Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend in Pictures (and some words)

We made our second attempt to see District 9 on Friday night. The previous Friday night we could not make it because of an important phone call. This past Friday, we got to the theater and saw that the 8:20 showing of the movie included open captioning for our hard of hearing friends. I guess we could have gone to watch it but I didn't want the distraction of seeing the words on the screen so we went home dejected once again. This is a photo heavy post! Enjoy! Saturday we made our way to the State Fair. Here are pictures of us 90 minutes. Yes, we only stayed 90 minutes because it was a gazillion degrees outside. 365 005 by you. They had an exhibit about candy. Yes, please. 365 006 by you. I want an old-timey candy vending machine in our future house. How cool would that be?? 365 009 by you. They had a big Jelly Belly display which was awesome since I grew up in the town that houses the Jelly Belly Factory. And we got a free contained of J.B.'s! We moved onto the Feather Exhibit:365 010 by you. Let's talk about Chicks, man We then walked outside where I got a sno cone. I could have just ate pure ice in order to cool me down. We had enough of the heat so we moved back indoors to see the county exhibits. Most of the counties in California making cool (and some sucky, yes, Santa Clara Co. I'm talking to you) exhibits showing off the highlights of their counties. I am proud to say that Solano County (my home county) has won Best of Show 5 years running! 365 013 by you. I think they always get this awesome location because they are simply the best! I wish I could have taken a picture from the upstairs area. It looked great from above. 365 014 by you. 365 015 by you. Then we moved onto my favorite part of the State Fair. No, not the food. The pigs. 365 017 by you. 365 018 by you. 365 020 by you. 365 021 by you. 365 023 by you. 365 019 by you. I know, that was a lot of pigs but seriously, how cute are they?? I nearly grabbed one and ran off with it. But the sign above stopped me. Momma Pig might have been sleeping but I'm sure she is mean when someone tries to take her babies. 365 024 by you. After we saw the piggies, we decided to leave. We didn't even eat fair food because it was just too hot. We decided to go to BJ's and enjoy the air conditioning for a while. Then I went home and took a nap for 3 hours. Then we submitted an offer for a house. Then we watched the UFC fight. On Sunday, I went with 2 friends to the Rivercats baseball game here in Sacramento. It was the last home game of the season and I had won $50 Rivercats Cash (gift certificates) so I was able to purchase the tickets for the game and have money left over for food for all of us so it was a free day! rivercats 024 by you. rivercats 016 by you. rivercats 012 by you. rivercats 026 by you. rivercats 030 by you. rivercats 033 by you. We were sitting in the lawn area in outfield which was great! It was VERY hot though. I put some sunblock on before we left but it just didn't matter. My right calf was half sunburnt, half untouched by the sun. Nice. We ended up leaving during the 7th inning. I am one of those people who have NEVER left a sporting event early but I was pretty much on fire from the sun. Sadly, the Rivercats rallied for 3 runs in the 7th and another in the 9th to win the game. Thanks RC, for picking up the pace after we left. The game was boring up to that point. And here is part of the sunburn I have on my back: rivercats 036 by you. I went to the store and got some aloe to slather all over my burns but the hot shower water make me realize I still have another day or two before the burns are all gone. I hope you all had a great weekend!! I'm already looking forward to the upcoming 3 day Labor Day weekend. Hooray!!!

Monday Morning

Outside my window… the sun is rising I am thinking… that I hope my sunburn goes away fast I am thankful for… my husband, my family, my job, my life From the kitchen… I see a mess I am wearing… black skirt, yellow and white shirt and uncomfortable shoes I am creating… a to do list for the day I am going… to be productive today I am reading… paperwork I am praying… that my best friend's parents house is safe from fires, my 2 pregnant friends get through their 38th week and my niece Amy continues to thrive! I am hearing… the air conditioning unit in my office Around the house… I need to clean up, put away and make it "model home" worthy One of my favorite things… is when my head hits the pillow A few plans for the rest of the week… house hunting, gym going, rehearsal dinner celebrating, students, wedding, relax...

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Weekend

:Insert a picture of me taking a fried food induced nap:

Looks like a busy but fun weekend. I hope you enjoy your Friday-Sunday!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where do I start?

There are so many things wrong with the front page of the US Weekly Magazine site. Where should I start? Me thinks left to right will work: 1. OMG Kendra and Kourtney and their unplanned pregnancies! Rejoice! And they want to breastfeed despite having breast implants. I can't wait to read about it. 2. Go away. Stop talking to the media. You are just a normal person. Go away. 3. No comment. The top headline says the Kate Gosselin is going to fill in on The View. Refer to #2 for my thoughts on that. In other Gosselin news, Jon says he doesn't want to film anymore. Ok, then don't. But good luck finding a job that pays $75,000 an episode. Child support for 8 kids can't be cheap. Really, Kristen Stewart, shooting a movie nearly killed you? Why? Did you almost fall off a cliff? Did a lightning structure fall on your head? No? Oh it nearly killed you because you had to tell another person playing a FICTIONAL CHARACTER that you didn't love them. Seriously? And you say that it "nearly killed you." Tough life. What a bunch of boobs.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Funny ha-ha of the Day

I was on an airplane a few weekends ago and the flight attendants were going over the emergency procedures. I was half listening but I was glad that half of my good ear caught a funny haha moment that made me laugh well into lift off. The guy was talking about the oxygen masks that drop down in case of a change in elevation. He reminded people with kids to put their mask on first. Then he said "After you have your mask on, put the mask on your child. If you are travelling with more than 1 child, pick the one that has the most potential and help him/her first." Funny, right? Those Southwest employees are sure funny.

Monday, August 24, 2009

What did you just say?

My husband made a hilarious tongue-tied slip tonight. He was trying to say the name of my Project 365 blog, Apparently, it is too many "b's" so Au Bob came out as.... Au Blob. Yes, my husband (accidentally) called me Au Blob. Hilarious, right?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Seeing a baby, holding a baby

As I have mentioned before in my blog, I have a baby boom happening among my friends and family. My sister gave birth to daughter Amy in July and my best friend Melissa introduced her son Luke to the world on Tuesday August 18! I was so lucky to be able to see both kiddos yesterday and I even got to hold Luke in my arms for a bit. Holding a baby is one of the most serene things in the world. He was sleeping comfortable with his eyes practically glued shut and just seemed like he didn't have a care in the world. Smelling his baby smell and holding his tiny little fingers in my hands made me feel warm and fuzzy!! I also had a chance to tell him about his future wife, Amy B.! I didn't get a chance to hold Amy because she was deep into her sleep when I was there but I sat next to her bassinette and talked to her. I told her who I was (Au Bob!) and that I am also a little sister and how awesome little sisters are!! And I made sure to tell her that she has a GREAT big sister just like I have a great big sister. As I talked to her, she moved her head around. I know she heard me!! Watching her sleep was so much fun. Babies make such cute little faces and squeaking noises. august 015 by you. Mummy Amy!!! I think I am going to ask Chris to swaddle me at night. It just looks so comfortable. I hope I get a chance to cuddle with Amy soon. I still need to give her the lowdown on her future husband Luke S. So far, she has more hair than he does but he is double her weight. It will make good conversation when they are older and married. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Knives Down, Make It Work

Television is back, my friends!!!
I am beyond excited for the return of two of my favorite reality shows!
Top Chef Wednesdays on Bravo
And Project Runway, returning after a much too long hiatus on Lifetime.
So excited for cooking. So excited for sewing. So excited for dramatic eliminations.

Feeling Up about Feeling Down

The last few weeks I haven't been feeling like myself. I have been trying to shake the cloud that has been hanging over my head but no matter what, I just can't get that cloud to move on. I thought I was doing a good job of hiding how I was feeling until I talked to my mom last night and she noticed something just didn't seem right when she saw me last. Well, great. I suck at putting on a happy mask. My face shows my feelings and I just can't hide it. But the things that are bothering me and stressing me out are totally out of my control. My Type A personality forbids me from allowing things to roll off my back. No matter how hard I try to push negative, stressful thoughts out of my mind, they are always there, hanging on, nagging at me. I need to overcome that nagging feeling. I can't wear this mask of sadness anymore. What is meant to be, is meant to be. There is only so much I can do to change things. And like my mom said last night if all else fails, I have a great life as it is now. Sure, there are changes and improvements and things I would like to add to my life but time will hopefully give me those additions. So I am going to focus on being happy. Not worrying about the future. Not focusing on negative circumstances but embrace the positive and go from there. A sunny disposition can do a lot to change a person on the inside and out.

Monday, August 17, 2009

House Hunting

Why is it that listing agents on a home do not include pictures in the listings? Is it that hard to upload pictures and include them in the listing? And what is the point of taking several pictures of the backyard....especially when it is a hideous backyard? One listing had 5 pictures of the swimming pool, taken at different angles. Gee, thanks. I really want to know what the swimming pool looks like and not the bedrooms, kitchen or bathrooms. Awesome.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear Scummy Guy,

You are gross. Using foul language loudly in the supermarket is tacky. Neck tattoos are lame. And that nice young lady you were learing at in the parking lot? She wouldn't touch you if you were the last person on this earth. If you two had to procreate in order to save the planet from destruction, she would rather parish than come close to being intimate with you. Even if you were to approach her nicely, she would laugh in your face because you are just so far from her type it is not even funny. Let me guess, you are single right? How did I know this? Because you are disgusting. You lear at people, shout at them and act like a baffoon. You give men a bad name. Get over yourself loser. You suck. I hope to never see you in the parking lot of my grocery store ever again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did Britney do this at 16 years old?

aaaa by you.

I saw Britney in concert for the 1st time when she was 18.5 years old.

No stripper poles. No booty shorts. No writhing around on stage.

Sure, Britney moved into the booty shorts/writhing stage eventually but never, ever at 16 years old.

Why do Miley's parents think it is okay for her to do this at 16 years old? I get that it is a performance (a line I used a lot to defend Britney) but it is her age that makes this highly inappropriate.

I don't care how much money she makes. I don't care if it is just an act. It is wrong. And gross. And disturbing.
Oh my gosh, I think I am officially old.

My Birthday

I started my day with a birthday donut and a birthday chocolate milk: birthday 002 by you. I went to my sister's house and we drove together to see Baby Amy: birthday 010 by you. Little Tiny Diaper!!!! If Amy continues to eat and gain weight, she will be going home very soon! Hooray!! We left the hospital, ran some errands and went back to my sister's house where I took a nap. Older people tend to need naps throughout the day. Before I knew it, we were off to watch Diana prance and dance at Ballet/Tap class: birthday 023 by you. In my opinion, she was the best one in class. She paid attention, wasn't mouthy with the teacher and followed instructions. All with a smile on her face. I am totally biased but she is the cutest 4 year old ever. EVER. After class, we drove to Chevy's for a family dinner. My parents decorated the table with lots of You Are 30 gear. birthday 039 by you. My mom got this great cake! birthday 035 by you. I posed with it....I just wanted to eat it! birthday 041 by you. And I blew out candles, making lots of birthday wishes in my mind. Those always come true, right? birthday 047 by you. Thanks to my mom, dad, sister, BIL, Diana and husband for joining me at my birthday dinner. And to Amy (she may read this in the future), I wish you could be there. The family doesn't feel complete without you!! I hope this is the last family function you will have to miss. I had a wonderfully amazing birthday!! I wish I could repeat it everyday!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!!!!!

1, 2, 3... Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear Michelle, Happy Birthday to me. Today I am 30!!!! And the winner of the Ice Cream Giveaway contest is... Lynsey Kaye Email me Lynsey so I can send you a giftcard of your choice! michellegood6 {at} hotmail {dot} com And I'm off to celebrate my birthday with my family! I get to see my sister, brother in law, both nieces, mom, dad and husband all in 1 day. Now that just never happens. I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of my day.

Monday, August 10, 2009


I realize that I am probably being a bit too reflective as I approach turning 30 years old. It is just another year, another age, another day. But I tend to make mountains out of mole hills so here I go. Besides, I love knowing that this blog will be around as long as I want it to be. It is a history of my everyday and I look forward to looking back 1 year, 5 years, 10 years from now and knowing exactly what I was thinking and exactly how I was feeling. My 20's: 20 years old: Summer of '99. My future husband had just graduated high school. I had no idea he existed. I was packing my belongings and preparing to move to Long Beach, CA to finish my undergraduate education at CSU, Long Beach. I worked at Bath and Body Works. 21 years old: Summer of '00. We survived Y2K. I had completed my junior year in college. I went to Las Vegas to celebrate my 21st birthday with my mom, dad and sister. I won $20 on the video poker machines and drank two sips of a rum and coke. Too strong for this girl. If I only knew about Malibu Rum!! Moved into an apartment in Long Beach with two girls. Spent the summer working at Bath and Body Works and a summer recreation program. 22 years old: Summer of '01. 4 months away from finishing college. Worked at the YMCA as a camp counselor. Rented a room in Lakewood, Ca from a nice family of 6. Dated a guy. Watched the world change 1 month after my birthday. Because the word changed, I changed. Life was never normal again. 23 years old: Summer of '02. Living with my mom, with a college diploma in my hand. Working at my first post-college job as a case manager for kids in foster care. Driving around in a new truck I purchased all by myself. Was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding a week before I turned 23. 24 years old: Summer of '03. Still living with mom, still working at the same job. Went to Las Vegas with two college friends to celebrate my birthday. Started to wonder about finding a guy. 25 years old: Summer of '04. Found myself 55 pounds lighter on this birthday. Found myself in Florence, Italy with my dad. Found myself thinking about the guy I had met on a blind date 12 days earlier. 26 years old: Summer of '05. Welcomed Diana into our lives. Celebrated my 1 year anniversary with blind date guy. Went to Las Vegas together. Met Pete Rose! Interviewed for a new job, went to Hawaii with my parents in October, didn't get job, oh wait, did get job. Moved to Folsom. First real apartment by myself. 27 years old: Summer of '06. Had a roommate, his name is Chris. I love him and we know we will get married someday. Month 9 at my job. Life is good. Moved into a new apartment at the end of this year. Our real first place together. 28 years old: Summer of '07. Deep into wedding planning. Engaged in February of '07. Road trip with the future in-laws to New Mexico for a family reunion. Wondering how I reached the end of my 20's already. Determined to make the best of everyday. 29 years old: Summer of '08. I'm married. We went to Maui. We started making plans, like adults do. We watched the Olympics together and stayed up until really, really late cheering on the gymnasts and the swimmers. I love our shared passion for sports. One more year until 30. 30 years old: Summer of '09. In June, we start to look for a house to buy. We make more adult decisions. We welcome another niece, Amy, into our lives. I am so happy being an aunt and watch 3 close friends go through their pregnancies. My biological clock is ticking! I will turn 30 years old tomorrow. I have done so much but have so much more to accomplish. I hope 10 years from now, on the eve of my :gulp: 40's, I can look back on my 30's and feel the type of emotion I feel now. I am proud. I am happy. I am in love. I welcome you with open arms, 30. Show me what you got!!!!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wedding Talk Ahead

I still read a few wedding blogs and websites and the discussion comes up often about "First Looks". It used to be tried and true tradition that the bride and groom were not to see each other until she walked down the aisle towards her soon to be husband. Well, times are a' changin', folks. Many people now do a set up "first look" before the ceremony to have a special moment between the couple and so that they can do photos and not feel rushed/miss cocktail hour/leave guests waiting forever. It was a no brainer for me to decide to be traditional or modern. We did not do a first look. Sure, I thought about it. I thought how great it would be to do tons of pictures before hand that allowed us to go to some different locations and take our time. I thought it would be better for our guests and we would be more present during the reception. But tradition took over and I decided that we should not see each prior to the ceremony. I would be happy with whatever pictures we were able to take but the anticipation of seeing Chris standing there in front of family and friends for the first time was something I did not want to pass up. I didn't want that moment to be private. I wanted it to be very public. All of these people travelled long distances to see us!!! I wanted to share that moment with them! This moment, where I am looking at Chris from afar.... 0554 by you. And this moment, when he sees me up close for the first time 0552 by you. And this moment, which is my favorite wedding picture out of 1,637 of them. 0553 by you. My husband, smiling at me, as I smile at him, knowing what is about to happen. Right then and there. And all the happy nervous energy that follows. No time for that happy nervous energy to calm down. I LOVED feeling that energy. I didn't want to be calm and relaxed. I wanted to feel excited to see him for the first time in THAT moment. I understand people doing a "first look" but it just wasn't for us. And I don't regret it at all!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I can't escape it

The knocking sound is still loud and clear in our bedroom at night. Now, for some reason, my office smells like tar and is giving me a massive headache with a side of dizziness. Actually, I know why it smells like this. Our building is right next to a small airport so it smells like jet fuel all.the.time. I seriously feel like my brain is lose in my head. I can't concentrate. And the best part? NO ONE ELSE SMELLS IT. Just me. I'm the only person in this whole building that is effected by this???? I'm not sure I can survive another 2.5 hours in here and then drive home. Horrid, horrid stench.

A Birthday Giveaway!

It is time for a giveaway!!!
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Monday, August 3, 2009

A Party in Pictures

birthday 045 by you. birthday 002 by you. birthday 006 by you. birthday 015 by you. birthday 018 by you. birthday 053 by you. In the picture below, the heel broke off my shoe. Yes, birthday 136 by you. birthday 137 by you. birthday 141 by you. birthday 144 by you. birthday 152 by you. birthday 255 by you. birthday 329 by you.birthday 328 by you. birthday 327 by you. birthday 331 by you. Worship the broken heel!!! birthday 333 by you. birthday 396 by you. Back at the apartment, my husband found his way into the limo! birthday 428 by you. birthday 427 by you. With 0ver 400 pictures to pick from (434 to be exact), it actually wasn't too hard to share these. The majority are not blog appropriate. On my actual birthday (8/11), I will be going crazy and drinking Diet Pepsi. It is wise for me to lay off the liquor for a while. Like, a long while! Thanks Christina, Amanda, Lindsay, Mayra, Stephanie and Ashley for making my birthday a night to remember (forget?). And thanks Mom for the limo!!!!