Monday, November 29, 2010

Television Confession

I was home alone a lot this past weekend. The husband is working overtime and doesn't get home until past dinner time and since I was on Thanksgiving break, I had a lot of time to do chores watch tv. And what did I watch? 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. I'm not that ashamed to admit to watching 16 and Pregnant. It is a pretty good show and I think (other than these girls being on tv) it does a good job not to glamorize teen pregnancy. These girls usually don't graduate from high school, give up their dreams of college and career and find that living with their parents or boyfriend's parents is going to be the reality for the next few years. Even the kids (yes, they are kids) that seem like they are happy at the end of the hour usually have some major disappointment that happened along the way. Life ain't perfect, ya'll. Now, I resisted the pull of Teen Mom until this past week. I didn't care about it and wasn't super familiar with the girls they showcased. But when I watched the episode where Catelynn and Tyler saw the daughter they gave up for adoption, I was pulled in. And then I saw the episode that aired a while before that and saw what CRAPPY parents those two have. WOW. ICK. Considering her mom and his dad (who are married by the way) are such awful people, I can't believe those two teens have such good heads on their shoulders. Other thoughts: -Farrah is a spoiled brat and if I were her dad (is it her step dad? Why does she call him by his name?) I would put his granddaughter down and walk away, refusing to ever "babysit" again until an attitude adjustment takes place. She is so rude. -Amber. Squinty eyed whiny Amber. She is trash. -Maci. Ummmm, her baby daddy is hot. She doesn't seem too dumb but I only saw a couple episodes. Does anyone else want to admit to watching these shows? I know I'm not the only one.

Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Have Thanksgiving (and then stress over Christmas)

As we drove home last night after dinner, some neighbors had a few Christmas decorations on their lawn which made me very happy! CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!!! But when I woke up this morning, I had an overwhelming feeling take over my body. My brain process went something like this:
I need to make a list. I need to get a tree. We have to get a fake tree this year. BLURG. Where are our stockings? I couldn't find them in the Christmas boxes. What if kitty destroys my ornaments? I need to make a list still. What should I get my secret santa? I need to buy my gifts for charity. I need to buy for my work secret santa person. Where should we put the tree? What should I make for a cookie party I'm going to? Remember when you broke your Mother In Law's china last night?
Oh the last thing? Yeah, lets start from the beginning.
I volunteered to make my delicious mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving as well as an apple pie. I've never made apple pie before so this was making me nervous for days. The final result was quite good if I say so myself. :) Bless my father in law for running out to Wal-Mart yesterday to grab vanilla ice cream to go with it.
I wanted dessert to be first. But alas, you must stick with tradition and eat the bird first.
Bye bye birdie. Thanks for your sacrifice.
And there has to be wine. Google told me that Pinot Noir goes well with turkey. The bottle was gone by the end of the night so Google was correct. Thanks Google.
After you eat the Thanksgiving food, you pose with the adorable cookies that my sister made us
And when you eat the cookie, then eat a piece of pie with ice cream, it is time to gently wash and dry the China you used. The China that belonged to my Father In Law's mother. You have your sister in law wash it, gently. Then she hands it off to you to dry, gently. As I'm drying, I think to myself "be careful not to drop a plate. That would be horrible."
So I didn't drop a plate. Whew. Instead, I was drying (GENTLY) a wine glass with the towel wrapped around it. I put my hands on the stem of the glass and SNAP. I stood horrified. I froze. I willed it back together but I could feel TWO pieces of glass in my hand....the stem and the cup of the glass.
My mother in law, being a very nice lady, asked first if I cut myself and then I handed over the snapped glass. I repeated I'm sorry over and over again as if that would put the glass back together. She reassured me that it wasn't a huge deal. They have several wine glasses that rarely get used. That doesn't make me feel better.
But as I went to bed last night I thought of a funny twist on this story. For my birthday a few years back, my MIL and SIL put together a gift basket for my birthday full of fun goodies. Inside this basket was a cute orange v-neck shirt from Old Navy. It was a maternity shirt.
The broken glass was my revenge for getting me that shirt.*
*I'm kidding. I didn't break the glass on purpose.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Today, I am giving thanks.
Thanks to my husband for being my devoted partner in this crazy thing we call life. You work endless hours to provide for our family and I am so thankful for you every single day.
Thanks to my mom and dad for being huge support systems in the lives of your children. You stand out in the cold and rain to watch us start and finish a running race. You cheer and encourage us and have built us into pretty amazing people, if I do say so myself.
Thanks to my sister (and her husband and kids) for allowing me into your home so often to hang out. Thanks for allowing me to be an active participant in the lives of the girls. The time I spent with you (and them) is treasured.
Thanks to my mother, father, sister and brother in law for being such a fun, loving family. It is a blessing that I walked into such a great group of people.
Thanks to my friends, near and far for always making me feel loved and comforted through tough times, laugh when memories spring up and I know that those friendships will continue on for many years.
Thanks to a roof over my head, a job to go to every day and money to be able to pay bills and buy food.
Thanks to my other love, Kitty. I have such a deep love for that little ball of fur. She brings so much happiness to our lives and I seriously can't remember what it was like to not hear her feet pitter-pattering around the house.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Perfect Holiday Card

I love giving and receiving holiday cards. In 2008, it was fun putting a card together using our wedding pictures. Last year we had just moved into our house so I created a "We're Moving" card that took place of the holiday card.
This year, the plan was to have some pictures taken by my talented sister but my husband got the call to work on his day off so that plan flew out the window. We'll have to settle for using pictures from earlier this year or taking a picture on Thanksgiving in front of the tree in my in-laws front yard. I think we'll wear Santa hats to spice it up a bit!
In looking around for the right photo card, I've decided to use Shutterfly. They have a massive selection of cards to pick from. Plus great sales on those cards. I'm excited to put one together and mail it out to friends and family. Once they are out, I'll come back and show it off. But cruise on over to the website to check out the selection!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Things I love

This post might not be filled with screams and tears like Oprah's Favorite Things but I'm going to share some of my current loves.
Taylor Swift's new album. Especially "Mean", "Innocent", "Never Grow Up" and "Better than Revenge." The whole cd is full of great songs.
I decided it was time for me to try to pull off the boot over skinny jeans look. I went to Kohls and hunted for the perfect pair of boots and the above pair.
My legs aren't really that skinny. I'm standing at a flattering angle. :) My kitty. Isn't she cute? I came out of the bathroom this morning and saw her sitting here in the dresser drawer. Oh Kitty. You are adorable. Except when you get super excited and fierce over the headband that I turned into a long chase toy and claw my hand (twice) to get it back from me. You are kinda crazy then. These two Ole Henriksen products are awesome. My face is pretty sensitive and scrubs usually make me break out but this one leaves my face so soft and refreshed. The moisturizer (green label) has a bit of a scent which I don't like but it isn't too bad. I haven't had any breakouts since using these products. Just the usual hormonal breakouts. Damn those.
Yes, I got married over 2 years ago but I finally getting around to uploading all of the pictures from our photographer to my Flickr album. It is so fun to look back at these and relive the day.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Well, maybe not wins the race but it does get you 71st place in your age group! I didn't get last place! I finished within the top 77% of my age group. Okay, so there were only 92 people in the 30-34 age group. So what? I finished the race! It was cold. And rainy. And I faced a strong head wind all of mile 5 which was really difficult. And who designs a course that includes a run UP a foot bridge with one mile left? Morons, thats who. My legs never really warmed up which meant tense, stiff steps but I ran the entire time. I planned to really speed up at the 6 mile mark and sprint those last .2 miles but hahahahhahahaha that didn't happen. My legs were frozen and sore and I really did think I was running faster but I wasn't. I was tracking my splits and in the blur that was the race, didn't think I was improving. Upon further inspection later that day (after Taco Bell and a nap) I realized I got faster as the race moved along. Mile 1: 11:47 Mile 2: 11:28 Mile 3: 11:19 Mile 4: 11:12 Mile 5: 10:50 Mile 6: 10:49 .2: 2:48 Total: 1:10.15 Just for fun, I'd like to point out that a 72 year old man beat me by 6 minutes. I only beat a 76 year old man by 6 minutes. A 69 year old woman beat me by 5 minutes. A man my parents have known for many years completed the 5K in 22:48 (start time 8:20) and then waltzed over to the 10K start (start time 9:00) and ran the 10K in 49:21. He is 64 years old. Stud.....or robot. My awesome sister pushed her youngest daughter in the baby jogger during the 5K and got 4th in her age group (15th overall out of 69)with a time of 27:48. She rocks. My 5 year old niece ran in the kids 1/2 mile race and looked positively estatic to be running. Sure she did. The sun came out for her race.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Team Taylor

I don't think there is an alternative to Team Taylor Swift but I'm on her team. I love her songs and recently purchased her new cd and I can't stop listening to it. Especially this song: And this song (about Kanye). Kayne is a jackass and all but this song stands up on its own as a solid song. After listening to this cd, I find it strange that the record company decided to release "Mine" as the first single. That song sounds exactly like her other hits, which isn't a bad thing but it would be nice to have her other songs get some airplay. Other songs that show her range as a songwriter. If you like her other songs and cd, I would suggest this one, Speak Now.

Friday, November 19, 2010

WTF Friday

Welcome to the wonderful world of my mind!! In this weekly (or whenever I remember) segment on my blog, you will get an insight into my thoughts on a variety of completely random subjects. I see and hear a lot of craziness during the week and WTF Friday's are the perfect venue to share my randomness. Lets get started! You know that song What'cha Say by Jason Derulo? The song that starts out with Jason Derulo saying his name over auto-tune. Why does he do that? To let us know who is singing the song? Does he enjoy saying his name? Thats not my problem with the song. The lyrics are the problem: I was so wrong for so long Only tryin' to please myself Girl, I was caught up in her lust When I don't really want no one else So, no, I know I should've treated you better But me and you were meant to last forever So let me in (Let me in) Give me another chance (Another chance) To really be your man 'Cause when the roof caved in and the truth came out I just didn't know what to do But when I become a star we'll be living so large I'll do anything for you So tell me girl

So, Jason Derulo, let me get this straight. You cheated on your girl. But but but but you shouldn't have because you know that you and your girl should be together. But you just got caught up in another girls lust. Damn that lust!!! You SHOULD HAVE treated her better but you didn't BUT just wait!!!! When you become a big star everything will change. You'll be completely faithful. Because only when people become huge celebrities do they remain faithful to their significant otheres. Riiiiiiiiight. When you are "living so large" life will be easy and you'll do anything for her. Oh ok. I'm convinced now.

NO. This song sucks.

You know what else sucks? These D-listers on Dancing With the Stars. I don't watch this show. I've tried but it is so horribly cheesy that I can't concentrate on anything other than awful music and terrible dialogue between the judges and hosts. The reason I see stories about the show is because I follow websites that can't stop posting about it.

So when I read on Entertainment Weekly's website that Maksim Chmerkovskiy was hurling insults at the show and the judges, I thought "really?" I mean, I get that this is your job and you got voted off. You wanted to win. Your partner was really good, I guess? Your scores were good, I guess? But you do realize that the penalty for getting voted off this show isn't death, right? You get to live another day. And Brandy, you may have been "numb" and upset but your "star" will probably get brighter from being on this show so get over it. Why has this show become such a HUGE deal?

And that concludes the first edition of WTF Friday. I hope everyone has a glorious weekend and I look forward to coming back next week with more WTF moments. Maybe I'll go shopping on Black Friday just to have stories to share. I'm sure WalMart will provide me with enough stories to last the rest of the year!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In 33 days

33 days ago I ran 2 miles without stopping. My pace was 11:03 per mile. 17 days later, I ran 2 miles again but my pace this time was 10:29 per mile. On November 10th, I programmed my Nike+ app for 5.2 miles and set out for a run on a crisp night. As I hit 5 miles, I thought to myself that I should try to go for 6 miles. I ran 6 miles that night in 1:04.20 with a pace for 10:43 per mile. Last night, I ran 6 miles again in preparation for my 10K race on Saturday. I cut 10 seconds off of my previous time and my pace improved to 10:40 per mile. I really pushed myself during the last mile because I wanted to beat my time, even if it was only by 10 seconds. In 33 days, I went from a slow 2 mile run to a decent 6 mile run. Memories of my old running days are coming back to me and I'm so glad I decided to hit the pavement again. I'm still a big girl. I weighed in this morning and the scale showed 199 pounds. I might not be a fast runner but I get the job done 4-5 days a week and I'm quite proud of myself. My goal for Saturday? I just want to finish. I don't want to aim for a certain time. I'm not going to promise myself that I won't walk at some point because you never know how you will feel on race day. The weather should be rainy and cold but I don't mind that at all. I'm looking forward to crossing the finish line and knowing that I went from walker to racer in just 5 weeks!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

My eldest niece loves looking at pictures on my iphone, probably because half of them are pictures of her. The other half make up pictures of her sister and kitty. :) We were hanging out Saturday, enjoying Double Sister Time* and she wanted to see a video I had on my phone. I started to play it and explained what it was. Me: This is a video from the Ironman race Uncle Chris and I went to see in Hawaii. D: The Ironman race? Me: Yes, keep on watching and there will be a man running past. He was the winner of the Ironman. We wait....and wait....and finally the man runs past. Me: See him? He is the Ironman winner. D: He doesn't look like the Ironman. Me: Well, he is. He is the winner. D: But he wasn't wearing his mask. Pause. Think. LOL, literally. Me: I think he took it off before the race. Hilarious. *I coined this phrase to describe the time when me, my sister and her two daughters hang out together. Double Sister Time!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day off, Day On, Day off (times 2)

I'm the last person to complain about getting a day off of work but when it falls on a Thursday, it just feels WEIRD. And I'm back to work for a half day today. Thank Goodness It is FRIDAY! I took advantage of my day off yesterday and took a trip to San Francisco with my friend Kim. Kim was invited to shop at a sample sale for children's clothes and when she mentioned it was on my day off, I invited myself. That might seem rude but she actually needed me so I made myself useful and instead of being that rude girl that invited herself to tag along to The City, I took care of Baby M while Kim shopped for clothes. We had a merry ol' time together. We went to Starbucks and thanks to the register being broken, my drink was free. Baby M had a bottle and then we walked a few laps around the block. An hour or so later, Kim appeared with three bags filled with clothes. The way this sale worked was they weighed your clothes and charged $5 a pound. Homegirl got 26 pounds of clothes. TWENTY SIX POUNDS. Me, Kim, Baby M and a stroller full of children's clothes walked to the Ferry Building for lunch and cupcakes and macarons, then walked up to the Westfield Shopping Center and we ate chocolate. In all, I purchased a BART ticket, two mint truffles and two suckers from See's, a chocolate cupcake and two macarons from Miette's and three truffles (Root Beer, Pumpkin and Lavender Caramel) from Cocoa Bella.
Root Beer, Pumpkin and Lavender truffles. Amazing.
When chocolate and pastries are the main source of your spending for day, I'd say it was a wonderfully successful day in San Francisco!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hair Help Please

My hair needs help. In the past, I've been able to go months and months without switching shampoo and conditioners. My hair never "got used to" any product and my hair would be soft and shiny after each wash. But over the past 6-9 months, my hair lasts about one month with one product before completely rejecting the idea of being soft and shiny. Sometimes it seems as though my hair is unwashed. It is oily and clumpy and just plain gross. Its as if I am not rinsing my hair out even though I make sure to get all of the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair before leaving the shower. I've tried just using shampoo. I've tried not using anything at all and just wetting my hair in the shower. I've tried washing every other day. No good. This morning, I used Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner for the first time hoping that my hair would be normal and nice after drying. It is just ok. There are still parts that feel greasy but overall, it is better than it has been. And now I have two LARGE containers of my previous S & C that I can't use because it makes my hair look and feel like crap. Suggestions, please????

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Story of Mr. Pumpkin

It was love at first sight with Mr. Pumpkin. Chris knew this was "the one."
He started to visualize exactly how he would carve Mr. Pumpkin and allow his personality to shine through.
A cut of the top, a scoop of the Mister's insides and a few swift movements of a knife and Mr. Pumpkin had a face. A cute face it was indeed.
Mr. Pumpkin had his place on the walkway to the front door on Halloween night. His face was aglow, welcoming the kids from all around town to our house to collect goodies. Mr. Pumpkin did a fine job that night and we were very proud of him.
By the time Friday came around, Mr. Pumpkin's expression had changed.
Something happened to Mr. Pumpkin while we were at work. He looked sad and confused. As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, Mr. Pumpkin wet himself. Poor Mister.
I wasn't ready to say goodbye to the Mister yet. I had hoped he would have snapped out of his funk but that just didn't happen. A few hours later, I knew the end was here.
Mr. Pumpkin just couldn't take it anymore. He served his purpose and left us. Saturday morning, I sprayed Mr. Pumpkin with Raid to get rid of the knats that were invading his body and gently (ok, not gently) rolled him into his body bag.
Good Mr. Pumpkin. I hope to see one of your lovely relatives next year. Farewell.

Friday, November 5, 2010

California Sunset

We've established that Hawaiian sunsets are pretty dang awesome. The sun setting over the ocean is pretty neato. But since I don't live in Hawaii (bummer, by the way) I have to settle for the occasional California sunset and last night did NOT disappoint. I was on my way to have dinner with my friend and I had to stop at a stop sign for longer than normal to snap some pictures of the glorious sky above me. It was magical. The lower the sun set behind the hills, the sky turned this amazing color or pink and orange. It really looked as if there was a fire blazing behind that hill and the color of the flames was staining the sky. I even saw a girl hanging out the passenger side window of a car on the freeway taking pictures. And when I was waiting for my friend to get to dinner, 3 facebook friends posted pictures of this very sunset. It was quite breathtaking!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

World Champions!!!!

I wore orange and black at an early age. My family ran across home plate at Candlestick Park as part of a fun run. We sat out in very, very cold weather cheering on Will the Thrill, Matt Williams and Robby Thompson. We endured an earthquake and sadly watched the Giants get swept by their Bay rivals the A's in the 1989 World Series. We marveled at the new AT&T Park and bathed in the beauty of the ballpark. We were stunned into silence and heartbreak as they pissed away a 5-0 lead in what would have been the winning game of the 2002 World Series and ended up losing the series to the Angels. But last night, all that pain went away..... Giants are World Series Champions and it feels so good to be a Giants fan.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Running Through October

My 10K is just 19 days away! Here is my running progress since I made the decision to start training for this race: 10/15: 5 mile run/walk 1:02 10/16: 2 miles 22:12 10/17: 2.69 miles 30:41 10/18: 3.1 miles 33:57 10/19: 3.1 miles 34:14 10/20: 1.1 miles 12:12 10/25: 2.36 miles 25:07 10/26: 3.1 miles 33:35 10/29: 2 miles 22:07 10/30: 4 miles 45:02 10/31: 4 miles 44:06 Total: 32.45 miles I feel very proud that I dropped a minute from my 4 mile time in just one day! I hope to be able to run 5 miles this weekend! I'll leave you with a picture of me in this adorable dress that I got a Kohl's this weekend. It was kind of bittersweet going back to Kohl's since my last visit ended with me in tears as I realized that I had gained so much weight and nothing that I tried on fit me.

A happier me. And another side by side picture of my progress.