Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Perfect Holiday Card

I love giving and receiving holiday cards. In 2008, it was fun putting a card together using our wedding pictures. Last year we had just moved into our house so I created a "We're Moving" card that took place of the holiday card.
This year, the plan was to have some pictures taken by my talented sister but my husband got the call to work on his day off so that plan flew out the window. We'll have to settle for using pictures from earlier this year or taking a picture on Thanksgiving in front of the tree in my in-laws front yard. I think we'll wear Santa hats to spice it up a bit!
In looking around for the right photo card, I've decided to use Shutterfly. They have a massive selection of cards to pick from. Plus great sales on those cards. I'm excited to put one together and mail it out to friends and family. Once they are out, I'll come back and show it off. But cruise on over to the website to check out the selection!

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"V" said...

Hope that you're addressing them yourselves! :)