Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nerd Alert!

I've been seeing billboards around town Star Wars in Concert. Yes, that is right. Star Wars.....In....Concert. Being the supportive and loving wife, I thought I would get tickets to this show/exhibition as a surprise to my husband. I logged onto ticketmaster and looked for some seats. But being the cheap, frugal wife, I didn't purchase tickets because service charges would force me to deplete my savings. What is the deal with service charges? Anywoo, a lightbulb went off over my head!!! I can walk to Arco Arena and buy the tickets with no service charges!!! Me so smart. So I put on my walking shoes, grabbed my credit card and i.d. and made my way to Arco. I got the tickets in my hands and once I got home, I created a scavenger hunt for Chris to find the tickets. The scavenger hunt finished with the tickets next to, what else, his light saber that he made at Disneyland in June. I showed him the website and he thought it was pretty awesome. Heck, even I'm excited!! I'm the best wife of a nerd in the world!

Avoiding the Truth

Does anyone use to help keep their budget in order? I signed up for this a few weeks ago in hopes of pinpointing exactly what we are spending our money on and to keep our spending in control. It links to your bank account and calculates what you are spending in a variety of different categories. But like most internet related things, I sign up and then forget about it. Too much work to keep up with it and I have more interesting websites to visit (like Facebook!). Thanks to their awesome email reminders, it is hard to avoid the truth. I just received an email saying we exceeded our fast food budget for the month. The wording was nice enough but it should have said the following if it wants me to re-prioritize my spending habits: "Hey fatty, stop going to McDonalds. What? You say you are only getting a grilled chicken wrap? Well, I don't believe you. I know that you got a 3 for $3 meal last Thursday after you left your new house. And guess what? Your husband got the same thing. A double cheeseburger, small fries and a small drink. I know about that. I also know that you went to Jamba Juice. Sure, you got the low calorie option but you still went and spent over your recommended fast food budget. How about that frozen yogurt you had on Saturday? Did you really need all of those sprinkles? Go easy on the caramel sauce next time, flabby." Who knew a website could shame you so much.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Help Us Decorate Part One

This is a 91 inch long nook area in our kitchen.
Ninety-One-inches. Oh boy.
My current ideas for this space include:
1. A buffet, like this one. But without the insane price tag. Lower prices my butt, R.C. Willey. Or like this, which is cheaper but you have to put it together yourself. HA!
And that is all. I really want to put a buffet there. But the two above aren't anywhere close to 91''. I would have to put something on either side to complete the space, but what?
Another idea I had was to get two smaller buffets and set them up side by side. The one I linked to is 32 inches long so I would have a foot long gap on either side.
Help me out blog friends!!!
Oh and you will earn 200 internet points if you include a link to a piece of furniture or a cool idea.
Here is the rest of the kitchen:
dixonhouse 021 by you.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Worst Movies Ever

Rotten Tomatoes has compiled a list of the worst movies ever made. Ever. I'm proud to say that I have only seen part of one of the 100 movies on that list. I've never heard of half of them and I can actually name at least 20 other movies that belong on that list. Click here for the complete list and see how many bad movies you have spent your hard earned money on!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pictures Say It All

Because nothing is easy...

Thanks for all of your awesome comments in my previous post about the house! It is so nice to have a community of people that are supportive of our big life moments! I got word yesterday that things are not all the way finished with funding our loan yet. That information would have been good to know before I shouted from the rooftops (meaning the internet) that we would be closing today. I should have known to be more cautious since we only got done signing the papers Saturday night and considering they still had to be sent to the bank to be reviewed, Thursday seemed like it was a few days too early. But you know, when you are waiting and waiting for months on end, when you get good news, you run with it! Please continue thinking positive thoughts for us as we wait just a few more days to get the final word that this process is over. And I won't be talking about it anymore until those shiny silver keys are in my hand and I am able to walk through that front door and place a picture of me and my husband on our mantle to stake claim to our property!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Music Fashion Project

Our good friends at Tea Stain Clothing have launched an awesome charity based project called The Music Fashion Project. What is the Music Fashion Project? From the website: The Music Fashion Project is a charity based project working to raise money for music related charities. Show your support by purchasing your favorite band's selected charity style. A portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to the band's favorite music related charity. So what can you do? Pick a charity, buy a shirt from the band that represents that charity and feel good knowing that you donated to a good cause today. Plus, you get to be the proud owners of an original Tea Stain design t-shirt. I say this is a win, win, win situation! Help support small business owners and charity in just one simple click!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two Months, One House

On July 22, we submitted an offer for a nice house. On July 24, we received a counter offer. We signed it and started the process of buying a house. Two months later, on September 22, I received an email from our real estate agent. In that email were the following words: "We will close on Thursday." Thursday is September 24. Two months after our offer was accepted and this whole crazy process started. The keys for our first house will be in our hands on Thursday and we are quite happy. And by happy I mean scared out of our minds. We are actual adults now, right? Whoa. Wanna see a picture of our house? dixonhouse 001 by you. Pretty, right? Here is the fully landscaped backyard. I can picture us sitting at our yet to be purchased table and chair set, drinking lemonade on a hot summer day. dixonhouse 009 by you. I'm not going to put up pictures of the interior until we do some painting and replace the floors. I will do a before and after reveal! We are so happy that this process is over and we can move on with our lives and into our new house!!! We are excited to show our family the house and start building memories, just in time for the holidays!

The Beatles Rockband

My husband is a gamer. Xbox, PS3, Wii, PC gaming, he does it all. I play limited amounts of Wii games and spend the rest of my time asking him to turn down the volume and come watch lame tv shows with me in the other room. I once proclaimed that I would never marry any guy who played video games. Moving on...
I love the Beatles. I love singing Beatles songs. Loudly. So when I was first informed that there would be a Beatles Rockband game, I was pretty excited. Chris had guitar hero which I found weird and uninteresting. Then he got Rockband which I also found annoying and uninteresting. Then last year, we were going to a friend's house for dinner. We packed the Rockband stuff in the car and started playing with the group after we finished eating. I took the microphone into my hands and I couldn't let it go. And that was just with totally random music.
This is music by The Beatles, people. Chris walked in the door last night with this game in his hands. We ate dinner, watched a few episodes of House Hunters and then he said to me...
"Umm I want to play Rockband now."
I don't know what he expected my response to be. He knows I hate video games but hello!!! I get to sing BEATLES SONGS REALLY LOUD.
"Umm me too!!!! I get to sing!"
Chris played Ringo on the drums and I stepped into my role of both Paul and John. Poor George got left out but we don't have a roommate.
This game is awesome! The graphics are so cool and the introduction is totally worth watching. Do not just pick a song individually! Go through the Story Mode. It takes you through each phase of The Beatles career. Very, very fun. As we finished each time period, I got more excited as the 4-5 new songs for that set came on screen. And if I do say so myself, I scored between 95-100% on nearly every song*.
This game is awesome. Go buy it.
*I scored lowest on "I want to hold you hand" which is one of my favorite songs because my husband switched me to Expert mode. Ummm hello. I'm not an expert singer. Yes, I know the lyrics but I can't get my voice to follow the inflections perfectly. I demand a do-over tonight.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

....And now we wait.

We signed lots of papers Saturday night. Lots. And Lots. I've never signed my name that much. So if anything happens and things fall apart, I will be angry for spending not just 2 tedious months waiting for this deal to happen but for wasting an hour signing my name over a hundred times. Oh, and I'll want my money back too. That check could easily be made out to the country of Italy so I can take a nice vacation with my husband. But I'm staying positive!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Worried Weekend

Tomorrow night, I will be sitting at the dining room table at my in-law's house, signing loan papers for our first house. I realize this is exciting news but I am remaining calm and reserving my joy and excitment for when the keys to "our" awesome house are officially in my hands. To be honest, the news of signing these papers actually makes me more nervous. Not so much for the huge financial committment we are making. I understand that completely. I just worry that things will fall apart. Why? Because I am a worrier. I think I get it from my mom. I worry about everything. Each step that has been crossed off the list during this home buying process makes me worry more. I really need to get that in check. So I will attempt to remain calm, feel positive and know that things will work out. We can only do so much to change things. If you have any advice (no horror stories PLEASE), feel free to share with me. I hope I can share my true happiness about this news sometime soon. Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

On a lighter note...

The Office returns tonight! I am sad I don't get to watch it with my husband but that just means I can swooooon over Jim Halpert without getting mocked by the peanut gallery.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Help me understand something....

“I think it’s based on racism,” Carter said. “There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president.” From the SF Examiner: Yesterday, MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann opened with the breaking news that former President Jimmy Carter has acknowledged that much of the vitriol being spewed toward President Obama has little to do with public policy and much to do with racist dispositions.....President Carter is right. There is a growing undercurrent of racism that is bubbling to the top like hot lava. It’s not just a southern thing. It’s a hate thing. Since when is opposition to government considered racist? Because a few whackadoo's have been extreme? Because some people still have it in their head that the Civil Rights movement didn't happen and would like to live in a world without diversity? What about regular folks like me who just happen to oppose certain policies that our President supports? Am I racist for my opposition? I attended a Tea Party in April. Am I racist for my participation? I did not vote for Barack Obama. Am I racist for giving my vote to someone else? Edited to add: NBC News just showed a statistic regarding the percentage of votes Obama received from white voters in the 3 Southern states. The 3 states that they showed (Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana) were 10%, 11% and 14%. What are they implying here? That because only 10% of Alabama caucasians voted for Obama, the remaining percentage of caucasian voters that did NOT vote for Obama are racist for deciding NOT to vote for him? Did anyone ask these voters why they decided not to vote for him? No? Ok then. This proves nothing. These statistics mean nothing. And if it is in fact "a hate thing", what about the hate that was shown towards GWB for nearly 8 years? What about the hateful comments, jokes and cartoons that were directed at President Bush? People hated President George W. Bush. But that opposition was never called racist. That opposition was classified as "not blindly following elected officials" and "standing up for what you believe in." Well, I'm not going to blindly follow these elected officials. I am not going to stifle my thoughts, opinions and feelings. And I am not going to allow anyone to call me a racist. Edited to add: I know political posts garner strong opinions. I'm ok with that. But remember these are my feelings and my thoughts. I will respect your opposition if you will respect mine.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

500th Post Cuteness

This is my 500th post!!!! Instead of wasting it to brag about how I have blogged 500 times, I have decided to share a cute story. On Saturday morning, I was laying on the floor at my sister's house, coloring a picture with my sister and Diana. I completed my masterpiece and put my head down on the floor. I told my sister that I was going to go home in a few minutes. Diana, the gracious hostess, asked me if I needed a pillow. I said sure and she ran off to get me one. When she came back, she told me to lift my head up and she placed the pillow under my head. She then ran and got a huge blanket (without me asking for one) and spent the next minute make sure every inch of my body was covered in the blanket. She covered my head and then pulled the bottom down to cover my feet. After the blanket was all situated, she instructed me to "close my eyes." "It's bedtime, Au Bob. Close your eyes." Well, I was tired. A nap sounded pretty nice and since I already had a pillow under my head and a blanket to keep me warm, I followed the instructions of this 4 year old and closed my eyes. A minute later, I popped my head up and said something to my sister. "No. Close your eyes. No talking. It is bedtime." Diana said. "I'll get you little Mickey to sleep with." She ran over and got me her little plush Mickey Mouse doll and placed it under my arm and under the blanket. "Close your eyes." A few seconds later, I opened my eyes again just because I like to test her and see if she will tell me what to do because really, it is adorable. "Close your eyes, Au Bob. Go to sleep." Before I knew it (so about 10 seconds later), she is in my face saying "It is wake up time! Wake up! Open your eyes." I remember when she was born. She was a little thing that just laid on a blanket. We wondered what type of personality she would have, what her voice would sound like and I wondered if she would love me. Her personality is bubbly, her voice is adorable and well, it is obvious that I am loved by that little girl. Just like I love her to the moon and back.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My TV Schedule

TV is back!!! I managed to watch 4 seasons of Felicity on dvd this summer and have been waiting patiently for the Fall tv season to start. I'll need my dvr to catch every second of all of my shows. Here is my day by day schedule: Sunday: Amazing Race (starts 9/27) Monday: Gossip Girl (starts 9/14) Tuesday: The Biggest Loser (starts 9/15) American Idol (January) Wednesday: Holding a spot for Lost in January Top Chef (dvr) America's Next Top Model Southpark (10/7; dvr) American Idol (January) Thursday: Survivor (starts 9/17) The Office (9/17) Community (9/17) 30 Rock (10/15) Project Runway (dvr) Friday: Open Saturday: SNL (9/26; dvr)

Kayne Drools, Beyonce Rules

I didn't watch the VMA's yet but I did spend enough time online last night to hear about the incident with Kayne West and Taylor Swift. Kayne West is a toolbox, crybaby, spoiled brat who doesn't know when to shut his mouth. I hate to say this but his mother would not be proud of him for that moment last night. He was rumored to be drinking Hennessey straight from the bottle on the red carpet last night so I'm sure his outburst was fueled by alcohol. No excuse. He lacks class. Send him to the island with Heidi and Spencer. I've always thought that Beyonce was a bit of a diva. I'm not a huge fan of hers but I appreciate her talent and envy her curves. What she did last night for Taylor was a class-act move. I really hope she gave Kayne a piece of her mind. I doubt it but I'm going to believe in my head that she and Jay-Z approached the lameass after the show and gave him a royal tongue lashing. His ONLINE apology was not enough. It doesn't matter how much he apologizes. What he did was downright rude. And yes, I realize that some stupid awards show doesn't really matter that much but to Taylor Swift, this was a lifelong dream. And he took that moment away from her and made it about him. To the island, Kayne. Don't forget to take the Pratt's with you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Maybe I'm Just Old....

Remember the days that the MTV Video Music Awards were "the television event"? Britney! 'NSYNC! Limp Bizkit! Eminem! The crazy performances, the insane acceptance speeches and the inappropriate comments from the hosts of the show. I loved watching the VMA's for many, many years. But at some point, I lost interest. I would watch the show and be annoyed at the music, the people and the overall look of the show. I think it started in 2007, when they moved to show to Las Vegas. The performers weren't all on the main stage but instead in different parts of the Palms Hotel and they only showed a minute or two of each performance. And you can't forget Britney's wanna-be come back that year. Poor girl. It was a sad moment for a Britney fan like me. By 2008, I couldn't get myself into watching the show. Maybe it was because the Jonas Brothers were performing. Ick. Aside from that, the show was just terrible. It wasn't on a grand scale anymore. Russell Brand, while funny in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, was not funny on stage. His British humor didn't really translate and to be honest, I was annoyed at the emphasis on political jokes and pimping of Barack Obama during the show. It was a bit over the top. As I look at the info for the 2009 VMA's, airing tonight, I find no real reason to tune in. I'm not a fan of any of the performers and still find it humorous that they even have this awards show anymore since I never see videos on mtv. Are artists going to continue making videos? And who is playing them? One last thing and a clear sign of my advanced age: The show starts at 9:00 p.m. and not schedule to end until 11:30 p.m. They lost me already. I plan to be asleep by 9:30 tonight. Perhaps this will go on my dvr for me to fast forward through another night. Anyone else have these same thoughts on the VMA's? What are your favorite VMA moments?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Breaking News!!!

Ellen is the new judge on American Idol. Please share your thoughts about this in the comments section of my blog. My personal thoughts: My initial reaction is, why? Ellen doesn't sing and isn't connected to the recording industry. Sure, she performs as a stand up comedian and talk show host but talking ain't singing. I'm not sure why they picked Ellen. Did they want someone with humor on the panel because we know Randy does not bring the funny. Did they want someone who can snark back at Simon with actual jokes? I HATE the lame banter between the judges and I feel like bringing someone on that actually comedic timing (Ellen) will only encourage the obnoxious chatter between the 4 of them. On the other hand, Ellen doesn't annoy me like Paula does. I don't think she will have anything constructive to add (I fast forward through all the judges' comments anyways) but she most likely won't be mind blowingly dumb. Michael Slezak from Entertainment Weekly's website is the go to guy for all American Idol related news. Click here to read his article about the new judge.

Bye-Bye Love

Bye bye, love. Bye bye, happiness. Hello, loneliness. I think I'm a-gonna cry-y.
Back in March, my husband worked a 7 days a week/13-16 hours a day schedule until mid-April. He lived with his parents since they are closer to his work place which left me home alone for nearly 7 weeks. It was a tough time but I adjusted towards to the end but was thrilled when he came home.
Starting today, he is back on an overtime schedule for 2-3 weeks. He will be staying with his parents which will leave me flying solo yet again. It would have been nice to be in a house by now so he would be able to come home but that is not the way things work out.
In order to make it easier for me, I have some plans for the weeks that he is gone:
1. Spend at least 1 hour at the gym every single night. I am also going to start running again.
2. To prepare for a possible move, I am going to start cleaning and organizing our spare closets. They are a mess.
3. Spend time with friends and family on weekends and week nights. Thank goodness for our dvr!
I'm sure other fun plans will come up, especially since the stuff with our maybe house is moving forward. I might be busier than I had planned during this time!!
I'll still be waiting impatiently for my husband to come home to me!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor-less weekend

I am so in love with 3 day weekends. When is the next one??? We went to a wedding where my husband imparted some wisdom on the newlyweds: haiandkimwedding 192 by you. And I drank some wine meandchris by you. We visited our "maybe house" again and love it more than ever....
dixonhouse 021 by you.
Our Maybe Kitchen We hung out with my husband's family and celebrated a birthday dixonhouse 045 by you. We had a bbq with my family and played with and cuddled next to adorable children laborday 056 by you. laborday 040 by you. I say this weekend was a great success as far as weekends go. Back to work and tomorrow, I give up my husband to his job (and to his parents house) for a few weeks. We hope by the end of the month, our "maybe house" will be OUR house. Stay tuned for updates!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Facebook Funny

Hilarious and oh so right on....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Water Bug!

Have I told you about my athletic self growing up? My parents put me and my sister in a little bit of everything. We did ballet, tap, gymnastics, basketball, swimming, track and field, tennis camp, sports camp. Yeah, thats all. We did a lot. Not much of it actually stuck and thinking that we were going to turn into ballerinas is pretty funny given my body shape. Anywho, the basketball and swimming involvement paid off for me and my sister. I played 2 years of J.V. basketball in high school and was on the Varsity swim team for 4 years. My sister played jv and then varsity basketball and also swam on varsity swimming for 4 years. I also played water polo my junior and senior years in high school. My parents were at every game and every swim meet cheering us on. They both work in education so it was possible for them to be at swim meets and away basketball games since they were done with work by 4:00. I started swimming when I was a wee lass. I still recall walking onto the indoor pool deck of our local fitness club when I was 4 or 5 years old in my cheetah print bathing suit. My parents were waiting in the water for me and they taught me how to blow bubbles, put my head in the water and practice my strokes. I also remember going to watch the local swim team practice before we started. I was so excited and I wanted to jump into the pool right then. I was on the swim team until I hit 5th or 6th grade and then it just didn't seem cool anymore. Coaches changed and I didn't want to go to swim practice every night anymore. So I stopped swimming. But I loved swim season when I got into high school. It was so much more relaxing than basketball season. When I was a freshman, my sister was a senior so it was cool to have my big sister on the team. She definetly acted like a senior!! She and her friends would pull pranks during practice and I secretly admired them. They seemed so mature and they could get away with anything. I was just the little sister, the freshman newcomer to the team. During the summer before my junior year, I played lots and lots of basketball. Summer camps, summer leagues. I was all ready to make a major step up to Varsity. I knew it wouldn't be easy. My high school had one of the best teams in the league and one of the top teams in the entire section. I wasn't just on j.v. anymore. This was the big time. Before conditioning started, I was helping with the boys water polo summer games and learned that there would be a girls team that year. The coach convinced me to play, saying that water polo is a lot like basketball and I would probably catch on really fast. I told him that I was a basketball player and that it would interfere. He said the season would be way over before bball started and I should try it out. So I did. And I loved it. I was good at it. I was at the top on my water polo team. I would have been near the bottom on my basketball team. Not that I wasn't a good basketball player but I had lots of talent above me. After I completed a very successful (personally successful, our team...not so much) water polo season, I decided that I wanted to become a full time fixture in the pool. That meant telling my basketball coach, the person who helped develop my fundamentals back when I was just an 8th grader, that I wasn't going to play. He was upset. I was breaking the family legacy. He was my sister's coach and a very close family friends after all those years. I wasn't sure if I made the right choice but what was done was done. I swam all winter (I couldn't do nothing) in preparation for the upcoming swim season. Most water polo players use the swim season to stay in shape for the next water polo season but I didn't like to call myself a water polo player. I was a swimmer who played polo. A swimmer since the age of 4. Post high school, I swam for one season at my junior college. I had been planning to play water polo there but the day after my high school graduation, I decided that I didn't want to be a student athlete anymore. I was tired of it and I just wanted to enjoy college. My sister went onto play basketball for 4 years in college and at this point, I saw how emotionally draining it was to be a college athlete. No thanks. Swimming would be just fine. And it was. I had a good time! Not to mention there were a lot of good looking guys to serve as eye candy on the swim team. Post college, I wouldn't really call myself an active athlete anymore. I spend more time on cardio machines than playing a team sport. I played rec softball earlier this year and played 1 pick up game of basketball, which I really enjoyed. Basketball is fun!! While I might not be an active athlete, I still consider myself an athlete. Why, you ask? Let me tell you. The past two days I have gone to the pool at my gym. I swam 1 mile on Sunday and 1 mile on Monday. That is 1,650 yards which is 66 laps. I don't swim 66 laps straight through. My arms would fall off. I create a workout in my head and follow it until I reach 1,650 yards. So yesterday, I am the only one in the lap pool. I just started my workout and see a young man get in the water. Because I am a swimming snob, I check out his stroke to see if he is a decent swimmer. Yup, pretty good. He is a person that can swim laps and laps and laps without stopping. After I did a warm up, I took off to swim a straight 500 (20 laps). During my last 50 (2 laps), I kicked it into sprint mode. I was neck and neck with the guy in the other lane so I used him as a pacer. My competitive side comes out even when swimming recreationally. How sad is that? I sprinted to the wall during the last lap. I'm not sure if I got there before he did but seeing him swim gave me extra motivation to swim faster. When you race strangers in a lap pool at your gym, you know you are still an athlete. When you think about how you could beat the person swimming next to you, you know you are still an athlete. And when you get home and realize that an activity brings you so much joy, you can't wait for the next day to go back, you know you are an athlete. Thanks mom and dad, for being awesome swimmers, swim coaches and cheerleaders on the pool deck for so many years. I credit your love for swimming for my love for swimming. No doubt that if my dad was on the pool deck yesterday, he would have been coaching me through my recreational workout. Edited to add: My sister has pointed out that she was also on that pool deck and in the bleachers cheering me on for my athletic feats. I am sorry that I forgot to include her in this post. Thanks, Ang for always being the best big sister in the world!!!

Brooke White: High Hopes and Heartbreak

I am a huge American Idol fan and I believe I have never missed one episode. I realize that either makes me a super fan or a super loser. Whatever.

There were three singers on AI Season 7 that I loved. Jason Castro, Carly Smithson and Brooke White.

As I was cruising around itunes one day, I realized that Brooke's album had been released in July. I listened to the 30 second samples of each track and loved the sound of each and every song. She created an album that is very "her". The same type of music she performed on the show is on this album. Very chill, very folky, very soothing. I highly recommend at least giving this cd a listen on itunes. I feel that Brooke White will have a long career ahead of her based on her debut cd.

And as I was googling her name, I realized that she and Michael Johns are going to be playing a show in Sacramento later this month! Awesome!!