Monday, November 22, 2010

Things I love

This post might not be filled with screams and tears like Oprah's Favorite Things but I'm going to share some of my current loves.
Taylor Swift's new album. Especially "Mean", "Innocent", "Never Grow Up" and "Better than Revenge." The whole cd is full of great songs.
I decided it was time for me to try to pull off the boot over skinny jeans look. I went to Kohls and hunted for the perfect pair of boots and the above pair.
My legs aren't really that skinny. I'm standing at a flattering angle. :) My kitty. Isn't she cute? I came out of the bathroom this morning and saw her sitting here in the dresser drawer. Oh Kitty. You are adorable. Except when you get super excited and fierce over the headband that I turned into a long chase toy and claw my hand (twice) to get it back from me. You are kinda crazy then. These two Ole Henriksen products are awesome. My face is pretty sensitive and scrubs usually make me break out but this one leaves my face so soft and refreshed. The moisturizer (green label) has a bit of a scent which I don't like but it isn't too bad. I haven't had any breakouts since using these products. Just the usual hormonal breakouts. Damn those.
Yes, I got married over 2 years ago but I finally getting around to uploading all of the pictures from our photographer to my Flickr album. It is so fun to look back at these and relive the day.

1 comment:

StumpyG said...

1. I want to see more of your wedding pics once you have them all up, if I may.

2. Cute kitty.

3. You look amazing.

4. I'm going to download Taylor's album as soon as I'm done with this comment. I love her, but "Mine" was sorta meh, so I wasn't sure I wanted the album. With your praises, I'm going for it.