Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Today, I am giving thanks.
Thanks to my husband for being my devoted partner in this crazy thing we call life. You work endless hours to provide for our family and I am so thankful for you every single day.
Thanks to my mom and dad for being huge support systems in the lives of your children. You stand out in the cold and rain to watch us start and finish a running race. You cheer and encourage us and have built us into pretty amazing people, if I do say so myself.
Thanks to my sister (and her husband and kids) for allowing me into your home so often to hang out. Thanks for allowing me to be an active participant in the lives of the girls. The time I spent with you (and them) is treasured.
Thanks to my mother, father, sister and brother in law for being such a fun, loving family. It is a blessing that I walked into such a great group of people.
Thanks to my friends, near and far for always making me feel loved and comforted through tough times, laugh when memories spring up and I know that those friendships will continue on for many years.
Thanks to a roof over my head, a job to go to every day and money to be able to pay bills and buy food.
Thanks to my other love, Kitty. I have such a deep love for that little ball of fur. She brings so much happiness to our lives and I seriously can't remember what it was like to not hear her feet pitter-pattering around the house.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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