Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A blogging break

Work is going to be extremely busy until May 9th so I probably will not get a chance to blog everyday. I do hope to get some DIY projects done for the wedding before now and then though. I am meeting with our photographer in an hour, I should be receiving our favor boxes tomorrow so I can attach more stickers to those. RSVP's should continue to trickle in (I hope) and since I will be downtown tomorrow afternoon, I plan to stop by the printshop and find out how much it will cost to get my programs printed. 39 days left. It just keeps getting more and more real.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Is it over yet?

Over the past month, I have gone through a range of emotions related to this wedding. When I sent the invites in the mail, I was so excited. I couldn't wait to get rsvp's back in the mail and find out who was really coming. That joy ended soon when people added guests and people have delayed responding until the last possible day (you have 11 days out there, people. Take care of it). I put together the bridesmaids gifts (partially) the other night and that was really fun. I hope they like them. But I have other things to buy to complete them. I hope my stimulus check comes fast. I need some cash flo! I emptied the house of wedding magazines since I really have no need for new ideas. In fact, it is has been so long that I have forgotten most of the ideas I actually have for the wedding. Is that bad? I should really sit down and remember them. I am a super organized person but lately, I am so in need of June 7th to be here and then pass that I have been putting off doing things. Here is a nice list: -Buy candy for favors (nevermind that I still need to order more favor boxes) -Send programs to the printer and assemble them -Print out day of timeline for photographer -Do a final mockup of the centerpieces and take a picture so the helpers will know what to do the day of -Complete bridesmaids gift -Purchase hostess gifts for my bridal shower hosts -Find some thank you cards or make them -Finalize seating chart and make the actual display -Confirm honeymoon arrangements -Make sure all the guys get measured for their tuxes before May 20 -Finalize music for dj meeting at the end of May -Confirm times for all vendors to arrive -Complete pre-marital counseling -Not worry about things I can't do anything about; i.e., Chris' family travel arrangements -At least 25 other things Seriously, I can't wait to spend months not thinking after June 7. It will be so nice!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Well, that was just too easy

After several attempts the past few weeks at putting together table assignments, I tried again last night. We still have 94 people that have not rsvp'd but I believe I can safely assume (dangerous, I know) that about 50 more people will attend and we are 99% sure that those 50 people will actually show up. I grabbed some lined index cards, numbered most of them 1-8, some 1-9 and one 1-10. I put together the tables I knew would work, which was my coworker table. Done. I started piecing things together, placing families together, my friends with my other friends and Chris' coworkers fit at one table. There are a few tables that might have to change depending on specific rsvp's we are waiting for but generally, it is working. Now, when it show the results to my mom, she might want to change a few things. But I will pout, explain how difficult it was and get my way. Yes, I am spoiled. haha. The only tables I could not put together were those of Chris' family. He will only have between 22-25 people attending from his family. This makes about 3 tables of 8, including his parents table. Chris isn't sure who should sit with whom so I emailed the list to his mom, hoping that she can figure it out. I realized it is a sticky situation. Honestly, people sit at their table for about 45 minutes to eat dinner. You make small talk or stuff your mouth full of bread so you don't have to talk to anyone. Once the music starts and dinner is over, people mingle, walk around and visit, etc. I only plan to sit down for 15 minutes to eat and I WILL EAT. Don't tell me I won't. You don't know me well enough. Something like 46 days left orsomething. I dont know.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Perfect Party

4 amazing people gathered to help me celebrate the final days of my singledom. I realize how lucky I am to have friends that do nice things for me. Friends that I have only known for a short time. And a sister who loves me very much as well.

My two coworkers, Lindsay and Jessica, planned my bachelorette party for me. They asked what type of party I would enjoy. My only specification was nothing centered around drinking. I just wanted to have a good time, surrounded by friends, full of laughter and good memories. I got exactly that.

We started out the night at Rag Doll Vintage on J St. in downtown Sacramento. Jessica and Lindsay somehow managed to get the store closed for us. They set up a table with snacks, had two kinds of champagne, a bottle of blueberry cider and a bottle of blueberry stoli. Here are some pictures of the outfits I tried on. Oh, and I had $200 to buy anything I wanted. Amazing

I also got some cute, wearable dresses but I haven't uploaded those pictures yet and I am too lazy to do it right now. :)

I haven't stopped thinking about how I have such amazing people in my life. I am so grateful and I don't really know how to show my appreciation for these friends.

My bridal shower is coming up in a month and it is going to be so much fun. My sister and Melissa have been working hard for months planning it. The invites went out this past week! I am looking forward to being so close to the actual wedding but it means it is almost all over. The end is near. But a new beginning is on the horizon.

48 days

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Romantic at Heart

Just a short note before I run out to my eye doctor appointment.... I love Jim and Pam. Their scenes in The Office last night had me all choked up. Sometimes, I wish I knew them in real life, just as they are in the show. Not John and Jenna. But Jim and Pam. Chris thinks I am crazy for almost being in tears over tv characters but I can't help it. I hope they live happily ever after in tv world. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I got nothin'

As I sit here wondering what to do with the next hour of work, I am really trying to think of some project I could get done. But I can't. I finished all work related tasks this morning. Drats! To make matter worse, I have nothing to say on this blog. NOTHING. I could talk about my bachelorette party on Saturday but I would rather wait to give the details. I could talk about how our headcount for the wedding is at 61 yes and 27 no but that isn't exciting. I supposed there could be a discussion about whether or not my niece will actually put on her flower girl dress and wear it down the aisle but that stresses me out. (NOTE to Angela: If she doesn't want to wear the dress, I am ok with that. 100% ok. But I would LOVE for her to actually wear it.) I'm pretty anxious to get home to check the mailbox. Last week was a slow rsvp week. I think between Monday and Saturday we received only 5 cards. We got 2 yesterday and I am hoping for 3 today. Perhaps some no's sprinkled in. The "deadline" is on May 7 which is three weeks away. Final counts have to go to our venue and other vendors by May 20th so we have some time to call/email/fax people to see if they are attending fo' sho'. This is a boring post. I am done.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When It's Over....

With my days as a wedding planner and bride coming to a quick end, I have been thinking about what I will do after June 7th. I have already broken my habit of buying ever bridal magazine at the store. But part of me thinks I will still read theknot.com. I dont want to be "that" girl who has all this advice to give to still planning brides. Although I found advice to be really useful. I'll make a wedding bio for people on my local board and June 08 board to see the wedding pictures. I will continue to lurk on AFB and NEY just for fun. I already lurk on the norcal nest board but I honestly can't say I am drawn to post there. I hope that in the days, weeks and months following the wedding I will find new hobbies. I have really enjoyed being crafty and creative throughout this wedding process so maybe I will continue that. I hope that me and Cathleya will have monthly dinner dates. I will still read weddingbee.com because it is just an awesome wedding site to see what these brides are doing for their weddings. As I type this, it feels odd to be wrapping this whole thing up. The end result is obviously a marriage but a huge party too! Planning is coming to an end (I am dying for something to do!) and soon it will be life as normal. No scouring the internet for music, no asking about seating arrangements or toasts. We can get the spare closet back to being empty and not filled with paper, scraps, stamps, scissors, zots and more. Life after the wedding....I'll find out in 53 days.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Gettin' things done

We had our detail meeting at our wedding venue on Saturday. My mom and dad came up since they are (thankfully) paying for this portion of the wedding. Despite being a bit worried about the number of questions my mom would ask, things went smoothly. We were able to make some changes to our buffet choice, settled on bar service, plan out the reception and even got a sneak peek at the ceremony and reception areas set up for a wedding that day. This made things feel so real. Plus the excitement of seeing the rooms set up for a wedding was pretty cool. I could picture my white chaircovers with navy sashes on the chairs along with our postcard table numbers on the table. I felt motivated to get some music selections done Sunday night. We still don't have our first dance song, mother/son dance, entrance song, cake cutting song or bridal party entrance song so that is something we will obviously have to get done soon. But I wanted to start a list of fun reception/dancing music. I spent about 1.5 on Itunes going through their essentials, trying to find songs that 1. I like 2. are easy to dance to 3. songs that reach across the generation gap. Not just songs for the "kids" but songs for the "older folks" as well. I came up with about a list of 25 songs which isn't really enough. We already know what our cocktail hour and dinner music will be but I want to come up with a guide for our dj. And for sure, a DO NOT PLAY list! We are meeting with Paul tonight, finally. The last time we met was weeks ago. We must finalize our ceremony order so I can get the programs printed (and assembled) and we will do another round of counseling tonight. I hope it goes as well as last time! My bachelorette party is on Saturday which I am very excited about. I'm not sure how many of my friends will be able to make it but my sister will be there and that makes me very happy! 55 days

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Count and recount and count again

WARNING: This post will include numbers and my attempt at doing math. Beware. Since our first rsvp card arrived in the mail, I have had our guest list excel spreadsheet glued to my hand. Updating, counting, adding, subtracting, totalling, guessing, fuming, falling asleep with it only to wake up finding drool on it. Just kidding about that last part. I'm sure I've hit on this before but our reception room can hold 170 people max. I've seen that room set up for a reception and that seems TIGHT. That is 17 tables with 10 people at them. I hope our guests use Dial that day because people will be smelling you!!! Our total guest list as of today is 215. As of today?? Shouldn't you have a permanent number? Why, yes, I should. But when three guests add a guest, the total number of invited people goes up. You see, here is my equation: Total number of guests minus yeses minus no's equals total number of people who have yet to respond. Does that make sense? Probably not. I sucked at algebra. Another part of my crazy personality is guessing. I love to guess. Or estimate, if you want to use a big fancy word. I have been estimating who is coming and not coming to this thing (yes I am now calling my wedding a thing) for a year now. It is really nice to finally figure it out based on rsvp cards. And shocking. I am shocked at how small our final tally might be. All this time worried that we could not possibly get down to 170 people from 215 invited. That is just a lot. But word of mouth from my FMIL tells me that many people from her side won't attend. MANY. Chris' entire family encompasses 86 people. Come to find out that there are some cousins not included in that number. That is one big family. Almost double the size of mine (all family members included). So where are we today? 54 Yes 25 No 138 Still outstanding Some of those outstanding will be for sure Yesses. Bridal party members, coworkers, family who have made hotel reservations. I would say 40 Yeses are still bound to come our way. I should know, I just counted. 40 + 54= 94. I'm not sure we will get many more yeses after that. Perhaps 20? Or fewer? (or less? I dont know grammar...or grammer? I dont know spelling.) I'm feeling good. Fewer people means less money spent on food means less money spent on chair covers means less time spent making programs and favor boxes means more money goes towards the bar means Chris will be drunk and doing the robot all night. See how good this turned out?!?!?!?!?!? 61 days

Monday, April 7, 2008


I wanted to post a definition of this word but dictionary.com isn't using it how I want to use it in this post. Here is something from about.com regarding alcoholics (I am NOT referring to alcoholics in this post) Enabling is doing for someone things that they could, and should be doing themselves. Simply, enabling creates a atmosphere in which the alcoholic can comfortably continue his unacceptable behavior. I have been reading posts on a internet message board from a specific person for a year now. I have never met this person but I feel like I have because she has shared a lot of her life with this message board community. I feel like this community is enabling her. They are not helping her. They are not keeping it real like they should be doing. I dont believe any of the other members of this community have met her but I believe they should say something that will actually help her rather than enable her to continue going down a destructive path. And I believe that because of this person's personality, she will continue to post sad stories for attention, looking for confirmation that she is a good person who deserves better. But will never do anything to improve her situation. No, it is NOT that easy. I get it. But I am tired of reading post after post of people not being real. I fear that when it comes time for me to become a regular contributer to this board, I will not be able to hold back. I believe that if someone (even someone on the internet) puts their business out there and that business shows that she is in a horrible relationship, those reading that information should say something. Not stand by and say "I hope things get better soon." They haven't. And they won't. Get some balls.

Just two more months

Every year that I turn a year old, I think I will feel OLD. And I don't. The age doesn't sound as bad as I think it will sound. When I turned 25, it sounded old but it didn't feel old. 27, nope. How about 28. 28 had to feel old. Hmmm not really. I'm sure 29 might feel a bit old in August because it sure does sound old now. The same feeling goes along with counting down the months to the wedding. Sure 2 months sounds close but it isn't. It is still 62 days until our wedding. That sounds FAR. While my sister's dress was hanging ackwardly on her staircase, I told her it would wrinkle and she said "your wedding is so far away, I'm sure the wrinkles will come out by then." To which I responded..."It is NOT so far away, it is two months and two days away." But yes, it is kinda far away. Not 15.5 months far away but it ain't close. What is close? When is it time to say "your wedding is soooo close." May 7? Nope, that still seems like too many days/weeks/hours/minutes. I'm predicting May 17th. The day of my bridal shower. Three weeks away. Under a month. 21 days. That is when it will feel close.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm so dizzy my head is spinnin'

That title is not only a reference to a song from the 60's (or 50's, I'm too lazy to look it up) but it is my current state. As if this week wasn't horrible enough already, I wake up this morning with a touch of Vertigo. n. pl. ver·ti·goes or ver·ti·gos The sensation of dizziness. An instance of such a sensation. A confused, disoriented state of mind. My mom gets this sometimes and my grandmother also used to get it. Apparently, it has been passed onto me. Oh Joy. I should have done what I thought of on Monday-crawled under the covers and waited until this week officially ends. Over it.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

No longer fun

I have decided that I no longer enjoy getting rsvp's in the mail. Especially when people add someone onto their invitation and that person is family and 30 years old. I am tacky. Running to the mailbox is no longer exciting.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It is April....waaaahoooo!

No offense to January, February or March but April makes this year seem real to me. April is close to June. I told someone recently that I was getting married on June 7th and she said "oh that is coming up soon." Considering the response a year ago when I had to specify June 7th of 2008, it was fun to hear "coming up soon." Indeed. I am meeting with our photographer this afternoon. I really don't know why. I am going to give her a timeline of events that she needs to know about (I think) and a list I found online of "must have pictures" but wouldn't she already know that? :shrug: And then I want to go home and hide under the bed. The past three days have been really weird. I feel like I have a dark cloud hanging over me. Strange-o days. I always think, If I can just get through this week, the weekend will make things better. Boy, I hope so. I am looking forward to this weekend. It is M & M Day on Saturday and the official start to my 9 weeks of craziness, as posted below. I schedule pedicures at a nice Walnut Creek nail salon for myself and Miranda. Lunch is planned for Fuddruckers since she always orders hamburgers when we go out to eat and a stop at Sephora to play. I might even try to find a wedding day foundation there but it is usually packed on the weekends so probably not. And of course, a morning stop at Starbucks although I do NOT condone 14 year olds drinking coffee. That is a post for another day. Oh and we received 3 more RSVP's yesterday. Current tally: 25 Yes, 6 No, 181 slow pokes. haha. Just kidding. But seriously. Mail it people.