Monday, March 31, 2008

Our wedding will look like a wedding

Something I have noticed from reading the knot and other wedding websites is that brides are leaving out the "traditional" or "expected" elements of the wedding reception. Most notably, the bouquet and garter toss. I can see both sides of this arguement. Some brides feel like this is just a cattle call to make singles feel, well, single. "Come onto the dance floor and show everyone that you are without a significant other. " Yeah, that could suck a bit. At our wedding, we will have very few single people. That could make for a pretty sad bouquet/garter toss. Other brides feel that having their husband reach up their dress in front of hundreds of family and friends is gross. Yeah, that could be sorta uncomfortable. Aside from the fact that he is your husband and he is reaching up there for your garter, not to do other things, right? Brides are saying that they are an "Anti-Bride" because they are forgoing these wedding traditions. Hmmmm, "anti-bride", really? an·ti (ān'tī, -tē) Pronunciation Key n. pl. an·tis A person who is opposed to something, such as a group, policy, proposal, or practice. bride1 /braɪd/ Pronunciation Key - –noun a newly married woman or a woman about to be married According to these definitions, an anti-bride would be opposed to marriage. Being a bride doesn't mean you have to follow the rules of what a traditional wedding looks like. Weddings can be whatever you want them to be. That is what makes weddings fun. When they reflect the couple who are married. When they show their personality throughout the event. Doing things differently doesn't make you anti anything. It just means you have made the decision to make some changes to the template. We are not making many changes to the template. Why? Because I want my wedding to look like a wedding. I want to have my bridal party introduced to a fun song. I want to walk in with Chris on my arm. I want to dance with my father to one song and I want Chris to dance with his mother to a different song. I want to gather my female friends and family onto the dancefloor and toss that bouquet in the air. And yes, I want Chris to reach up my dress and pull out the garter. In front of my dad. And my grandmother. And the pastor who is marrying us. I don't want the wedding to look like a party that follows a ceremony. I want it to look like a wedding. And that is ok by me. 69 days!

Friday, March 28, 2008

What a Day!!

Yesterday was a good day. Aside from the fact that I ate a bacon bbq cheeseburger and french fries and did not go to the gym, it was a good day! 1. Went to the cake man and finalized our cake design and flavors. It smelled like sugar in there and I didn't want to leave. 2. Had a fun time with some students at work for a project we are doing. Discovered that a Sheriff's officer wasn't wearing his seat belt. Shame shame! 3. Received SIX rsvp cards in the mail on our first day! 10 yes replies and 3 no replies. I was so happy, giddy, excited! 4. We got our marriage license. Walking up to the building I didn't really feel anything. Looking over the form and signing our name was normal. But then the clerk said "raise your right hand." Chris and I looked at each other and smiled. She said the "do you solemly swear...blah blah..." We said I do. (I hope that was the right thing to say!) and we were done. We walked out with our envelope and it hit me. This is real. We can officially get married anytime. Specifically June 7th but anytime. I felt massive excitement come over me. And Chris, who acts like he doesn't get excited about anything, stopped walking while we were on our way to the car and asked for a kiss. It was really sweet. I am more excited (can I use that word more) than ever for the wedding. 72 days (too many)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Final 73 days

I was looking at my calendar today, trying to figure out how many more pre-marital counseling sessions Chris and I will do. Since we can only meet every other Monday (I work some Monday nights), it really narrows it down to exactly 4. There are 10 Mondays left until I get married. There are 11 Saturdays left. Those are busy Saturdays. Check it out March 29: Pampered Chef Party at my sister's house April 5: M & M Day (my day to spend with Chris' little sister Miranda) April 12: Detail meeting at Lake Natoma Inn April 19: Bachelorette Party???? (Not sure if this will actually happen. It might just be me going to a bar alone) April 26: Facial May 3: Babysit Diana while my sister and Matt are at a wedding (TAKE PICTURES!) May 10: NOTHING!!! Well, it is mother's day weekend and my mom is taking care of Diana so I might go visit May 17: Bridal Shower May 24: Trousseau with my mom. WHAT? "Trousseau (tr'oo so or troo so') a woman's possessions such as clothing, lingerie and linens that accompany her into marriage; conubial accoutrements; the chattel of a bride. The origin of Trousseau is taken from the French trousse, meaning a small bundle." I love my mom. She did this with my sister and I was totally jealous. I wanted a trousseau. And now I get one! May 31: Sex and The City movie with my brother in law. Yes, I said brother in law. You see, Matt is a big SATC fan and told me I should watch it too. But my mom didn't have HBO so I would go over to their house every Sunday night to watch it for the last 2 or 3 seasons. It was our thing. :) My sister would be working so she was never home. When they announced a movie, I told Matt that we should go watch it together. June 7: Hmm....I feel like I have something to do this day.....geez. I am so forgetful. Oh well. Not important I guess. Basically, I have May 10th open. I should sleep in that day.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

They have arrived!

My friend and bridesmaid Melissa emailed yesterday. This was not just any email. This was THE email. The invitations had arrived. I was beyond excited. That meant that my sister would get hers and I would have to wait to see if Fairfield guests (including my mom and dad) would receive their invites.

Chris' sister texted me. She got hers. But my Mom did not. Now, no offense to anyone else but I wanted my mommy to get her invitation too!! My dad got his, Chris' parents neighbors recieve theirs. But not MY MOM!?!?!?!? I started to worry that I put the wrong address on it but then I remembered that mail always had a way of being delayed to her house. When I lived there, it would take a week to get me a magazine. But that is 3rd class mail. My wedding invitations are important. Not even a mile away, 3 people had theirs in hand. WTF?? I hope she gets it today or I will mail her another one!!!

I leave you with these adorable pictures. Diana knows whats up:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Goldilocks and All the Years

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was sad. She was 22, just graduated from college but had no romantic interests. In fact, she just moved to her hometown that had a serious lacking of eligible bachelors. She thought she was doomed. Instead of focusing on a relationship, she spent time with her family. She was so glad to be near her family after 2.5 years of being 400 miles away. She had the idea that she was at the end of her time. She was 22 after all. She had friends getting married. Weren't you supposed to meet your future husband in college? But that didn't happen to the girl. Her time had run out. She would be lonely and sad her whole life. Or so she thought. Time passed. Two years went by and the girl still had no romantic interests. But she still lived in the town of doom. It was time for a change. She thought, I should move back to my college town. That place was full of eligible bachelors! She job searched, prepared cover letters and informed her friends that she might be back. It was time to move on....and find a man. She was going to be 25 this year and for heaven sake, that is just too old not to be near marriage. Until something changed. An opportunity for a date arose. A blind date. She was hesistant. Unsure of what would happen if it went horribly wrong, but also scared of what would happen if it went fairly well. You see, she was not much of a risk taker. Sure, she had a few tattoos and her tongue pierced at one point but with love, she stayed on the safe side of the street. Then she thought, "if nothing changes, then nothing changes." She agreed to meet this guy. They spoke on the phone a few times. Had many laughs and decided that meeting would be a good idea. So they met. And they laughed. And they talked. Laughed so more. Talked some more. And maybe even smooched. Time passed. Years passed. Their love grew. But the girl was getting older. 27 years old to be exact. If she thought it was too late to get married at 22, imagine her thoughts now! And when the moment happened, when the ring slide onto her finger when she was 27.5 years old, she couldn't have imagined having that moment a year earlier. Or 4 years earlier. This moment was perfect. This age was perfect. She wouldn't have had it any other way. There is something to be said for being older. No, I'm not OLD by many accounts. But I will be 2 months shy of 29 years old when I get married. And that is almost 30. And that sounds very adult. Some people find the one they love at a young age. But as I look back at my experiences, as a female, from the ages of 22 and 28, I'm glad that they were filled with moments spent with myself, my family and then my boyfriend-turned-fiancee. I didn't miss out on my early 20's by having a boyfriend. No matter how great it is to have a great boyfriend. I liked my single days. LIKED. At 25, it was time. And now, at 28, it is time again.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Empty Nest Syndrome

The invitations are out. I mailed the out of state invites on Saturday and the remaining invites this morning. My babies have flown the coop. I feel empty inside without knowing they are resting (and collecting dust) inside the safety of my closet. They are out in the world to be judged now. Some will be welcomed and adored. Some will be cast aside like outsiders. Some will be placed in a drawer for memories and some will be thrown out in the trash as if I didn't spend 5.5 hours making them, hours assembling, addressing and embossing them. How dare you throw out this invitation! Don't you understand the hard work that went into making these? You better pull that out of your trash or drawer and admire it a bit longer mister. Oh and while you are at it, be a dear and send in that RSVP postcard. Just write your name, make a check mark, write a number and slip it back in that mailbox of yours. It is easy. You can do it. Don't make me call you on May 8th because I will. I swear. Even just a day late. You have plenty of time. No excuses. Just do it. 74 days

Friday, March 21, 2008

My many titles

Daughter, sister, friend, fiancee, sister in law, aunt, niece, granddaughter, cousin and soon to be WIFE. I am so lucky to have so many titles. But there are certain titles that I am very proud of. I am proud to be a daughter because I have amazing parents. My parents are supportive, fun, loving and I always have a good time when we are together. Our family is a bit different but it works for us and I consider myself lucky because of that. I am a proud friend. Friendships are very important to me and because of that, I don't have a lot of them. In high school, the more friends the better. But I learned quickly that more friendships equaled more drama. And I don't need that. I value my friends and consider myself blessed to have great relationships with them. I am a proud niece/cousin because I have great aunts and uncles and wonderful cousins. Extended family are people I might not see a lot of but that does not mean they are any less important. I think my extended family is pretty awesome! I am a proud granddaughter for many reasons. My grandmothers grew up in a different time and they have experiences that are amazing. My nanny passed away over a year ago and her life was filled with exciting journey's. Her words still echo in my mind of our weekly phone conversations. My last living grandparent, Grandma, is such a nice lady. Grandma is a great listener, always full of energy and always funny! Plus, she makes some amazing cookies. And to top it off, her name is my middle name! That brings me to my most important titles: Sister, Aunt, Fiancee (and soon to be wife). I can't put into words what it means to have a sister. I honestly feel bad for people that don't have sibilings. My sister and I got along fine growing up. We didn't have those moments of extreme hatred ever. Typical growing pains, sure. But we were always pleasant. I can honestly say that my sister is one of my best friends. We truly enjoy each others company. We make each other laugh and can be silly around each other. We are very different. We look very much the same. Sometimes our parents call us the wrong name. We bond over our similiarities and learn from our differences. Being a sister is very important. I take this title seriously. Being an aunt is the best. Period. When my sister announced that she was pregnant, I was ecstatic. I would be an aunt!! I'm so lucky. But I never knew all the lessons it would teach me. Living nearby for the first 6 months of Diana's life was a blessing. I was able to babysit her, feed her, change her, play with her and experience those things first hand. Sure, the first 3-4 months of her life were challenging watching her alone. Honestly, I second guessed having a child of mine own because of it. But those challenging times turned into fun times and laughter. And now, at almost 3 years old, being an aunt is the most amazing title I have. I am Aunt Bob. I wouldn't have it any other way. And when a child crawls up on the couch and buries her head on you, your heart melts. I consider myself mildly obsessed with the child but she is so incredible. Fun, funny, smart, thoughtful, helpful, patient, silly, loving. When I moved to Sacramento, I was so worried that she wouldn't know me. But worry not. She loves her Aunt Bob. And her Aunt Bob loves her. Fiancee (and soon to be wife). My greatest title of all. Hearing Chris say the word Wife to describe me sounds strange. Not in a bad way. That word is so grown up! I feel like a goofy kid most of the time. I hope I can be a great wife. The kind of wife Chris brags about having. I might have to pick up an Xbox controller every once in a blue moon to earn bragging rights but there is a chance. I look forward to moving from fiancee to wife in 78 days. I feel like I have been ready for it for a long time. Adding wife to my many titles is going to be a happy moment for me. I am so proud of all of my roles in the lives of my friends and family. I hope all people take the time to realize their titles, how they effect others and how they effect themselves.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm so impatient

The invites are going out on the 24th. I can't wait until the 31st. I am a freak.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Signed, Sealed....and waiting

Last night, I officially completed our wedding invitations. They are sealed, stamped, addressed and have a cute little silver embossed heart on the back. Currently, those labors of love are sitting in a cardboard box awaiting March 31, 2008 where some will travel near and others will travel far. They will arrive excitedly in mailboxes from Indiana to Oregon, South Dakota to Arizona. People will open them and hopefully, ohhhhhh and ahhhhhh at the pretty colors and fun design. Ideally, the rsvp postcard will be marked accordingly and placed directly back into the mail box. Red flags (do they still have those??) will stand tall and the postal worker will place them in their mail sack, ready for delivery back to Sacramento, CA. As I receive the RSVP cards, I will hope for 41 no's. Sorry but it is the truth. We would love to have all of you but that just ain't possible. If I don't get 41 no's by May 7th, open your window. You hear that? That yelling? That's just me. Freaking out. No biggie. I'll get over it. Maybe. 82 days!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm Bossy

That title was my ultra lame attempt at being cute. I don't think it worked. The real title should be "Embossing." Get it? No. Let's move on.

I have been curious about embossing for a while now. What is this technique that looks so fancy? I should try this. After taking my sister's Michael's ad for the 40% off coupon, I went to the fabu store to grab my supplies:

Heat gun: $24.99 (40% off: $14.99)
Two stamps: I dont remember
Silver embossing powder: $3.49
Sapphire embossing powder: $3.49
Cadbury Egg: .49 cents. I can't help myself. I love them. Side note: I used to think they were real eggs when I was little. Gross, huh?

I cleared a spot on my table and got to work. I dont feel like giving detailed instructions but I will give some tips:

1. The heat gun turned my first attempt brown. The paper got a bit too hot.
2. Dark colors, like sapphire, dont melt as well. My friend Lindsay told me this and I didn't listen to her. I should know better since she is the crafting queen. Silver, on the other hand, turned out great. Very pretty!!
3. When you shake the extra powder off the paper, save it. You can go through a little bottle very quick if you don't slide it back into the bottle.

Pictures of my horrible work:

I dont know if I will actually use these for my bridal shower thank you cards. Maybe just the silver and maybe if they turn out better as I complete them.

I like the embossing look but I guess it just takes practice.

87 days left. WOWzers

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wet Towels and Dishes

During our first pre-marital counseling session, Pastor Paul wanted to discuss bad habits we might have that drive each other nuts (those are my words, not his.) Immediately, I said leaving wet towels on the bed and Chris said not loading the dishwasher properly. It sounded pretty silly to be talking about wet towels and dishes but hey, those are the issues! Luckily, it isn't something more serious. After just one 2 hour session, I would recommend that everyone seeks out some form of pre-marital counseling...err, talking. Pre-marital talking. Counseling implies that something is wrong. We scored a 80% on our communication skills based on the assessment we took. I have always known that we communicate very well. Not to say our voices don't go up when we discuss certain things but we always calm down, listen, hear each other out and end up seeing a piece of the other side. I felt closer to Chris after just one session. It was amazing. He was able to open up and he doesn't do that very often. It was cool to see that side of him. I'm looking forward to next week!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pretty, oh so pretty!

After going back and forth on how I wanted to wear my hair, I had my appointment with Kim on Saturday. Kim has been cutting my hair since I was about 8 years old. We always made sure to follow her to every salon! We found her at Fantastic Sams of all places all those years ago. They had that cool machine that would spit out a prize after we got our hair cut...or permed. Ick.

Anyways, she has been a fixture in our family for so long that it was only right that she would do my wedding hair. I'm glad she agreed considering our wedding site is 1 hr from Fairfield.

The trial went great. I decided to wear it down with just a little part brushed back at the top. The curls lasted all day (from 1:30-sleep time) and it looked great with my veil.

Curls are so pretty!!

I'm so glad I decided to wear it down. The updo's I found pictures are were very pretty but just not me.

I also got my makeup done at Clinique before my hair appointment. I thought I knew what look I wanted (dramatic face, smoky eyes) but it was a bit much. I felt like my face looked orange and the foundation didn't blend as much as I wanted it to. The pictures don't show the problems I had with it but here they are anyways.

The picture isn't too close up but I wasn't crazy about this look.

After being a bit unimpressed with the makeup, I decided to go to the mall today and see if I could get it done again. I went to Sephora but they were really busy and couldn't get me in without an appointment. I wandered over to Nordy's and walked through the MAC area. The employee there was really nice and I asked if she could do my makeup. She said sure, gathered all the products and got to work. She explained everything she was doing and even said that she was available to do freelance work for a fee. I had told her I was going to do it myself (I had actually asked my friend/bm Melissa to do it for me since she worked at Clinique for years). But I might end up hiring her. It will take some stress off of Melissa having to do my makeup. And the price wasn't too bad. I was going to buy all new products anyways so it would be the same.

Anyhow, I was really happy with the end result. Sure, the foundation was pretty heavy but I loved the eyes, cheeks and lip color. I thought I looked amazing!! Chris....not so much. He said it was too heavy and that I looked like I had a mask on. It burst my bubble a bit but I can see where he is coming from. I had a lot of makeup on.

You can see how heavy the foundation is but she also put something on before the foundation to create a dewy look. Pictures don't really completely show how the makeup was done which is a bummer to get second opinions.

Well, I think I am going to book the MAC girl. I feel like I can explain to her my concern about how the foundation looks really heavy. I want Chris to see me and be happy and not think "she has too much makeup on." His opinion matters to me. I hope it works out.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Better Luck Next Time

I got my second pair of trial contacts this morning. And I was able to put them in my eyes on the first try. I hope that it is that easy in the following days and weeks. I hope my good luck continues this weekend when I have my hair trial and makeup trial. My bridesmaid Melissa is going to be doing my makeup on the wedding day but since I am getting my hair done tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to have my makeup professionally done so I can see the whole package together. I can't wait! A fun day of getting all prettied up. I ate like crap today so I better go to the gym tonight. Hopefully it will be near empty, as most Friday nights are. 93 days!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

And the world is blurry again

After just three days of wearing my contacts ( and loving every second) my right lens tore this morning. I have had a hard time putting the right one in and then I noticed that it was ripped. Bummer. And then when taking out my left lens, I pinched the white part of my eye causing a red spot to develop and be painful. Ugh. Is clear vision really worth it? I should look into lasik. 93 days

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Let there be sight

I have been wearing glasses since I was 14 years old. Even though I sat in the front row during Biology my freshman year in high school, I still had trouble seeing the board or the overhead projector. So I got glasses and would wear them during class with my head as low as possible. Glasses were so NOT cool. I didn't care that I could see. I just know that people teased me about wearing them. They didn't call me four eyes or anything but just stupid, high school teasing. Whatever. I got over it and eventually didn't care about wearing them in public. I could see damnit. That was all that mattered. Plus, it was fun to wear my glasses when I was with my sister (who always wears hers). People would ask us if we were twins and when we would reply "no", they would stare at us, trying to figure out how that was possible. I swear people think we lie to them. When I got engaged, I realized that there is NO way I would wear my glasses at any point during the wedding. But that also meant that I wouldn't be able to see across the reception room to wave to someone. I wouldn't be able to see Chris as I walked down the aisle. And who knows about the countless other things I would miss because I would be too busy squinting to try to see. The answer? Contact Lenses. I made my appointment to get some contacts. And not just for the wedding. For everyday. I was so sick of having to pull out my glasses in order to read the names of the aisles at Michaels or the Grocery Store. Annoying. I did a great job at the eye doctor. I was able to get the contacts in with little trouble and get them out fairly easily. I had to do it about 5 times so I felt confident. Taking them out when I got home was easy and I was actually excited for the morning to come so I could wear them again. I did have a bit of a hard time this morning get them in and because of that, they dried out just sitting on my finger. I think I should get some visine or something to drop in my eyes to help ease the dryness I am feeling. So far, so great. I LOVE being able to see without wearing my glasses all the time. The best part? I can see my face clearly in the mirror. I'm not that blind but my reflection was always blurry or just not super clear. The only time my reflection was clear was when I had my glasses on. So I have only seen myself clearly with glasses on my face. Seeing my face clearly without glasses on my face is amazing. I feel like I know what I really look like now! 95 days

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Music That Moves Me

While I enjoy music, it doesn't play a huge part in my life. I mainly listen to it when I am at the gym and of course in my car but I'm not ruled by the latest and greatest music to hit the airwaves. I do have an appreciation for all different types of music. Except for rap. I basically hate all current rap songs. It hurts my ears and my heart. It is pointless, senseless crap. Ok moving along. A couple months ago I started thinking about the type of music we wanted playing at key points during the wedding-ceremony and reception. With so many choices out there, I knew this would be something that would take a while. And I of course wanted to involve Chris in these decisions. We started with what songs we would want to be played during dinner. Our friends Sean and Mayra that got married last April had Coldplay songs playing which was awesome because I am mildly obsessed with Coldplay. But I didn't want to reuse that idea. While spending hours on Itunes I came across some movie soundtracks. And the lightbulb went off. Movie Scores! Perfect. I spent hours trying to find the best versions of songs from movies that we loved or songs that just sounded great. These are all scores, so they are instrumental. Some are familiar while others are not. We don't have a final list but we have about 1 hour of music which I think will be great. Check! Upon the meetings we have had with Pastor Paul, we got started on ceremony music. I already knew that I wanted to walk down the aisle to Canon In D. I was not budging on that. It is so pretty and when I listen to it, I tear up. Anywhere I am. At the gym when it comes on my ipod, in the car, at the drive through at KFC. It doesn't matter. It is "the song" for me to walk to. Done. But as far as the processional, recessional and bridal party entrance? That was up in the air and a tough decision because many of those instrumental classics sound alike. Pastor Paul suggested picking a theme and sticking with it. Going non-traditional but I have always pictured a very traditional ceremony-as far as music was concerned. Chris agreed and we have made some selections that we both like. As far as the reception songs for the first dance, father/daughter, mother/son, bouquet and garter toss, cake cutting, etc? We have 2 of those done! We spent about 2 hours one night and ended up getting distracted by 90's music on itunes essentials. 90's music was the JAM. So we still have some work to do on that front. What I have realized is that music does mean something to me. If this is the most important day of my life (so far), I want the music to be something that reflects our interests. Somewhat. We won't be playing "The Used" at all though. Sorry Chris. 96 days