Friday, December 17, 2010

Reverb10- Day 17

December 17 – Lesson Learned What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward? (Author: Tara Weaver) I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was. This moment happened in one day, one instance. I had to give myself my trigger shot back in May when we were going through our first fertility cycle. I had the needle and meds at home but I forgot to bring them to my doctor appointment. The nurse ran me through the process and made me practice on myself. And I did. I injected myself with a needle. I drove home and closed the bedroom door so kitty wouldn't be all up in my bidness. I laid out all of the supplies and realized that in that moment, I felt like a drug addict. The syringe was all ready to go so I changed to a shorter needle (a longer one is used for pulling the meds into the syringe.....see, drug addict lingo.) I laid back, grabbed a handful of belly fat (and thought, geez, I've got a lot of this) took a deep breath and jabbed the needle in. I did it. I looked down at the needle and thought, I did it. Upon telling this to my husband (and mom and sister later on) they were quite surprised. Little Michelle gave herself a shot. Little Michelle is pretty strong. Even Little Michelle didn't know she could do something like that. But I can and I did and there isn't much else I can't do if I really put my mind to it.

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