Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

I was pretty bored Thanksgiving weekend and decided it was a good time to get the Christmas boxes out and decorate. My husband was at work and I thought it would be fun if he came home to a cheery, Christmas house. :) We don't have too many Christmas decorations but I think every time I step foot into Michael's or CVS lately, I buy a new Santa or Snowman or Rudolph decoration. It is an illness that I am not seeking out treatment for because I LOVE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. Our mantle: The dining room table: How cute are these snowmen? I love snowmen. The mini tree I got at Michael's last year. LOVE it. Kitty was all about the Santa hat. When I come home from work, the hat is in a different place every time. She puts it in her mouth and carries it around the house....then chews and bites it. Ok now what? And finally, the tree. I think my husband hyponotized me and brainwashed me into getting a fake tree. FAKE. I'm a real tree girl. We used to go out to tree farms and my dad would saw down the tree we picked out. I'm okay with going to Home Depot or the random lot on the corner to get the tree but NEVER a fake one. Until this year. Seriously, I was brainwashed. Hmmm, this looks delicious. And then we took about 15 tripod and timer assisted, pictures to use for our Christmas card. That was funny. But I'm not going to share the final result until Christmas Day. When do you start decorating for Christmas? Do you have the same Christmas Decoration Illness? Has your pet eaten your tree yet? Fake or real tree? Will my husband be mad because I'm pretty sure he asked me not to post that picture of him carrying the tree in the house.


Stefanie K. said...

I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. I absolutely DO have the same illness...Christmas has thrown up ALL OVER MY HOUSE. No joke - every room. The bathroom, the guest room...everywhere. I love Christmas decor. I can't get enough! I am a real Christmas tree kind of gal, but last year I got a fake one for 60% off after Christmas and the ease of it is just incredible. My husband agrees that when we have kids and have those kinds of traditions to keep, we'll go back to cutting our own tree...but for now, fake is just where it's at for us. And so far, the animals have all stayed far away from the tree/decor. Normally, the cats LOVE a real tree...they love to hide under it and get up inside the branches...but the fake one, they totally ignore. Happy Holidays!

Jen said...

Hi Michelle! I found your blog through KimberlyMichelle's.

I just had to comment on how much I LOVE your holiday decorations. All of the little snowmen are so cute! I have some similar stuff and could totally buy more and more, but I'm running out of space to display it all!

I'm going to catch up on some of your other blog posts and keep up with your #reverb10 posts. I'm participating too! It's what finally got me to be participant in the blogging community,as opposed to a lurker! :-)

The Jesse said...

i always start decorating on december 1st and i'm slowly starting to collect more & more christmas decorations and spread them through the house. we always get a real tree, every year that we've been together, from the say boy scout lot in our town. i love it :)

merry christmas!!!

Sweet Bean said...

Love that little house ornie. Super cute! ;)