Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ear. Nose. Throat

Do you ever wish that you would come down with a cold or the flu just so you can hang out on the couch for a few days and not go anywhere or do anything? Its not a good idea to wish for that. Spend your wishes some other way. Money, weight loss, a new car. Anything but wishing for some time at home because being sick sucks. I started to get a sore throat last Thursday so I knew that something greater was coming. Sure enough, Saturday night, I started to get that tingle in my nose and by Sunday, I felt like garbage. Monday...garbage and Tuesday I made myself a doctor appointment to find out that I have an ear infection. Last night I wasn't able to sleep AT ALL because sleeping while sitting up just isn't comfortable and the only thing that drained my nose was walking to the bathroom and well, I can't fall asleep while continuously walking around my house. So I suffered through a night where I got minimal sleep and now I'm at work thinking it wasn't a good idea to come in today either. I'll see how far I get. After all, today is the day I travel to 3 middle schools. Today is the day that I need to be on my A game because middle schoolers are crazy balls of energy. They take no mercy.

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