Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Have Thanksgiving (and then stress over Christmas)

As we drove home last night after dinner, some neighbors had a few Christmas decorations on their lawn which made me very happy! CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!!! But when I woke up this morning, I had an overwhelming feeling take over my body. My brain process went something like this:
I need to make a list. I need to get a tree. We have to get a fake tree this year. BLURG. Where are our stockings? I couldn't find them in the Christmas boxes. What if kitty destroys my ornaments? I need to make a list still. What should I get my secret santa? I need to buy my gifts for charity. I need to buy for my work secret santa person. Where should we put the tree? What should I make for a cookie party I'm going to? Remember when you broke your Mother In Law's china last night?
Oh the last thing? Yeah, lets start from the beginning.
I volunteered to make my delicious mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving as well as an apple pie. I've never made apple pie before so this was making me nervous for days. The final result was quite good if I say so myself. :) Bless my father in law for running out to Wal-Mart yesterday to grab vanilla ice cream to go with it.
I wanted dessert to be first. But alas, you must stick with tradition and eat the bird first.
Bye bye birdie. Thanks for your sacrifice.
And there has to be wine. Google told me that Pinot Noir goes well with turkey. The bottle was gone by the end of the night so Google was correct. Thanks Google.
After you eat the Thanksgiving food, you pose with the adorable cookies that my sister made us
And when you eat the cookie, then eat a piece of pie with ice cream, it is time to gently wash and dry the China you used. The China that belonged to my Father In Law's mother. You have your sister in law wash it, gently. Then she hands it off to you to dry, gently. As I'm drying, I think to myself "be careful not to drop a plate. That would be horrible."
So I didn't drop a plate. Whew. Instead, I was drying (GENTLY) a wine glass with the towel wrapped around it. I put my hands on the stem of the glass and SNAP. I stood horrified. I froze. I willed it back together but I could feel TWO pieces of glass in my hand....the stem and the cup of the glass.
My mother in law, being a very nice lady, asked first if I cut myself and then I handed over the snapped glass. I repeated I'm sorry over and over again as if that would put the glass back together. She reassured me that it wasn't a huge deal. They have several wine glasses that rarely get used. That doesn't make me feel better.
But as I went to bed last night I thought of a funny twist on this story. For my birthday a few years back, my MIL and SIL put together a gift basket for my birthday full of fun goodies. Inside this basket was a cute orange v-neck shirt from Old Navy. It was a maternity shirt.
The broken glass was my revenge for getting me that shirt.*
*I'm kidding. I didn't break the glass on purpose.

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