from my wedding weekend. Our wedding was pretty much a destination wedding for 90% of our guests. Some had to fly in from out of state, some drove from out of state, many drove 2 hours and some drove 10 minutes. Because of this, we had many folks spend the night in the hotel which made for an eventful 72 hours. Friday June 6th: -Picking my friends up at the airport. Two of my bridesmaids and one of their husband's had never been to Sacramento so it was exciting for me to be able to show them where I live. It also made the wedding feel more real! -Getting to the hotel on Friday was awesome. We unloaded a car full of wedding stuff from Chris' car and unpacked it in my mom's room. For the rest of the day, I was constantly running into new family members. While sitting at the bar with my friends (at 2:30 p.m. and drinking), I turned around a noticed a cousin. Then an Aunt and Uncle. Then Chris' family. Then my dad. It was non stop for 30 minutes. Hugs, kisses, excitment all around. -My alcoholic friends (j/k) encouraged me to take the edge off with a drink so I got an electric lemonade....which the bartender made extra strong just for me! Yippee. I was buzzed the entire time during our rehearsal. Good times. -Everything got very surreal when rehearsal started. We weren't a part of the bridal party. We WERE the bride and groom. All attention on us. So strange. Dinner was really nice but again, strange. Saying our thanks, giving our gifts, making plans for the next day. Real. Real. And even more real. -I took my friends from out of town up to Sutter St. in Folsom. We went to Snooks where they got candy and ice cream, wandered around the streets and ended up at a bar, having some drinks on the porch. It was wonderful to hang out with my girlfriends (and a husband), catching up, preparing for the big day. -My lovely mother has been ready for the night before the wedding for a long time. She wanted to host an Open House in her suite. And that she did. There was a post it note on the door alerted interested parties of the start time. When we got back from Old Folsom, I went straight to the room and there were about 8 people in the room. They left, another group came in and before I knew it, it was time for bed. I was feeling a bit of a headache coming on so I thought I would be able to sleep it off....I was wrong. Next up: The headache from hell, random tears and the best party I have ever been to.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Married and Tan

I am still on Maui time (we should be at the adult pool happy hour right now) but don't have the energy to do a wedding/honeymoon recap. I know I will get to it soon though. Overall, it was fabulous. Hard to believe it was a week ago but the memories are fresh. Coming into our apartment, with week old cake and presents all over the place was a reality check. The wedding is over. The honeymoon is over. Married life starts. I am excited!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Day is Upon Me.....Us

WARNING WARNING: Drunk blogging ahead. WARNING WARNING I got home from: 1. Buying mini speakers for my ipod 2. Tanning 3. Massage 4. Manicure and Pedicure 5. Buying water (I dont do tap water) to find a message on my machine: "Hi Michelle, this is so and so from the House of Fashion. I just wanted to call to confirm that you will be picking up your dress on Saturday. If you have any questions or need to change this, please call us or we will see you on Saturday." Umm what? Saturday is my wedding day beyotches. No, I need to pick up my dress on FRIDAY at 11. That is what is written on the form. I saw it. I swear. You people are confused. Quit trying to freak me out 48 hours before my wedding. What did I do? I called back and left a very frigid message "This is Michelle Good. I got a message saying that I am supposed to pick up my dress on Saturday. That is incorrect. My wedding is on Saturday. My mother will be picking up my dress tomorrow, June 6 at 11 a.m. Not Saturday June 7. Please have my dress ready tomorrow, June 6 at 11. If this is a problem please call me on this number. Thanks. (but not really) Then I grabbed $1, walked down to the poolside vending machine at my apartment, got a cherry coke, walked back to my apartment, poured the cherry coke in a glass, removed the smirnoff vanilla vodka from the freezer, poured 2 shots in the coke and drank. Repeat. Geez, I really hope I'm not hung over in the morning. Good thing I got some water to chug. 2 freaking days left until a return to normalcy....and 4 days until Maui. Beautiful, heaveningly Maui. Again, drunk blogging. Forgive me.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last Day of Work!

Today is my last day of work until June 18th. I can't help but feel a bit more excited about the wedding because of the excitement my coworkers have for me.

Three of my coworkers/friends planned my work shower for today at lunch and it was marvelous! Many of the people in my department came for pizza, salad and cupcakes!

Yes, I stuffed my face with pizza. Got a problem with that?

Silver boxes are good. Especially when they are filled with fluffy towels. Cupcakes courtsey Lindsay!
It was a great way to start my days off. And now I have to sit here for another hour, trying to focus on work when all I want to do it leave!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Last Weekend

This past weekend was the final weekend before the wedding. Next Saturday we will be getting married and the following Saturday will be our last day in Maui. How did I spend my last weekend? Bored and Alone! Chris went out for his bachelor party, which consisted of indoor skydiving, Dave and Busters and a late night round of Rock Band at his parents house. That meant that I got to do some secret single behavior. I ordered chips and salsa from BJ's, got the super small container of Ben and Jerry's, drank a few vanilla vodkas and diet black cherry coke, and talked to two friends for a total of 5 hours. I was on the phone from 8:00 p.m. until 1 a.m. I felt like a high schooler again. But it was awesome. I actually enjoyed spending the weekend by myself. I went to the gym, cleaned up a bit, went to the gym again, tanned, colored my hair, and I actually even packed a bag for the wedding weekend!! That was exciting. Considering that it is Sunday night, and next Sunday night, I will no longer be MG, I feel completely normal. I know when I get to work tomorrow, people will be constantly asking me all of those last minute questions. "Are you nervous? stressed? anxious? freaking out?calm?" My work shower is on Tuesday and then I am off from work until the 17th. The last weekend was a good one. But I think this weekend will be even better. 6 days