Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who Can It Be Now?

Thanks to my live feed box on the right side of my blog, I can see where my readers are coming from. Who are you? Where did you find this blog? What do you like about it? What do you find annoying about it? Who are you, mystery reader from Walla Walla, WA? Please leave a comment and tell me who you are!!! I am curious....no, nosy. I am nosy.

Our Boob Tube Schedule

As I was driving home today, I was thinking, "what am I going to do tonight after I run?" Duh! The Biggest Loser is on!!! I am still readjusting to the fall television season being back in full swing. My nights are busy and thanks to our new DVR, I don't have to miss any shows if I am sleepy and chose bed over tv. Here is an overview of the tv viewing schedule at our house. I have bolded the shows that we usually record and watch later. Red shows are watched only by Michelle, Blue only by Chris and Black are shows we watch together. Monday: Gossip Girl Heroes The Hills (yes, Chris watches this too. He is more into it than I am) Tuesday: The Biggest Loser Fringe Wednesday: Project Runway Thursday: Survivor The Office 30 Rock Friday/Saturday: SNL Sunday: Family Guy Amazing Race Additional shows: Lost American Idol Top Chef Nip/Tuck It looks like there is some space on Wednesday nights to add tv shows, especially since PR isn't on until 9 p.m. But I shun the suggestions to watch more shows. Obviously, we watch more than enough but I can't cut any of those out. I just can't!

Even a pro can slip up

I was flipping through channels last night and landed on CBS while Katie Couric was previewing her interview with John McCain and Sarah Palin. I thought what she said was really funny. It went something like this: "Did Sarah Palin contradict John McCain's stance on (something or other)? Find out tonight when we air my interview with 'em...them." She said "'em." I thought that was quite funny. Even anchors who get paid millions of dollars still use slang terms!

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Happy Monday

I made it through last week alive. It was touch and go for a second but I did it. What a week. I had to work Monday and Wednesday evenings, had a staff training all day Tuesday, wasted a drive to the DMV on Thursday, developed minor food poisioning on Friday and worked on Saturday. The good thing is that I managed a short run Saturday night, a long run Sunday morning and also took a nap. Naps are always good. I received the check from the sale of my truck and immediately got online and paid those bills. We now have two credit card balances set to $0.00 and with the leftover money, I did some online shopping at Victoria's Secret. I will be impatiently waiting for my news bras to arrive. What is more exciting than new bras? Not much, really. Additionally, we decided to fork over some of that money to buy tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera when it comes to San Francisco in December. Adding a hotel stay to that trip and that might just be our Christmas present to each other. I can't wait for that weekend. It should be really fun. When I saw the live show many, many years ago with my family, I got the soundtrack on cd and listened to it until the cd no longer worked. I just love the music so much. Woot woot. And lastly for this Monday morning, I am going to try something new this week. I am going to attempt to not spend any money for an entire week. My gas tank is full, the grocery shopping has been completed and the bills have been paid. I don't really NEED anything else this week so I shall see how it goes. Hopefully, I can keep my ATM card tucked away in my wallet until next Sunday when I go grocery shopping again. Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dear Lunch Thief,

I'm sure it was a mistake. We had the same brand of frozen lunch in the freezer this morning although the meal itself was quite different. I had basic pasta with marinara and you had some weird ravioli with broccoli concontion that I would never touch. My tummy hurts today pretty bad. I thought maybe it was because of my lack of food this morning so I was looking forward to my nice, hot, cheesy pasta at noon. As I opened the freezer door, I only saw your broccoli dish staring back at me. In the same place as my pasta dish was left at 7:30 a.m. You probably did one of two things: 1. Decided mine looked better and ate it 2. Grabbed mine because every day you bring a Smart Ones frozen lunch to work. Sometimes it is the cheesy pasta, sometimes the broccoli. On this Friday, you happened to forget what lunch you grabbed this morning from your freezer. You thought it was the cheesy pasta and when it came time for lunch, that is what you cooked. Now, this does me no good. What did I have for lunch instead? An apple, a kashi bar and some tortilla chips. And my stomach still hurts...even worse than before.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bolivia missed out!

Sadly, Bolivia did not win the bid for my truck today in the auction. But I am happy to report that my truck did get sold for a great price! I am very satisfied and can't wait to get the check in the mail so we can pay off bills. Hip, hip, hooray!! And I'm still bitter I can't take some of it and go buy new makeup at Sephora.

Bolivia or Bust!

Today at noon, the Copart auction starts and my truck will officially have a new home. Although my sister was joking about it going to Bolivia, I hope it does. And I also hope that the buyers purchase it for a decent price. Not like I will be able to do anything super fun (or even just fun) with the money. I'm not bitter about it though. Yes, I am.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I promise...and I lie

I didn't run this morning. I am a liar. I stayed up too late watching The Emmy's and did not have the energy to get up knowing that my day would not end until 9:30 p.m. This just means that I have to push myself even harder this week. A p.m. run Tuesday night, a must do a.m. run Wednesday morning, whenever it is coolest run Thursday and an evening run on Friday. I might even have to run through the next weekend to make up for my hard core slacking this past weekend. Between the training and this week at work, it should be a devilish week.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I promise...

This weekend has been nothing but lazy. I was thinking of going running at 6:00 p.m. tonight but I really want to watch the Emmy's red carpet show. Lame, yes. This is going to be a crazy work week for me. Monday and Wednesday I go into work late and work past 8:00 p.m., Thursday I have the day off and Saturday I work a 8 hour day. Ugh. Because of my Monday and Wednesday late work schedules, my only other chance to run is in the morning. There goes my plans to sleep in a bit. So readers, you have my promise that I will wake up at my regular time of 6 a.m., eat a light breakfast and be out the door running by 7. I need to run between 5-6 miles which means an hour and some change. That might give me time to get in a quick nap before I have to be out the door to work at 9:45 a.m. But just a quick nap. Ohhh the things we do for our exercise goals!

Friday, September 19, 2008

5 Weeks...WHAT?

I have 5 more weeks until my half marathon. Last night, as I was running my 5 miles, I started to wonder if I was ready. I am a week behind on my training schedule as far as long runs go. For example, this Sunday, I should be doing a 7 mile run but I have yet to do a 6 mile run. I still feel sluggish for the first half of these long runs. Strangely enough, about mile 4 last night, I felt great. My feet were hurting a bit but nothing that new, better, running socks won't hopefully fix. I was still doubting myself. My sister is also doing this race and I feel like she is doing better than me on her training runs. She never complains about being achy or sore or tired! I am a wimp! Despite my competitive streak, I don't feel like I need to beat her during this race. For me, a half marathon is really about crossing that finish line for yourself. 5 weeks to go, many more miles to run and hopefully, some weight to lose. Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nissan Frontier 2002-2008

I said goodbye to my truck yesterday. I left it sitting at the Copart lot. It looked sad, lonely and betrayed as I left it behind. I'm sorry, NF. I had to do it. I know you have been neglected for the past three weeks. That little red car came into my life and well, with 432 miles to the tank (compared to your 300), I had to accept her into my daily driving practices. It is for the better. I will be able to build a better life for myself and my husband because of you. Your sale will allow me and Chris to make responsible financial choices and move out of the world of debt. No, I know. It isn't easy. We grew so close over the years. Our personalities matched so well and you never got too mad at me when I ran into curbs. I did this with the little red car yesterday and she growled at me. Oh how that made me miss your gentle ways. My sister seems to think that you will be finding a new home in Bolivia. It seems like a lovely place. I know. I am lying. I don't even know where Bolivia is. I had to Google it. Farewell NF. You were good to me. I was proud of you as you were my first major purchase out of college. You will be in my thoughts as you live your new life in South America.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Biggest Loser

Hooray for Fall tv returning to the boob tube! I am so excited!! One of my favorite shows started last night. I really enjoy watching The Biggest Loser. I remember when the show first started years ago. It received a lot of critisism but I'm not sure why. The people on this show are genuinely concerned about their health and for many of them, this is their last chance to lose weight before they face serious medical issues. While I liked the individual style of the show, the family dynamic aspect is also interesting. They have their biggest enabler with them but also, their biggest supporter. It is great to see teams succeed with their weight loss while also fighting hard to overcome bad habits. I really wish they would change one thing in regard to that format. I get that people getting "voted off" is good drama but I wish they would cut that out for one season. Allow the team with the lowest percentag of weight loss to stay on the show and continue to be in an environment that will allow them to be successful. As "punishment" for being in last place, they should have to be without their trainer for a week and work out on their own. Most contestants end up losing a lot of weight at home when they are voted off, but it would be great to witness all of the teams reach their goals. I look forward to see these people transform their bodies. I hope I can follow their path and knock off some poundage myself. Maybe I will do my own weigh ins every Tuesday morning. While I don't have 100 pounds to lose, I hope I can get a significant amount of weight off my trouble areas by December 31. Can I do it?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just Quit It

It has been three weeks since I gave up drinking Starbucks coffee. I have no regrets and I think my cravings have gone away completely. Sure, I would love to pop in for a toffee almond bar or a giant chocolate chip cookie but the smell of the coffee brewing might be too hard for me to resist, so I stay away. Sadly, there are plenty of other vices I have in my life. Diet soda, candy, cookies, cupcakes, sugary cereal are some (sad, right?) of the naughty things I eat on a weekly basis. I refuse to deprive myself completely. One cookie once a week isn't going to kill me. But I have a hard time limiting myself. When I can't decide between two candy bars, I get them both. When I get Lucky Charms in the house, I eat multiple bowls on Saturday morning. It is a sickness. I am a compulsive over eater. There are things that I can give up (soda, love it but don't loveitloveit) and things that I can make a deal with myself to only eat once a week. I'll try my best and report back.

Fly them to the moon

I enjoy trashy tv. I watch Gossip Girl. I watched The OC, BH 90210 (the original), and countless other drama filled programs on the boob tube. But nothing beats the drama and stupidity of The Hills. And nobody makes me want to punch someone more than Heidi and Spencer. US Magazine is obsessed with these two and has made a deal with the devil to cover them at least 5 times a week on their website. The latest: Heidi is 22 years old and so grown up! I recall past articles that stated they were going to buy a house in the Hollywood Hills for about $15 million dollars. Ummm right. Sure. Gotcha. I hate them. I enjoy watching The Hills and would enjoy watching it without Heidi and Spencer too. They are dispicable people. And my husband wants to dress up as the pair for Halloween this year. He does a great Spencer impression. If I can get it on tape, I will post the video!

Monday, September 15, 2008


I wish I had exciting things to blog about but life is lacking blogable happenings these days. Here are some changes that are taking place in my life. I am taking my car to Copart on Wednesday and I hope to make a pretty penny. Goodbye debt?! I turned in the form to quit the gym today. I should have turned it in weeks ago but I was too lazy to drive the 1.5 miles to turn it on. Now I will probably have to pay another $59 for this month even though I haven't gone. I hate gyms. My niece referred to me as "her" this weekend. HER? And then she set me straight when I told her she had three KFC cups. Only two of the cups were from KFC. Duh. Oh, I got my hair cut and then I colored it. See below... My smile is so weird when I do the self portrait. I like it and Chris likes it. Score! I ran 5 miles yesterday and around mile 4 I felt a bit dehydrated. I thought I was going to pass out. Good times. In preparation for my run tonight, I have had about 2.5 liters of water today. My bank takes forever to clear a check. I realize that I deposited it on Friday after 4 p.m. but it is now Monday at 5:30 p.m. and it has still not cleared. I hate you a little bit Wamu. But just a little. Please, don't go bankrupt. If you are over the age of 15, you should not, I repeat should NOT, wear a tiara. Even on your wedding day. You will look stupid. No adult female looks decent wearing a tiara. You are not a princess. One last thing. I have a question for you, my readers. We ordered a UFC fight in December of 2006 and the payment never appeared on our statement. We were able to watch the show but I just figured it would show up eventually. Nope, never showed up. We cancelled our Directv, sent back the receivers and then I get a bill for $39.95....yes, we got billed for the fight nearly two years later. My question for you: Pay it? Call and complain and ask to get the charge dropped? Your help is appreciated!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Want a laugh? Click here

Since it is September, my work load has increased massively and will continue to keep me busy until my first wedding anniversary. But I had to post about something that has kept me in stitches the past few weeks. My husband introduced me to a Youtube video that a friend showed him. This might be the funniest, most jaw dropping, head shaking video on the site. I can't link the video into this post because I don't have access to Youtube right now. But if you are interested in watching this video, google "So Cold In the D." Click on the Youtube link, put headphones into your speakers, listen and watch with amazement. And credit me for giving your abs a workout for the day. You will be in hysterics and shock.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I wasn't going to post anything today but after reading another blogger recap where they were 7 years ago today, I decided that I should. Tuesday September 11, 2001: My third week of classes in my final semester of college. Tuesday was my longest day of the week as I had a biology lab that started at 8 a.m. and had classes until 4:00. I was renting a room in the house of a very nice family in Lakewood. I woke up, took a shower and walked back down the hall to my room only to hear the main tv in the house blaring. I had no idea why it was turned up so loud. When I walked back into my room, my phone was ringing, I had messages on my cell phone. What was going on? I answered the phone when it rang again I think it was my mom telling me to turn on the tv. The details of what happened next are blurry to me. I don't think they quite knew what happened yet. Plane crash? Accident? I don't think the thought of someone doing this on purpose was even a theory yet. But I watched not sure what I was supposed to do. The report came across about the plane crashing into the Pentagon. I started to get rattled. I got ready for school and drove the 10 minutes listening to the radio the entire way. I parked my car and waited for the shuttle to take me to my class. The shuttle had the radio on the AM dial this morning. 10 other students on the bus were silent. We heard the report of the plane crashing into the field in Pennsylvania. Panic and sadness swept through me. What was going on? I had no clue and hated that. We heard that they put a stop to all flights across the country and knew this was a big deal. I can still see myself sitting on that shuttle, confused and feeling alone. My family lived 450 miles away. I wanted nothing more than to be with my family at that time. I walked to my lab but clearly, nothing was going to be done. We sat there, trying to concentrate when we heard a noise in the sky. A plane. Everyone looked out the window. What a weird feeling to actually notice a plane going by. We figured it was a military plane but it was still a strange moment. Not long after, school was shut down for the day. It was impossible to call anyone since everyone was using their cell phones. Some idiot called a bomb threat into the admissions office. Moron. I can still visualize the parking lot on that day. So many students, so many cars, no one knew what to do. I drove down the street to my friend Adrienne's apartment. We sat and watched the coverage on tv. Still confused, still angry, still sad. We went to lunch and then I went home. I remained glued to the news channels for the next week. If I wasn't in class, I was watching the news. Watching people crying for their loved ones, hang flyers trying to find people, watching the towers fall again. It was the interviews that really got me. The interviews of real people going through real loss. I recall talking to my mom on the phone after a few days of being enthralled in the news. I felt depressed and sad all the time. She told me to turn it off. "You won't miss anything new for one day." That was hard. I felt like since I was not personally affected by this, I had to feel the pain through other people's losses. I went to church services that week. I saw grieving families who held pictures of their son or daughter who parished in the World Trade Center. I wore red, white and blue. I went to a postponed concert that was supposed to be held Sept. 12 and chanted U.S.A. with Blink 182 and thousands of others. I felt a sense of togetherness in that moment. I put money into Red Cross donation boxes. I felt a newfound love for my country but a newfound fear for it as well. I wondered if life would ever be the same. No. The answer is no. We are vunerable. Life before I woke up that morning was different. Now, 7 years later, as I watched MSNBC replay the live coverage from that morning before I left for work today, I reflected. How did I feel 7 years later? Has the pain gone away? I started watching just as the first tower crumbled into a pile of dust and my reaction of tears and sadness answered that question. No, the pain has not gone away. May God Bless all of the families who lost loved ones in the events of those days. And may we as a nation never have to face a tragedy like that again. *update* 100 Words from people remembering 9/11

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Please let this be a ploy or a joke or both. Doing (no pun intented) Sacramento proud! I'm trying to come up with something else to say about this but I can't. I don't get it.

The Price is Right

I came into some money yesterday and instead of blowing it on nonsense, I figured I should invest it in something that is much needed in our house: Toiletries! My challenge was not spend over the amount that I had in hand, which was $27. My first thought was to stop by Target but I realized they don't have many great sales so I drove over to Walgreens. I love Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Longs for their small stores and great selection of crap that I think I need even though I don't. But yesterday was not one of those days. We were running low or completely out of many basic products so a shopping trip was necessary. I grabbed the coupon book at the front entrance thinking that would help me save some money but lucky for me, many of the things I needed were already on sale. Here is the list of items that I purchased: 2-Toothbrushes 1-Finesse Conditioner 1-Finesse Shampoo 2-Caress Body Washes 1-Toothpaste 1-Mini photo album (holds 24 pictures) 1-Diet Mountain Dew 1-Mamba Candy 1-Package of 4 quality razors $28.40. Sure, I went over by a dollar and some change but I also saved $13 through sales. The toothbrushes were buy 1, get 1 free The Finesse was buy 1, get 1 free The Body Wash was buy 1, get 1 half off The razors were marked down $2.00 The toothpaste was marked down $2.00 I was very proud of myself when I left the store. Sure, that sounds like a sad thing to be proud of yourself about but I was able to purchase everything that I needed for a small amount of money!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'll trade you!

Week 1 of trying to sell my truck has come and gone and while I thought I had one interested party, he never called back. I will most likely be waiting another week (I'm impatient) before I sell it through Copart. By posting my truck on Craigslist and Vehix, you open yourself up to getting emails/phone calls from anyone looking to buy your truck....or wanting to trade something they have for your truck. Chris was trying to sell his old tv on CL and he received an email from someone wanting to trade him an above ground pool or something equally silly for the tv. That makes no sense. I have received two trade offers. One for some sort of Yamaha something or other. And another for a 1973 Chevy Nova. He said it was bright orange in color and had only 5,000 miles on it. It is also full restored. I imagine it to look like this: Hmmm, not interested. For sale means for sale. Not for trade for your crappy vehicle from the 70's.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm Over It

Since last Friday when John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, you can't pull up a news website without reading some new story proclaiming something about the woman. -"She isn't her sons mother!" -"Her daughter is pregnant and unmarried and 17!" -"She got her brother in law fired!" -"She went to 5 colleges in 6 years!" -"Her church members speak in tongues!" -"She used the word Eskimo in her speech!" -"She smoked weed once!" -"Being mayor and govenor isn't enough!" -"Her husband got a DUI when he was 23!" OMG. Shut UP!!!! And I won't even get into those people that say because she is a mother of 5, including a special needs child, she shouldn't be VP. And that McCain only picked her because she has a vagina. Seriously???? A man running for President of the United States would pick someone ONLY because of her private parts and nothing else? Really? I don't care how you feel about Republicans think about this for a minute. It is silly and naive. I can't say for sure but I would like to think that people would have torn into anyone that was chosen as McCain's running mate. Romney? Lieberman? Guiliani? Would the media worked double time to dig up all of their dirt? Did they dig up anything when Biden was chosen? Not like this. I don't remember seeing a flurry of negative articles floating around the internet proclaiming a damn thing about Biden. Is it because she is female who is relatively unknown and from a state that does not get a lot of attention in the media? Is it because she is very conservative in her views? Is it because it was completely unexpected? Why is it necessary when someone different and unknown is presented to us to seek out every single skeleton in their closet? Don't we all have some skeletons? Can you put yourself in that position? Do all families make mistakes and missteps? Is anyone perfect? I am SO tired of hearing reporters and even random people on the internet message board that I frequent make uneducated, backhanded insults at this woman. It is not necessary and yes, I understand it is the world we live in. I get it. But I don't have to like it.

Jewel wrote a song about me

"So please be careful with me, I'm sensitive And I'd like to stay that way." She was actually wrong about that last part. I would not like to stay sensitive when my physical health is concerned. I wish I was made of brick. I'm made of putty. 1. Bum ankles that hurt like a mo-fo when I run 2. I pulled my neck muscle turning my head this morning 3. I pulled a muscle at the top of my thigh while walking yesterday 4. Drinking caffeine gives me the dizzies 5. I get upper back/neck cramps from sitting at my desk too long 6. My knee hurts when I walk up the stairs but not when I run 4 miles I'm an old, old lady. I need a cane and/or a wheelchair. I'm a 29 year old stuck in the body of a 75 year old.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tips to be Healthier

A lot of women (and men) are always striving to be healthier and in better shape. And although the things on this list are common sense, reading it might provide motivation to check at least a few things off the list.

Letting Go

My mom was generous enough to make a deal with me a few months ago. She asked if I would be interested in taking her Camry off her hands if she purchased a new car. My intial thought was "no way!" I loved my truck and even though her Camry had much better gas mileage (during the time when gas seemed to be reaching $5/gallon), I had quite the attachment to my truck. I purchased my Nissan just months after getting my first job out of college. I made every payment on time for 5 years. Paying that off was a huge accomplishment for me! I felt like an adult each time I made that payment, although it was very annoying forking over that much money each month. But I enjoyed having a car that was my own. After about 10 minutes, I realized I would be silly to pass up that offer. I called my mom back and asked if she wanted me to pay for the Camry. "No way, sell your truck and pay off debt." My mom is amazing. The time has come. My mom got a new car this past weekend, handed over the keys to the Camry and I posted my truck for sale on craiglists, vehix and my work classifieds. I have already had two responses. It makes me a bit sad to let go of my truck. Who knew I would get so attached to a vehicle? I know that the Camry will be good to me though. Already, I have gone 168 miles on this tank and it is not even half way empty. 168 miles on my truck is half a tank of gas. And I have a trunk!! I can't wait to put things in my trunk. Coats, sweaters, flip flops. How exciting! I am not looking forward to the paperwork involved in switching over cars but it is ok. The time is worth being able to pay off some debt. And, because it is still MY truck, I plan on taking some of the money, putting it into the bank and going on a major clothes shopping spree when I lose some weight. My wardrobe needs a major overhaul.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Three Days of Fun!

I love 3 day weekends. Here are some highlights: Parked on the side of the road in Fairfield to watch the Blue Angels fly Did some kayaking on Lake Natoma with my husband. I won. Baked a coke cake for the family bbq on Sunday. Cake mix and 16 oz of diet coke. I forgot to take a post-frosting picture but it was yummy and so easy to make. I can't wait for another weekend to be upon us.

The Downfall

My hometown of Fairfield wasn't always the best place to live growing up. Once the roller skating rink shut down, all that was left for entertainment was the mall and the bowling alley. But after hours, I wouldn't want to be in either of those places. I still felt safe enough going to football games on Friday nights and driving from one house to another with my friends after the game. I played sports so I was pretty busy and didn't have time to get in trouble, like other kids did. Despite the lack of entertainment, Fairfield was still a decent place to grow up. When I moved back to Fairfield after finishing college in 2001, the city had changed a bit. The streets were a little more rough, you didn't want to go wandering around outside after dark and there were even fewer things to do for youth at night. When you can't entertain kids, they turn to violence. I would see many reports in the newspaper about crimes committed by teenagers. And it only seemed to get worse after I moved to Sacramento. I remember my mom calling me one night and hearing a loud noise in the background. "Oh that is just the police helicopter flying over the city. They do it every night." "A Police helicopter??? Is that what things have come to?" In an effort to reduce crime that was getting horribly out of control, the police ramped up their patrols, added helicopters to catch criminals from the sky and the community as a whole became more aware. Sadly, those efforts didn't matter on the evening of September 1, 2008. Matt Garcia, a 22 year old member of the City Council was shot. Yes, a 22 year old city councilman. Matt was sick of all of the crime happening in the city and lack of things to do for youth. He was elected to a 4 year term and wanted to make changes in the city. He was well on his way to making drastic improvements when this tragedy happened. 22 years old. A born leader. Motivated to make a change in a city that was quickly becoming a shell of what it used to be. People like this don't come along often. And when they do, they aren't 22 years old when they decide they want to take the job that most people take when they are retired. With news of the shooting and his passing away, I hope the people of Fairfield step up their efforts to stop crime in their city. Stop withholding information from police. Parents need to spend more time with their children and make them feel important. And I hope that the lawmakers and police force in Fairfield take this as a sign that things are not getting better and they need to do something about it. Don't let crime take over this city.. UPDATE: Click here to read what people said about Matt when he was elected