Friday, August 29, 2008

A Big Week

I'm no political junkie but I pay attention here and there so I am able to form an opinion. But this post isn't about my thoughts and stances. I won't really do that too much here. No matter what you feel politically, this has been a big weekly politically for the United States. We now have a complete presidential ticket on both sides. And it looks nothing like I have seen in the past 29 years of my life. You see, I don't see Barack Obama as an African American man. I see him as a man running for president. I don't think people should look at his skin color first because isn't that what we are trying to get away from in this country? Focus on race? That being said, I understand the historical importance of the fact that an African American man is now officially on the ballot to become president. And obviously, the introduction of Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential candidate on his run to the White House was also big news. I spent a lot of this morning trying to find some video on the internet of her speech after my coworker said her dad watched it and was very moved. I'm not one to be moved by speeches though so my expectations weren't high. Afterall, I snickered at the people crying during Obama's speech. Seems weird to me. I logged onto and found her speech. And yes, I was moved. Not to tears (again, weird) but seeing a woman up there, in a position like that was inspiring. Just as seeing an African American man running for president must be extremely motivating and inspiring for inner city kids who may have no hope for the future. You want to see someone that looks like you succeed. Seeing a female introduced as a potential Vice President is an amazing site. I'm no feminist but I felt proud to be a female. I can only imagine what my amazing grandmother would think of both of these people and the positions they are in. Growing up in the 40's and 50's, she saw a different United States. I am sad that she is not around to witness this and share her thoughts with me. She was always very opinionated and informed, even in her fragile state the last few years of her life. The next 67 or so days should be very, very interesting. The debates, the polls, the coverage, the RNC next week. What a groundbreaking election and what an exciting time to be alive in this country.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tagged by Kim

Here are the rules of this tag game: 1. Link to the person who tagged you 2. Post the rules on your blog 3. Write 6 random things about yourself 4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them 5. Let each person you have tagged know by leaving a comment on their blog 6. Let the tagger know when your entry is posted 1. Thanks Kim, I needed a reason to blog about something. 2. Done 3. This might be hard
  1. I participated in many different types of exercise as a child/teen. I was in gymnastics class twice, ballet for a few months, played in the city basketball league, did sports camp at our gym, completed IronKids triathlon twice, played basketball in elementary, middle and high school, was on a swim team at the age of 6 and swam 4 years of varsity in high school, played water polo for two years in high school. You would think I would still be in good shape, huh?
2. If two of my former coworkers not have been irresponsible and left work early one day and in turn, fired for their actions, I would have never gone on that first date with Chris. His friend who introduced us worked at our office in the next city and I would have never had contact with him. He transfered to my office after they got fired. He talked to me about Chris and hooked up the date. 3. In my 8th grade history class, our teacher held a mock election for the Presidency. We were able to cast our votes for Bill Clinton, George Bush or Ross Perot. I was the one single vote for G.B. in the class. 4. I am very sensitive to smells. I don't eat most vegetables because the smell makes me gag. I tried to change my niece's poopy diaper once and I literally almost upchucked. She laughed at me. When I lived with my mom, she would make broccoli and I would go sit in my room until she was done eating it because the smell would waft throughout the house. Gag time. 5. I grew up with a lot of rules in my household. We couldn't watch mtv. We couldn't eat cereal that had over 3 grams of sugar which left my only breakfast choices Cheerios or Rice Krispies. We didn't watch R rated movies. We didn't have tv's in our rooms. We couldn't have boys in our rooms. Our tv time was limited and cut back severely during the school year. I don't know if I can tag 6 people but I'll do what I can 1. The Borchert Basketball Blog- my sister! 2. Parallel Parking- my best friend and college roommate's sister. Her kids are so cute! 3. Stefanie's Story- A fellow NorCal knottie who is getting married on Saturday 4. SweetVanillaBean- My fabu coworker and friend I fail. I just have 4.

My mind is blank

I think this is the first time in a long time that I have not blogged for a couple of days. I know I was missed greatly. Here is a random rundown of my life in the last few days 1. I am dealing well with the news that I shouldn't eat chocolate. I love chocolate but I also love not feeling dizzy. I have gone two days with no chocolate candy. 2. My achilles heal hurts. Strangely enough, it doesn't hurt when I run though. I don't think it hurting is a good thing but I am trying to stretch more before and after my runs to stop any injuries from occuring. 3. Does Barack Obama want Kim Kardashian endorsing him? Yikes. 4. Will the news media (actual news and US Weekly online) give the RNC as much attention as they are giving the DNC? 5. I'm ready for fall. Now that my wedding and birthday are over, I see no reason for summer to hang around. I am over 100 degree days. 6. My friend Kim tagged me so I am supposed to post 6 random things about me but honestly, I dont know if I can think of 6 random things about me. I'll do it tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Through a variety of experiments, I have come to a startling conclusion....
I can only partly blame the coffee caffeine for my condition. The other culprit is....oh how this pains me to say...

Wonderful, glorious chocolate. How could you betray me again??? This happened once before in my life, during my high school years. Stage 10 headaches caused by your creamy goodness. I dropped you out of my life for nearly two years. Suddenly, I was unaffected by your chemicals and I consumed you...a lot of you.
Now, I guess it is time to say goodbye once again. I thought the Starbucks break up would be tough. This will be the hardest challenged of them all!

Dear Starbucks,

(My paint skills suck pretty hard) Dear Starbucks, This is going to be hard for me but I can no longer give you my business. I'm sure you don't care because you have eleventy bazallion other customers sucking down your poison on a daily basis. But for this girl, I must make a clean break. I have done it before so I can do it again. And I will. I have no choice. The way you made me feel yesterday....well, there is no going back. I'm sure not all of your baristas are that careless. It was a honest mistake and could have happened to anyone. I just can't take that risk again. Yesterday was the final time I step foot into your store to purchase anything. I will tag along with friends and stare blankly at the menu board, thinking back to my grande non-fat, decaf, peppermint no whip mocha days. During the winter months, it will be hard to avoid you. I just have to remind myself that I have free hot cocoa at work. Hot cocoa won't dissapoint me like you did. I'm sure I will receive a gift card or two in my lifetime but I shall pass them along to someone who has not faced the pain that I have. I would never wish that kind of pain on anyone. Farewell GNFDPNWM. Farewell Grande, decaf, no whip, caramel frappachinos. My wallet will not miss you. My thighs will not miss you. My "condition" will not miss you. But my taste buds probably will. We shall overcome. ***The reason for this break up in quite simple. I ask for decaf, they do not give me decaf, I get the shakes, sweats, dizzies, headaches for 8 hours. My trust is broken.***

At Last!

I received a phone call last night from my coworker/friend Lindsay. It was about 10:30 when my phone rang and I had been asleep for about 15 minutes. I had a feeling I knew what this phone call was about and because of that, I didn't answer. This phone call deserved my full attention and being half asleep (I fall asleep quick!), I thought I would wait until the morning to see her at work. When she finally came into the office, she breezed by my cubicle into her cubicle. I thought to myself that perhaps I was wrong. Maybe she just called to tell me something else. But just a minute later, two other coworkers were wandering into my cubicle and I knew what was next. "I'm engaged!!!" Lindsay exclaimed. Finally! She and her FIANCEE have been together for 5 years and she has been so patiently waiting for this engagement. In fact, before I was in engaged, we threw ourselves pity parties early and often at the news that yet another friend was going to tie the knot. When would it be our turn??? I am so freaking excited for Lindsay and the new life she is going to create with her fiancee. Congrats to you both!! We shall celebrate over fro-yo one day soon, I promise. Now, put those wedding magazines I gave you to good use!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Travel Bug

I know I have blogged about travelling before but the bug has hit me again. Although our anniversary is nearly 7 months away, I think we are going to go to Disneyland in June to celebrate. Chris has never been and that is just a travesty! I was talking to my sister about travelling and the lack of it that Chris has done. Now, my passport isn't full either but I have been to many states, a couple of countries and many great US cities. Chris....not so much. I came across this slideshow on Reading the descriptions of these cities makes me want to pack a bag and take off right now! I have been to 4 of these cities and there are some that do not interest me in the least (I'm going to pass on any South America countries. Sorry if that makes me close minded). I would love to explore Europe more (and take Chris to see Italy of course). There are parts of Canada that look beautiful as well. I wish we had more money to be able to take off on a whim or even plan for these adventures. The thought of waiting until we are retired to travel makes me sad. I want to do it now!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

See you in 2012

Although my Olympic spirit started to fizzle at the end of last week, I will still miss watching the Olympics every night. I think that is all I have watched over the past 17 days. And until the fall tv season starts, I won't know what to do with myself each night! Perhaps I should read a book or something. A great job to all of the athletes in the entire world but a big thanks to all of the U.S.A. Olympians! You did your country proud!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Day At the Fair

We went to the California State Fair today with our friends Sean and Mayra. It was hot and crowded but we still managed to have a good time and spend a lot of money. Thank goodness payday is on Friday. Many of the counties in California create displays showing off the highlights of their county. Although I live in Sacramento County now, I am always proud of the display Solano County puts together since that is where I grew up. They won Best in Show this year as well as in 03,05,06 and 07. Great job!! My husband is such a pretty flower This is part of Sacramento Counties display. It is the Capitol hung upside down. Pretty neat! My favorite part of the fair are the pigs. The little baby pigs that are born during the fair. These little guys (and gals) were born on August 20th. I want!!! Lastly, Chris saw a mechanical bull and thought he should ride it. Enjoy the videos! video video I won't ever have to worry about him leaving me to be a rodeo dude.

Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was given a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies and since I love using our new Kitchen Aid Mixer and cookie sheets, I baked a batch! They are delicious. Cookies always taste the best fresh out of the oven but a quick zap in the microwave makes them soft and warm again. My husband *just* told me that he doesn't like fresh out of the oven cookies. I did not know this before marrying him. This might change some things. They are pretty massive cookies. I am sure you can make them smaller. Yummy! The inside of the cookie is so light and airy.

2 cups + 2 tbsp all-purpose flour 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 12 tbsp unsalted butter (1.5 sticks) -- melted + cooled until warm 1 cup packed brown sugar 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1 larg egg + 1 egg yolk 1 tbsp vanilla extract 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

1. Adjust oven racks to upper- and lower-middle positions + heat oven to 325 degrees. Line two large cookie sheets with parchment paper.

2. Whisk flour, baking soda, and salt together in medium bowl; set aside.

3. Either by hand or with electric mixer, mix butter and sugars until thoroughly blended. Beat in egg, yolk + vanilla until combined. Add dry ingredients + beat at low speed just until combined. Stir in chips.

4. Spoon about 1/4 cup balls of dough onto cookie sheets, leaving 2.5" between balls. Bake 15-18 minutes, until light golden brown. Cool cookies on sheets. When cooled, peel cookies from parchment.

Side note: the cookies don't have to be HUGE like it says in step 4. 1/4 ball of dough is a lot. I made mine smaller and they turn out fine. I usually can get around 20 cookies per batter. You can always make them and then freeze them. I do that all the time and just bake them when I want some fresh cookies.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Old Glory

I was watching my recorded Olympics coverage earlier tonight and noticed something that left me perplexed. I can't seem to find a picture online which is unfortunate and I already deleted the recording or I would take a picture of the screen. LoLo Jones is an Olympic hurdler. During her 100M hurdle race, she hit the next to last hurdle with her foot and ended up getting 7th place. She was a favorite to win the race. She was devastated, of course. I too was pretty upset. But not because she lost the race. I was upset because they showed her mom and sister in the crowd, holding up an American Flag....with writing all over it. Black marker writing on the stripes. This upset me. The American flag is a symbol of our states and freedom in this country. We should all respect the flag. This is the same flag that goes up when someone wins an gold medal or flies at half mast when someone passes away. And these people wrote on it like it was a piece of poster paper. I googled the rules and regulations of the flag and I found some very interesting things. Among the things that I did not know. The first one is for you, mom of Lolo Jones. -Can I have people sign my flag? No, you should never sign the flag directly on it. If your flag has a canvas strip that holds the grommets, it is acceptable to have everyone sign along that canvas strip. Or, you can have everyone sign a separate document that can then be framed and displayed with the flag.

-Is it okay to use flag napkins or flag paper plates?

No. Section 8i of the Flag Code reads: "It should not be ... printed or otherwise impressed on paper napkins or boxes or anything that is designed for temporary use and discard."

-Is it appropriate to use mints wrapped in a flag print wrapper at a banquet? The flag is not a decoration, it is the symbol of a living nation. It is not to be trivialized by well-meaning but thoughtless uses, such as being used as mint wrappers. For more information about the flag code, click here.

My Junk

Although it has its own folder in my hotmail, I still get annoyed at the amount of junk mail that I receive. For a while, I was getting emails from the South Carolina Tourist Association. I have never been to SC and I am not sure why I started receiving the emails from them. I am going to see how many things I can unsubcribe to and if that actually works. I won't open emails that seem fishy but you can be sure that the South Carolina Tourist Association will be getting an unsubscribe email from me next time they send me info on what I can assume to be, a wonderful place to visit. Oh, and does anyone else get emails from foreign lands alerting them that they have won millions and millions of dollars in a lottery? Or that Prince Moausueyisas needs your help and will pay you loads of money by responding? Do people REALLY fall for stuff like that?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I take it back, Maggie Sottero

Mrs. Sottero, Thank you for fixing my picture. I am complete now. Yours truly, MDaggs

Wedding Album, where for art thou?

Our wedding album should be arriving in the mail today, along with 4 mini albums for our parents (and one for us to keep too!) and we even get a 2009 calendar. I thought we decided not to get the calendar because, well, it is kinda cheesy but oh well. We get it anyways. I told Chris about this last night and he actually seemed excited. Since I get home 2.5 hours before him, I asked him if I needed to wait to look at the album until he got home. He said "YES". Boooooooo. I need to distract myself from 4:30-7:00 so I don't rip open the package and go through each page alone. My plan is to get gas on the way home, go to the grocery store, go for a run outside (hooray for cooler weather) and shower. By the time I do all that, Chris should be getting home. Wish me luck and will power!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I hate you Maggie Sottero!

The designer of my wedding dress, Maggie Sottero, features real brides on the website. After checking out some of the pictures, I figured I could have a shot at being featured on the page. I submitted my story and have been stalking the website frequently. While browsing today, I came across my name!!! Holy cow. How exciting. Yeah, not really. Click HERE! No, your computer isn't broken. My picture doesn't come up. Awesome. Thanks Maggie. Thanks a lot!

My feathered "friend"

Dear Pidgeon, Hey remember me from Sunday? I was wearing teal shorts and a black tank top, had a red face and was at the end of my run. No recollection at all huh? Let me jog (no pun intended) your memory a bit. I had about 30 seconds left in my run as I headed down Prosper. It was hot, I was sweating and I just couldn't stop thinking about how I wanted to take the coldest shower ever when I got home. My Nike ipod lady said that I had 100 Meters left which was music to my ears. Then, it happened. You, my feathered friend, emerged from a bush and flew directly in front of me at about waist level. You had to have been hiding pretty deep in that bush since you seem to have struggled to escape. I jumped and screamed and stopped in my tracks while you just flew away. I don't know what you were doing hiding in that bush. Was something chasing you? Is it cool in there? Did you see me run past you 40 minutes before and decide to wait for me to come back so you could scare the crap out of me? Whatever the reason was, I didn't not appreciate it. Please do not do it again.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm Old School

My sister and B.I.L. gifted me with an iTunes gift card for my birthday which made me very happy. I never actually want to spend $1 on a new song so I wait until I get a gift card and go nuts. Then I sit in front of the computer for hours and hours trying to find a song to buy. It is a difficult process. My most recent purchases consisted of a few songs off of the Top Songs list but mostly I purchased songs from many decades ago. Well, not many but a couple. Specifically, 4 of my favorite Madonna songs from way back when. Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Like a Prayer and La Isla Bonita. I love going Old School. I'm not a huge fan of the most recent round of Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks movies. I like Old School Disney. Cinderella, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast. When VH1 had the Top 100 Songs of the 90's, I was glued to the tv. Ahhhhh memories and such horribly cheesy music but I loved it. LOVED IT. I have $4.11 left on itunes and currently, I am really close to purchasing a few Boyz II Men songs. Somebody stop me. There have to be songs out there that I would enjoy more. Something by Tony! Toni!Tone! or SWV or the Gin Blossoms. I love going Old School!! Update: I purchased two songs from The Police.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just Because

I am making it a goal to do more things "Just Because." Want to join me? Here are some suggestions: 1. Write and mail (not email) notes to family and friends. 2. I know toll is high but pay for the guy behind you just once. 3. Drop your change at the grocery store into the plastic donation holders at the checkstand to help a charity. 4. Buy school supplies and donate them to a local school to give to a needy student. A pack of pens or pencils cost about a dollar but go along way. 5. Clean out your cabinets and donate canned food to the local food bank or homeless shelter. 6. Clean out your closet and donate your old clothes and shoes to the Goodwill 7. Let someone with only a few items cut in front of you at a store. 8. Make some cookies and give them to a neighbor 9. Send a young family member or child of a friend $10. It will make their day. Instruct the parent to allow the child how he/she wants to spend it. 10. When a friend asks for your help, say yes. Always say yes. What can you add to my list?

Tae bo? Tae NO!

After arriving home from work yesterday, the last thing I wanted to do was step back outside into the 100 degree heat to go to a gym where the air conditioner was potentially still broken. Plan B was to wait until the sun went down at 8 and run outside. But a simple temperature check ruled that out right away. Not to mention, the air quality was horrible due to a fire in the area. And since I didn't have a Plan C, I moped around the house trying to figure out how I would get in my exercise for the night. Lightbulb!!! I cleared out the coffee table, hit the On Demand button and skimmed through the free fitness shows we have through Comcast. Billy Blanks Tae Bo was offered and I thought that would lead me to sweat a lot in a short time. I clicked the button and I was on my way. It was ugly folks. My legs don't kick like the people on the show. My arms don't punch like the people on the show and I certainly can NOT do double time. I thought I would pull a groin muscle kicking my leg in the air that fast. Chris stopped by the make fun of me and show how easy it was for him. But he only tried to do about 5 kicks. Easy breezy!! I could do 5 kicks for sure. But kick, punch, squat, step forward, step back, side step, uppercut, roundhouse, kick back, lunge......not for me. I decided to cool down with some Yoga. Turns out I am about as flexible as a piece of wood. That was a hot tranny mess. No downward facing dog. No plank. No nothing. I can't bend or stretch to the point that would make anything relaxing. I was out of breath, sweating and close to pulling every major muscle in my body.

I'll stick to running, thanks.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Introducing the Tug Of War Team from Angola!

Who would have known that Tug of War was once an event in the summer olympics? I am making a list of different Olympic sports for work and used one of my favorite websites, The list has the sports and the years in which it was included in the summer games. Some didn't last very long (water motorsports, rackets) but some have been around since the beginning (swimming, gymnastics). An interesting history lesson indeed. Archery 1900-1912, 1920, since 1972 Modern pentathlon since 1912 Athletics all Lacrosse 1904, 1908 Badminton since 1992 Polo 1900, 1908, 1920, 1924, 1936 Baseball 1992-2008 Rackets 1908 Basketball since 1936 Roque 1904 Basque pelota 1900 and also 1928,1968,1992 (demonstration) Rowing since 1900 Boxing 1904, 1908, since 1920 Rugby union 1900, 1908, 1920, 1924 BMX racing 2008 Sailing 1900, since 1908 Canoeing since 1936 Shooting 1896, 1900, 1908-1924, since 1932 Cricket 1900 Softball 1996-2008 Croquet 1900 Swimming all Cycling all Synchronized swimming since 1984 Diving since 1904 Table tennis since 1988 Equestrian 1900, since 1912 Taekwondo since 2000 Fencing all Tennis 1896-1924, since 1988 Football (soccer) 1900-1928, since 1936 Triathlon since 2000 Golf 1900, 1904 Tug of war 1900-1920 Gymnastics all Volleyball since 1964 Handball 1936, since 1972 Water motorsports 1908 Hockey (field) 1908, 1920, since 1928 Water polo 1900, since 1908 Jeu de paume 1908 Weightlifting 1896, 1904, since 1920 Judo 1964, since 1972 Wrestling 1896, since 1904

Random Ramblings

*I hope Jennifer Aniston didn't fall too hard for John Meyer since they have now split up. She had to have known about his track record, right? He has a new girl on his arm every few months. Perhaps he should date Kate Hudson next. Their relationship would last about 4.2 seconds. *I don't think I would ever feel comfortable wearing the suits beach volleyball players wear. Even with the ripped bodies Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh have. *Male gymnasts scare me. As do male divers. *How can someone NOT cry when they hear "Taps" being played at a funeral? *Will my gym ever fix their air conditioner? *We had a stuffed pizza at a restaurant for my birthday but I regret it. It had plenty of cheese and the crust was great but I think I only tasted 1 piece of pepperoni. Round Table would have been better. *I have a free coupon for ice cream at Coldstone and I am always tempted to go after my workout. A bit counter productive, I know

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sad and Happy Olympic Moments

Sadly, the prayers didn't work. Silver medal? Sure, I'd take it. Poor Alicia. I dvr'd her interview after the competition last night and watched it this morning. I was so sad for her. I nearly cried. She had the weight of the world (country?) on her shoulders and felt completely responsible for the U.S.A. not winning the gold medal. Sure, she fell off the beam and landed on her bottom (as well as stepped out of bounds) during the floor exercise. But the team leader from China also fell off the beam. And Shawn and Nastia also stepped out of bounds on the floor exercise too. Just like they did during the prelims two nights before. While watching the Olympic Gymnastics Trials a couple of months ago, I decided that Alicia Sacramone was my favorite. No idea why. She just stood out to me. Very intense and determined but not as acclaimed as Shawn and Nastia. I held my breath Tuesday night every time someone had to flip, spin or land. I get so nervous during gymnastics!! I was quite sad for the girls when they realized they lost the gold medal. They all looked pretty happy....except for Alicia.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Best Olympic Moment

I love swimming.
Suck it, Frenchies.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 29th birthday and I have the day off of work. It is 9:11 a.m. and while I could laze around the house all day, I need to get going. After starting my day off with my birthday cereal (Lucky Charms, completed with gift cards inside of the cereal thanks to my creative mom), I am going to color my hair and get going. My day will include the following events: 1. Going to the mall to shop 2. Getting an hour massage 3. Seeing Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 4. Dinner with my husband I love birthdays!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Birthday Party: Success!

What a great day it was for a party! Chris just had to put 29 candles on my ice cream cake! All invitees made it to the party, except for Chris' dad who was working. We missed you, F.I.L. We had lots of food that will be heading straight to our hips, stomachs and thighs this evening as we sleep. Nachos, chips and salsa, pizza rolls, cupcakes and ice cream cake. And the cupcakes from the post below this one were a hit. Miranda, who can't have eggs and therefore no regular cake, loved them, which made me very happy. I had a glass of wine and a few root beers as well. And although the invitation specifically asked for NO GIFTS, my generous family broke those rules and gave me some more things to shop for during my shopping excursion on Monday, my actual birthday. And the end of the perfect day carries over to the perfect night. More cake, some more nachos, a bottle of Merlot and the Olympics. All that is missing is my husband, who is at his brother's house watching the UFC. Lame. The UFC shows every month. The Olympics are every 4 years! My choice: stay home and watch the U.S.A. dominate!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Cupcakes by Michelle

I made some cupcakes for my birthday on Saturday. Chris' sister can't have eggs and since I was having an ice cream cake, I didn't want her to feel left out. I made two flavors, using soda and cake mix with some extra fixins throw in for extra flavor. Cupcake #1 Devil's Food Mix with a Diet Coke, peppermint extract and some Andes Mints. I was going to use Chocolate Mint Ganache for frosting but I think it is too chocolately, as my husband would say. My Andes Mints chopped up. I put them in the mixer after the batter was mixed. The batter is a bit more runny than cake mix made with oil and eggs but it tastes just the same. The finished product. They don't rise very much....or at all. I took a taste test of one and it pretty much didn't even come off the paper but it was one that was quite flat. The flavor was ok. Nothing awesome, nothing terrible. I think with some frosting on the top will help. I baked these at 35o degrees for 20 minutes Cupcake #2 White Cake Mix Orange Soda (not diet) The rine of one orange Freshed squeezed orange juice I poured 18 ounces of Orange Soda into the kitchen aid and mixed the batter. I added the orange rine and squeezed some juice from the orange in. I mixed it for a while to make sure everything was incorporated. I baked these at 325 degrees for 17 minutes. They were a pretty orange color. The batter tasted nice. Not super Orangey but pretty tasty. Now, that is a cupcake! I am going to assume because I used regular soda instead of diet. The results of the taste test were great. They have only a hint of orange but you can see the orange rine in them. I also mixed some orange juice in with the frosting so there is the same hint of orange throughout the cupcake. I am really looking forward to serving these tomorrow. I personally will be eating my mint chocolate chip ice cream cake but I will most likely throw down a cupcake or two at some point in the day.

Statement of the Day

"After repeated denials that he was involved in a pre-marital relationship, former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has confirmed that he indeed did have an affair with 42-year old Rielle Hunter, though he denies that he loved her." Well, John Edwards (former Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate), I'm sure that makes your wife feel totally better. Oh wait. Nevermind. I'm sure if doesn't. Why? Because you were having this affair while she was battling breast cancer. Niiiiiiiiice. I remember seeing Elizabeth Edwards featured every few months in People Magazine due to her breast cancer diagnosis and the books she wrote detailing that struggle. I recall the articles talking about how great of a support her husband was and how they recently renewed their vows in a ceremony at their home. How horrible. Big thumbs down to John Edwards. BIG.

Emotional Reader

I use Google Reader to keep track of all of my favorite blogs and websites. It is a great way to see quick updates of new posts without clicking through 15+ websites to read each blog. Here is a screencap of my google reader page:
The black arrow is a listing of all of the blogs/websites that I have subscriptions to currently.
The red arrow is a feature I just noticed a few days ago and has caused me problems. Emotional problems. Problems that cause me to get strange looks from my husband. Based on the random assortment of blogs I have on my reader, google lists blogs that I might be interested in and since some of my blogs are wedding and baby related, that is what comes up the most.
Yesterday, I started reading two different baby/ TTTC (trouble trying to conceive) blogs. Oh.Boy. Kind of random, yes. But I am very interested in people and reading the story of how a couple is trying to conceive a child is very interesting to me. Especially when they can not conceive naturally and sadly, when this miracle doesn't work for them.
Due to these blogs, my Google Reader has become my Emotional Reader. I sat on the computer last night, reading a blog for the first time and crying my eyes out. This is after I directed my friend Lindsay to this blog and caused her to cry her eyes out....during work. Sorry Lindsay.
I know these bloggers are not trying to depress people. They are simply recording their lives via computer, just like I am. I hope to the mighty powers that be that I will NEVER have to start a blog detailing the emotionally draining circumstances that some fellow bloggers are going through. But I do appreciate their openness to share their lives with the world and I will continue to read their trials and tribulations because I am a people person. And an emotional reader.

Oh happy day....

1. Happy Friday! 2. Happy Olympics Day! 3. Happy 08-08-08 Day! 4. Happy It is almost by birthday day! 5. Happy I get to eat a lot of junk food in 24 hours day! 6. Happy Three Day Weekend for Me Day I hope this weekend is happy for you as well!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sentences I Will Never Use

My coworker Lindsay jokingly just told me to stop yelling at one of our coworkers which was funny because it was a sentence she thought she would never actually say. I would never actually yell at this woman but she was trying to give me money for pizza and I didn't need the money so I told her to get out of my cubicle! *LIGHTBULB* Sentences I will (most likely) never have to use: "Gosh, this house is just too darn big for us to live in." "Our bank account has too much money in it." "Chris, I really want you to play more video games." "I really wish my butt would get bigger." "I'm so over looking at our wedding pictures." "Training for this half marathon is so much fun. I can barely stand it!" "I'm going to stop eating chocolate." What are some of your "never gonna say it" sentences?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Eating: It is fun! Try it!

source Too Darn Skinny

Empty Handed and At Home

On Saturday, we are having our immediate family members over for a birthday party for yours truely. Yes, I am hosting my own birthday party. It is a special occasion though. It will be the first birthday that I won't have to drive 45 minutes to celebrate. Since both of our parents (and my sister) live in the same town/area, we have driven down there for our birthday parties. No more I say!! We have a perfectly nice apartment, with brand new things thanks to our wedding presents. There is no reason why we have to leave our home to celebrate somewhere else. So this year, the party is coming to us and I am very excited. And thanks to some money that I recently came into (Thanks Grandma!), I can fully fund the party without worrying about losing funds out of our monthly account. We are expecting 10 people to come to our apartment on Saturday to take part in eating, talking, and most likely, watching the Olympics. Our apartment swimming pool will be open so we might take a field trip down to dip our toes in the water. The theme is "Wear Elastic Pants Party" because of the type of food that will be presented. I am going shopping Saturday morning and will also do some baking Friday night. I am very excited! I asked the invitees to not bring me a birthday present. My dad insisted so I asked him for a gift card to Barnes and Noble and I think I may just buy some books to donate somewhere since I still have half a book to read that I purchased earlier this summer. We were showered with gifts (and a wedding) just months ago so having our families spend anymore money on me would be silly. I am looking forward to this weekend and especially Monday, when my birthday celebration gets kicked into high gear!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Letter to Oprah

Dear Oprah, I was reading this article and it says that you make $325 million a year. Let's do some math, ok? $325,000,000 per year= $890,410 per day= $37,100 per hour I don't make $37,100 per hour and never will. How would you feel about giving up just 8 hours worth of your salary to me? $296,800 is pocket change to you. I could do so much with just 8 hours worth of your money. Tomorrow is a new day and you will make another $296,800 to make up for it. I promise. I'll even spend $4.99 and buy your magazine so that some of the money is going back to you. And I know you have money saved somewhere so how much of this do you really need? Not much, Oprah, not much. Me thinks you could spare this small amount so me and my new husband can buy a house. It's so easy. Just do it. Thanks. Sincerely, Michelle from Random Ramblings

Lunch Tip of the Day

Trying to save a dollar doesn't really pay off when your lunch tastes like crap.

I had been buying the Smart Ones Three Cheese Ziti Marinara. 320 calories is a decent sized lunch when you add on a 60 calorie yogurt. The pasta is pretty good and the sauce and cheese provides great flavor. But when this isn't on sale at the store, $2.50 seems like a lot to pay.

In the same freezer area, I saw this alternative. I had purchased these in the past and while not great, they weren't too bad. Since these were on sale for $1 each, I snapped up three of them to carry me through the week of quick and easy lunches if I had no leftovers to eat.

Bad decision. You get what you pay for. The Michelina's was gross. The pasta was rubbery, the sauce evaporated in the microwave and the cheese melted into the cardboard box. I've learned my lesson.

I'm off to pop my popcorn for lunch.

Weekend Update: It's August!

I find it hard to believe that 7 months have already passed. This time last year, our wedding was still 10 months away, we were getting ready to go on our road trip to New Mexico and I was a year younger. This weekend started early. Early in the morning that is. We had a photo shoot with my sister in Solano County and she wanted us at her house at 7:45 a.m. Chris dropped out of the photo shoot but came along for the ride and served as our driver. With my sister being the sneaky photographer she is, she managed to get Chris to pose in a few of the pictures. When he wasn't posing, he was schooling me on how to model. "You need to be more sassy when you walk" " Put your head up, pick your feet up" "Use the dress" If you watch American's Next Top Model, he was my very own Mr. and Mrs. Jay for the day. Instructing me on how to pose and how to walk. He is more diva than I could ever be. When my sister hands over the disc of the pictures, I will make sure to post them! After a few hours of modeling, we went to lunch with Chris' mom and sister, visited with my mom and drove back home. I promptly jumped into bed and slept for 2.5 hours until Chris came and woke me up at 7:00 p.m. I love naps. On Sunday, after going to the gym (awesome workout!) and the grocery store (food is expensive), we took a walk down to some model homes. I had visited them before but I wanted Chris to see them. They are about .5 mile from our apartment and despite the heat, we made it without melting. Lucky for us, it was the grand opening of one set of models so they had drinks and hot dogs for free. I drank 2 bottles of water in 10 minutes. The houses were nice and somewhat affordable. We talked about them on the walk home, which took considerably longer. Tired feet don't move too fast. Overall, it was a good weekend. I just need to make it through this week and my big birthday weekend is coming up!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

I wish I knew how to quit you

I have a slight addiction to the treats pictured above. Lately, they are all I want. I have been indulging too often and I need to stop.

These "foods" and drinks will not give me the long term energy and health benefits that I need to complete 13.1 miles of running.

But I can't stop myself. The cravings are too strong.

Any advice for a candy-a-holic/soda-a-holic like myself?

T-Minus 12 Weeks

Today starts Half Marathon Training Day in my world. Here is my training schedule for the next 12 weeks:

I followed a schedule similar to this when I completed the Four Bridges Half Marathon in October of 2006. I'm not a huge fan of rest days so I would run about 5 to 6 days a week. If I was feeling really tired, I would rest or only just 2-3 miles. I never was able to do a training run of 13.1 miles but I still completed the race!
The training schedule above officially starts on Monday but I have been running everyday this week to prepare. It is a long road ahead but I know I can do it. And the best part is that my sister, dad and my husband are all doing the race as well. My brother-in-law is apparently talking about joining in as well and making threats of "Kicking Our Butts." And my mom and Diana will be our cheerleaders! It is a family affair.
Wish me loads of luck as I start this journey. I will need it!