Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pop Culture + Lists= Good times

I love making lists. To do lists, grocery lists, oh how i love you let me count the ways lists. Lists are great. And I also love pop culture so when you combine the two, I consider myself useless. Entertainment Weekly has some great lists on their website. 1. The 50 Best High School Movies 2. The 24 Smartest TV/Movie Characters 3. 100 Tv Classics: The Top 25 4. 14 Movie Franchises that we think should stop 5. 25 New Classic One Hit Wonders 6. 25 Most Romantic Gestures in Film I could go on and on but these should tide you over for a while.

4 years ago

July 31, 2004. What was going on in the life of Michelle? 1. I was single and hating it. I was sure I would never find a guy. I was almost 25 and marriage seemed like it was completely out of the picture. 2. I had reached my goal of dropping 50 pounds. I was at my healthiest, running daily, completed multiple 5K's, a 10K and my first Bay to Breakers in the months before. I felt great. 3. I was in a job that was not only depressing but didn't pay me enough for the things I had to deal with. 4. I lived with my mom. I love you Mom but I was starting to get a bit too comfortable with life at mom's house! 5. I was 24 hours away from going to Italy for 17 days. Life wasn't THAT bad. Something had to change....and it did. Chris came into my life. July 31, 2004 was my first date with Chris. A blind date. We were set up by my co-worker and his best friend. It took much convincing for me to go on a date with someone I went to high school with (but didn't know during those days) but I figured, what can I lose? 4 years later... 1. I'm married and loving it 2. Sure, I may have gained back some (read a lot) of that weight but I am fighting to get back into shape. I have started running again and attempting to complete my second half marathon. I now have 4 Bay to Breakers under my belt and a few more 5K's as well. 3. My current job still doesn't pay me enough but it is far from depressing. It is actually really fun. I am lucky to have a job that I really enjoy, coworkers who I can call friends and feel like I am making a difference at the same time. 4. Moved out on my own in the winter of 2005 and we are currently focusing on how to buy a house in the next couple of years. 5. I'm planning another Italy trip in my mind. I have come far over the past 4 years. Chris not only became my boyfriend, fiancee and now husband but my best friend. I am so happy I took that risk to meet him 4 years ago on that blind date. Like I told him this morning in a love note, I know you disagree with us having multiple anniversaries but there would be no 6-7-08 without 7-31-04.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'll take one of each please

Click here for New Kids on the Block awesomeness

Even though I totally make fun of girls who wear homemade shirts from the band they are seeing, especially when they are sitting so far away from the stage that they look like peas to the actual performers, I want one of these.

October 9th! Can't wait!!!

Flashback 1993: Donna Martin Graduates!

Season 3, episode 78.
Air date: May 12, 1993

Previously on BH 90210, the gang attended their senior prom and while at David's dads house for a pre-party Donna drank a bit too much champagne for her small frame. By the time they arrived at prom, Donna was visibly drunk. Despite her friends best efforts to hide her behavior from Mrs. Teasley, the strict principal caught her and kicked her out of prom. This also meant that she would not graduate due to a rule put in place prior to prom about students showing up intoxicated. Poor Donna Martin. Episode 78 created what will become one of the funniest chants in television history. Brandon, always the activist, stages a walk out on the campus of West Beverly High. The clock strikes and everyone marches out and heads towards the school board meeting which is determining Donna fate. She pleads, as does her mother and father. She has overcome so much!!

The board hears commotion outside.

"Donna Martin Graduates"

"Donna Martin Graduates"

Board members go outside, urging the kids to go back to school or they will all be suspended! The camera goes from Brandon, to Brenda, Kelly, Steve, David and even Dylan (if memory serves).

"Donna Martin Graduates" they each proclaim.

Brandon forces himself inside to plead his case and the school board members decide this is a waste of time. Yes, Donna Martin will graduate!!! And all is right in the world again!

Ok, Michelle, this is a totally random post. WTF?

I have been watching Tori Spelling's reality show with her husband, Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood on the Oxygen network. Despite the fact that she fell in love with her husband while married to someone else (and he was married too), I feel as if these two have a fighting chance. They seem very down to earth and considering the way in which Tori was raised, she seems like a normal girl. Perhaps it was a blessing that when her father passed, he didn't leave her millions of dollars. Not like the $800K she received was pocket change, but considering her dad was worth about $300 Million, 800K isn't much.

I like Tori Spelling. She was a horrible actress during the 90210 days. Not like any of the actors were amazing but she was pretty much the worse. She makes a good reality tv star because she seems likeable.

Admit it, you couldn't help but cheer for Donna Martin to graduate too. I did, despite the fact that she broke the rules and participated in under age drinking.

But she overcame so much!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

My 29th Year

My 29th birthday is almost over and to celebrate the last year in my twenties and looking out at the first year in my *gulp* thirties, I am going to make some goals.
-Lost 29 pounds
-Read 29 books
-Try to save $29 a week -Exercise 29 days a month -Send 29 letters/cards to friends and family just because -Do 29 good deeds I'm sure I will think of more things that I can do over the next year. I will make my best effort to check in monthly to make sure I am keeping up with these goals. I hope my 29th year is my best yet!!!

Cut It Out: VOTE

I got my hair cut on Day #2 of our honeymoon in Maui. The long hair just wasn't going to work in the heat, the pool and the ocean so it had to go. I walked away with my hair this length, which was perfect!

It has grown a wee bit and I already feel like it is in the shaggy stage. I don't really like taking a lot of time on my hair in the morning. I plug my straightener in right away so it is smokin' hot when I want to use it. A few trips from root to tip and my hair looks presentable. But I am wonder if I should go shorter. How short? This short.

Reese short!! I know I will never be as adorable as Reese but what about the hair? If I can slide those bangs (ohhhh bangs) over to the side everyday, they won't be super annoying. And a barrette would take care of the problem at the gym. But I'm not even sure I can pull that into a ponytail. She is just so cute with short hair. Can I be that cute with short hair?

Oh and also. I was thinking of coloring my hair dark brown too.

What do you think, readers?

A. Keep it like it is. Semi short and blonde
B. No cut, but go for the color
C. Cut it, but stay blonde
D. Cut it and color it!

So many pictures

During my wedding planning, I saved pictures to my photobucket account in order to keep everything in one place. Then, with one click of the mouse, I somehow made it impossible to actually see the pictures. Good times. I was done with photobucket. Somehow, I came across Flickr and fell in love. I set up a new account and made cards to put on the tables at the wedding hoping that people would upload their photos onto the site. While on our layover in Honolulu, I used the internet cafe to see if it worked. It did!!! So many pictures! I was delighted. I am happy to say that I only use flickr for uploading and storing pictures now. It is completely free to use but you only are allowed 100 MB a month which can go pretty fast if you have a big event, like a wedding, or just take a lot of pictures in general (*cough*Angela *cough*). I suggest forking over $24.99 and getting unlimited downloads. This has changed my life. I was able to upload the huge files from our discs of professional wedding pictures. While it may be near impossible to upload ALL of our pro pics (1,637), I will work on it over time. Flickr comes in handy for sharing pictures, creating sets of pictures and just overall keeping your photos organized and in one place. Example: Here is my Coldplay set Here is my wedding pro pic set: So easy. So worth it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

What You Get For the Money: $200,000

Disclaimer: I am blantantly ripping off a show from HGTV/Fine Living

I am currently obsessed with house hunting. I don't know when we will be buying a house but I hope it is soon because there are some good starter homes in our neighborhood that are for sale for "cheap."

Cheap. Let's find out what that means around the country, shall we? The pictures will be the outside of the house and most of the time, the kitchen. Kitchens are super duper important to me. I will start with my current city.



3 bed/3 bath

1,511 sq ft.

Lexington, Kentucky

3 bed/3 bath

1,850 sq ft

Houston, Texas


4 bed/2.5 bath

Portland, Oregon


3 bed/2.5 bath

1,286 sq ft.

San Francisco, CA

$329,000 (the cheapest available on yahoo real estate)

1 bed/1 bath

743 sq ft

Los Angeles, CA (prepare yourself)

2 bed/1 bath

768 sq ft

Las Vegas, Nevada


4 bed/3 bath

2,036 sq ft.

New York, NY


1 bed/1 bath

850 sq ft.

Jackson, Mississippi


3 bed/2 bath

1933 sq ft.

Next time, I am going to venture up the price scale a bit. How high dare I go? Stay tuned!

Flashback: This Week

It is Friday morning and I feel as if I have not slept one wink all week. I don't understand that. Perhaps working all 5 days plus actually working out have put my body into sleep mode! This week of full of fun though. I was able to hang out with my extended family members on Monday, I took my mom to the airport on Tuesday and drove her car all week which is awesome. On Thursday, I met up with my friends Cathy and Kim for some Yogurtagogo which replaced my dinner for the evening. Not having to cook makes it a good night. And the best thing that happened all week, my husband put away all of his dirty dishes TWO nights in a row. Unheard of. Tonight, my mom flies back into Sacramento at 11:20 and because of the aforementioned sleepyness, Chris will most likely be picking her up from the airport. I hope that tomorrow morning, we can drive around and look at houses before we go see a movie with our friends Devin and Ashley. I plan to spend the rest of the weekend doing nothing and loving every minute of it. I hope your weekends are full of laziness as well.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Friends helping Friends

I wanted to highlight a couple of my friends that have businesses. I admire people that branch out and try something new in their lives. It is risky and as a non-risk taker, I commend them. My friend and coworker Lindsay has many talents. She loves to bake and make crafts. I hate to take credit but a few months ago I encouraged her to sell her wares on etsy. Etsy is a website that features handmade products from sellers all over the place. You can easily get lost in all of the categories of stuff. I actually purchased my garter from a seller on etsy. Before I knew it, Lindsay had started her own store! I am the proud owner of two beautifully made lanyards! Since I have a name badge and security card for work, the lanyard makes it possible to wear them with style. Lindsay has outfitted almost our entire building with her lanyards. My next feature business comes courtesy of friends Devin and Ashley. Chris was in Wells Fargo School with Devin and became fast friends. They are eerily similar and he and Ashley are awesome people! The Tea Stain Clothing line is so cute! They have lots of different styles and colors for men and women. On their website is a list of local stores (Sacramento and beyond) where the clothes can be found as well as online purchasing. Because these three people have been great friends, I hope putting their names out there helps their businesses flourish.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flashback: 2001

Driving into Debt?May 23, 2001 Traveling by car these days will cost you more this summer-- at least $1.70 a gallon for gas. That's the average price at the pump this month, up 13 percent from just a year ago. An estimated 30 million drivers will hit the road for Memorial Day weekend. If each one buys just a gallon of gas, they'll have spent about 51 million bucks. Who sets the price? If you think gas prices are high in the U.S., take a look at Europe. There, gas is typically four times as expensive. The going price in Britain is over $4 a gallon. Based on the $1.70/gallon price, it would have cost me $27.20 to fill up my truck if I was running on empty. Currently, it costs me $68.00 based on $4.25/gallon at my local gas station. I usually have to fill up about once a week (more during the school year). Which means I am spending about $2,000 MORE dollars a year on gas in 2008 than I did in 2001. HAHAHAHAHA. I know it isn't really funny to think how much we are paying in gas but this was 7 years ago. Who knows what will happen in 7 more years! How much will it cost to fill up? With the cost of food now, how will it change in another 7 years? Will we be living in a necessity only society? Oh I have to go. My atm card just took off running. site source:

Another name change

I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog....again. It started out "MG to MD" in honor of my upcoming wedding. I changed it to "The Life of a Wife" because I thought I would blog about my life umm, as a wife. Turns out, my life is pretty uneventful and I end up blogging about just common, everyday things. "Random Ramblings" sounds good because most of my posts are really just word vomit on the screen. "Word Vomit" is funny but might gross people out. " Blog Stew" Stolen from the E! Channel's "The Soup" which has a segment called Chat Stew. A random assortment of topics and goings on. "Word drivel" I mean really, I have nothing of importance to talk about. It is drivel. Or I can give it a name that epitomizes what a blog really is. "Narcissism at its Best: Me blogging about Me" Any thoughts out there?

Every 4 Years

Every 4 years an amazing event happens. There is drama, success and defeat. Nations are on pins and needles to see the results. So much time and energy is spent on this event and so many people work hard to make it happen. The ultimate prize is pride and honor. No, I'm not talking about the presidential election. I am talking about the Summer Olympic Games. Sure, the winter games are nice but I prefer the summer games. Swimming, gymnastics, track and field are among my favorites but it is so much fun watching all of the events and the athletes that train so hard to win the gold. For 3 weeks, I have a hard time ripping myself away from the tv to see the Olympics. 4 years ago, I was in Italy with my dad during the summer games. I felt a little lame sitting in our hotel room in Florence, watching soccer (nothing else seemed to air over there aside from soccer) but the thrill of something familiar was nice while in a foreign country. And the Olympics came in very handy while stuck on a hilltop top in Southern Italy where no one spoke English. The tv barely had a signal but we watched whatever was on tv to pass the time. I have always loved the Olympics but my excitement did not reach full force until 1996, when I was lucky enough to go to Atlanta to see them in person. We saw basketball, water polo, track cycling, track and field, baseball, and I want to say we even saw rowing but I'm not sure. The experience was overwhelming but amazing. The city was buzzing with people from all over the world. During the track and field, we were able to see two medal ceremonies from the competition the day before. And lucky for us, Americans won the gold. Hearing the national anthem played at THE OLYMPICS was incredible. It almost sounded different. We were beaming with pride and we weren't even the athletes! I am planning to have a small family gathering to celebrate my birthday on August 9th but I don't want to miss any Olympic coverage. I found this schedule that breaks down the dates of each event over the course of the 17 days. For the 9th which is the first day of competition and events, there are some swimming and gymnastics events happening. Looks like my birthday celebration will be ending early. I have a birthday every year but the Olympics won't happen again until I am....gulp....33. Ouch.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wait, how are we related?

After a long Monday sitting in a conference in Walnut Creek, I went out to dinner with my cousin Christina. Christina is my first cousin's daughter. And although most people would say we are "second cousins" that is false.

A few years ago, my first cousin was having a baby. We were wondering how she was related to me, and how she would be related to my sister's daughter. A simple google search gave us the answers.

As you can see, children of siblings are first cousins.
My future children and my sister's children are first cousins.
My mom's kids (me, my sister) and her sister's kids (Kevin) are cousins.

Now, this is when things get tricky: Second cousins
Children of first cousins are SECOND COUSINS. What?
Diana (my sister's child) and Christina(Kevin's child) are second cousins.

You thought that was tricky, let's try First Cousins Once Removed.

Children of YOUR first cousin are your first cousin once removed.
Kevin is my first cousin which makes Christina my F.C.O.R. Along with her two sisters and little brother. And many other children of my first cousins.

And when Christina has children, they will be my first cousins twice removed.

Now, for something that I can't figure out. While Christina is my first cousin once removed, what am I to her? To her, I am her father's first cousin. Techincally, that does not make me her F.C.O.R. Her aunt's kids are her first cousins and when they have kids, those will be her FCOR.

My mom is Kevin's Aunt which means she is Christina's great aunt. But I still don't know how what my title is in relation to her.

My brain hurts really bad now.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Would you like an upgrade?"

Our tickets for Coldplay were in section 213. The view looks like this:

We ended up with this view:

And I was this close to Chris Martin (sorry for the blur. He moves too much)

How the heck did that happen? Let me explain.

After two opening acts, Chris went to the snack bar right outside our section to get some food. I saw two guys in the same black shirt walking up the stairs. They looked official so I tried to make eye contact. Here is how the conversation went:

Them: Are you here with a group?

Me: No, just my husband. Why? ( said excitedly)

Them: Hmmmm, well, we work for Coldplay and we upgrade people's seats but we just have one ticket.

Me: Oh my gosh. No way. I can't leave him. Is there anyway I can get two? Please? Please?

Them: How big of a fan is he? Can he sing all the songs? How long have you been fans?

Me: Ummmm he is fan but I am a massive fan. Since 2000. I can sing all the songs.

Them: Hmmmmmm let me see your ticket.

Me: Please?! We drove from Sacramento today to see them.

Them: Ok. They are row 4.

Me: WHAT???? Holy crap. (I covered my mouth in shock and I kid not, nearly started crying.)

Them: Don't give these to anyone else. Wait for your husband, go down to the floor and find your seats.

Me: Yes, yes. I will. Thanks so much. You have no idea what this means to me.

So I wait for 1 minute, run out of the section, find Chris, pull him out of line and tell him what just happened. I am shaking I am so excited. We get down to the floor and find out seats. I was in total shock and so freaking excited. Everyone else around us had the same thing happen. I guess they don't sell the first 5 rows and those guys give people tickets. So lucky!!!

Here are some pictures

This last picture is during the final song. They released glow in the dark paper butterflies in different colors. It was coming down in masses! My video space on my camera ran out so I couldn't take video of it.

And some videos. The sound isn't great but oh well. :)



I was so happy the entire time. I know it would have been a great show from section 213 but from row 4 (really 2 rows from the stage), it was AMAZING.

Friday, July 18, 2008


My friend Cathy pointed out this website to me. Apparently, she passes along a lot of websites that I can blog about. In searching with my maiden name, there are 103 of me wandering around the US. With my new married name, there are only 16. I might have been having some internal struggle about changing my name but this makes me feel better. There are fewer of "me" walking around therefore, I am more unique than my maiden named self. But I'm still a little bitter.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Sneaky Husband

Chris had to wait an extra long time to get his government stimulus check in the mail. I received mine way back in May. Some of the money was used for wedding purchases and the rest was used to pay off some credit card debt (which I immediately undid by making more purchases). Chris' had a grand plan for how he was going to use his money. 1. iphone 2. Blu-ray player No matter how many times I encouraged him to pay off debt with it, he insisted that paying off his credit card would NOT stimulate the economy and he would be doing a disservice to our country. Whatever. His check was to finally arrive on July 11 and he was going to buy the iphone on the 12th. Sadly, the check did not arrive on the 11th but the phone was still purchased on the 12th with his credit card. He would pay it off when his check finally did arrive. Fast Forward to Monday night while sitting in the media room watching tv. "Umm babe, would you be more mad if I made a big purchase and didn't tell you OR would you be more mad if I made a big purchase, didn't tell you, but the big purchase was in the house and you didn't notice?" I immediately started looking around the room trying to figure out what he was talking about. I saw nothing new that jumped out at me. "What? What did you buy? And why did you buy it?" "Blu-ray player. Right there." He points down to where our old hd-dvd player was and I notice it. "I thought you would notice when we watched a movie LAST NIGHT." "I don't notice that stuff. WTF Chris?" "My stimulus check came to my parents house. It was there on Saturday when I got to their house. I got the player on Friday in anticipation that it would come the next day. I already put the check in the bank and paid off the the player and the iphone." Whatever. Your stimulus check, your geeky boy toys.

The Life of a Boring Wife

My dear sister has pointed out to me that this blog is being flooded with too many wedding memories. She would like to see more stories and information about "My Life as a Wife." I am troubled to report that I have no life really. I am rather lazy and live my life in a wash, rinse, repeat mode. 6:00 a.m.-Get up for work, stumble around the apartment getting ready 6:55 a.m.-drive to work listening to the Adam Corolla Show on KWOD. When I-5 is closed, I deal with hoards of traffic which make me late to work. 7:30-4:00-work in the 4:00-4:30-drive home, trying to avoid traffic 4:30-5:30-get the mail, have a small snack, change clothes for the gym 5:30-6:30-drive to gym, workout, drive home 6:30-10:00-dinner, tv, read, harass my husband, look at my wedding pictures/videos again, clean go to bed. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Merry Maids

Note: Yes, I am still talking about my wedding.

"How many bridesmaids are you having?"


"Wow, that is a lot."

"Zip it."
I'm lucky. I have great friends. The kind of friends that you want to involve in your every day life, especially the biggest day of your life. Not to mention a sister and a future sister in law that must have received A plus' in sister school.

When it became clear that Chris and I would get married (before he even asked), I started to think about who would be in my bridal party. There were 6 ladies that were a given. My sister, Chris' sister Miranda, Melissa, Stephanie, Adrienne and Lisa. I have known Melissa since high school, Stephanie since we were 12, and Adrienne and Lisa since college when we were dorm neighbor and roommate, respectively.

Six was a lot and I was ready to call it a party but since Chris' best friend is female, she became the 7th and final bridesmaid. Sure, it is a lot of girls but could I have cut one out for the sake of numbers? No way. It would have been all or nothing for me. And by nothing, I mean I would have just kept my sister and his sister and kept it a family only affair.
Introducing my merry maids....and friends for life.
Stephanie, the camera is over HERE!

What a great looking man!


Show some leg my sister!

Doing a cheer before the ceremony ensures for a successful day. Try it, it works. TEAM BRIDE!

My bridesmaids made my day spectacular. They helped set up the reception room, calmed my nerves, averted the crisis situation of Chris seeing me pre-ceremony, carried my train and partied pretty hard. What more could I have asked for??.
OH NO! I almost forgot. No wedding party is complete with the cutest child in the world picture.

Our flower girl, my niece, DIANA!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend went by in a flurry!

On Friday night, Chris and I met up with our friends Sean and Mayra to have dinner at Buca di Beppo. Aside from the slow service and being ignored by our waitress, the food was yummy and the company was great. Mayra gave me a cd of over 100 pictures she took at the wedding. Including some of these gems:

The first two pictures were taken when I was begging Chris to go a bar on Sutter St. with a group of post-partiers. The third picture is my cousin Christina looking at me like the crazy loon that I am. And the last two are me at the bar, dancing on a corner table being stupid.

On Saturday, we received some bad news. Chris' uncle, his mom's brother, had passed away suddenly. Chuck was just at our wedding 5 weeks before. His parents and sister flew out to South Dakota for the week to attend services and be with family. We are very glad Chuck was able to attend our wedding and spend some time with family members before his passing. Very sad times.

Despite the sad news, we made time to attend my BIL/Niece's joint birthday celebration. What a great party. The food was great and it was fun to visit with friends and family. Diana got lots of books and toys (including the red mermaid from Au Bob) and Matt also received gifts that will go to good use at their house: gauc mix, ice cream, gift cards for ice cream, chips for the guac and a best buy gift card.

Saturday evening (it was a busy day), I met up with my two oldest friends. No, that wasn't an age joke. I have known Stephanie since we were 12 years old growing up in our court and I met Leah in the 7th grade. We don't see each other all the time but we can go years without seeing each other and still have a great time. After eating dinner and getting the evil eye at the restaurant to leave our table, we moved onto another restaurant, sat at the bar, had a glass of wine and chit chatted until late. It was great getting together again with Leah and Stephanie. I have very fond memories of our times together in the past and I know our future will be full of random meetings.

After a long drive home due to a midnight accident on 80, I was happy to find our new picture cd's in the mail. I checked and all 1,637 pictures were on the disc. Woohoo!! I knew that Sunday I would be spending some time making a married bio for theknot and hopefully to share with friends and family that couldn't attend the wedding.

Now it is Monday and another week is upon us. Friday can't come fast enough I tell ya. With the Coldplay concert Friday night, a one night stay in a hotel after, driving to Dublin for lunch and a viewing of "The Dark Knight" in Imax on Saturday, this coming weekend should be busy as well.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wedding Reflection: Bouquet and Garter Toss

I have never been to a wedding where the couple did not do the bouquet and garter toss. It wasn't until I started planning my own wedding that I realized a lot of people leave this out. I do understand the reasoning behind this. If you do not have many single friends, the thought of asking 2-3 guys and girls to stand up there is pretty lame. Not only would it make them feel completely singled out (no pun intended) but it makes the event, well, uneventful.

We are one of those couples that do not have a lot of single friends. As I scanned the guest list, many people were married or in a serious relationship. How would we make the B & G toss fun with only a few singles?

The thought of leaving it out crossed my mind as well but I wanted to throw that bouquet! And I know Chris wanted to fling the garter over his head. I think it is a fun part of the wedding so the thought of not having this event disappeared.

I made the decision to invite ALL females to the dance floor for the bouquet toss. The DJ had to repeat himself a few times but I love the pictures of all of the females waiting for that bouquet. Front and off-center was my sister. At her wedding 6 years ago, we plotted to make sure I got that bouquet. And I did! And although there was no plotting at my wedding (I swear!), it ended up in her hands after a bit of a scuffle between my sister and my friend Stephanie. It made for incredible pictures, like this one.

Right after my sister got the bouquet. Our family, who remembers her wedding, was sure it was a set up. It wasn't, which made it that much funnier.

As for the garter toss, I thought it would be pretty by the book. But leave it to our DJ, who must have been paying attention during one of our two meetings. We had to have mentioned that Chris enjoys a good dance. The sprinkler, the cabbage patch, the shopping cart, the running man, and his speciality, The Robot. As I sat in the chair, waiting for my husband to feel me up in front of 115 friends and family, our DJ announced that Chris would need to complete a series of dances before he could go for the garter. Thank goodness for those tequila shots. Had it not been for a couple of those, Chris would have shyly declined. Instead he put on a quite a show. I don't have those pictures saved on the computer right now but I will insert them very soon to get the full effect of the moment.

Chris also invited all of the guys to participate in the garter toss, but since his brother is 6 ft 7 inches tall, no one really stood a chance. Jason simply reached his arm in the air and grabbed it. Again, pictures to follow.

A nice picture of Chris' younger brother and my older sister.

Those two moments rank pretty high on Best Moments of the Wedding. I rank BMOTW by the amount of laughter had by all of those in attendance. The laugh-o-meter was at the top.

If you are thinking of leaving these events out for one reason or another, don't. Make it fun. Make it different. Plot for someone special in your life to catch your bouquet but still toss it. Ask your husband to be silly while going for the garter. But toss it.

I wouldn't have known what I was missing if we would have left it out but damn, I am sure glad we didn't leave it out. It was a priceless wedding moment and a great memory.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scrambled Vows

I was made aware of this website a couple times but never explored it until now.

My friend Cathy suggested inserting your wedding vows and making a word cloud that has some deep meaning! I tried to do it but the end result wouldn't show up for me. And being the good friend that she is, Cathy did it for me and came up with this:

I love! I love! I was going to just type up our vows and put them in one frame but I think I will do this with Chris' vows are well and place them in side by side frames so we can always remember the words we spoke to each other on our wedding day.

More Pictures!

After a long day at a conference yesterday and being in and out of the very smokey Northern California air (not to mention extreme heat), I was so happy to find an envelope from our photographer in the mail....and three cd's in them! Our pictures had arrived.

Sadly, as I was looking through them, I noticed that there was a huge chunk of pictures missing. All of the getting ready and pre-ceremony formals were not on any of the three discs. Lucky for us, our photographer and her office manager are very quick to respond to emails. She said there should be 702 pictures on disc 1. There were 199. Whoops. They must have not been burned for one reason or another. I was told they would send me three new discs to make sure all of the images are on the cd's. So great! Here are some pictures that I downloaded off of the cds. I am going to make a googlepage of the pictures (the best ones!) when I get all the cd's back. Stay tuned.

This picture is pretty steamy!

I love how you can see Chris' ring on his finger. Grrrr!!

One of many spins my dad and I did on the dance floor

Extreme laughter at my sister, who caught the bouquet. We invited all the ladies to join in the bouquet toss.

And Chris' brother got the garter. I'm so happy it ended up this way. I got a picture with my older sister and his younger brother. We should have thrown Miranda in there for good measure!