Friday, January 28, 2011

Feel the Music

I was at one of the middle schools I work with today. They were holding a talent show during lunch. I was sitting in the cafeteria, waiting for the show to start when I saw a teacher guiding a student through the long line of students getting their lunches. The teacher was holding a long stick (wikipedia tells me it is called a White Cane). He sat the student down at my table and said he wanted him to sit close to the stage so he could feel the music. The teacher sat down next to me and said that he works with disabled students at the school, helping to integrate them into traditional classes. This student was a part of the Leadership class and since the Leadership class was putting on the talent show, he wanted to be a part of it as much as he could. I looked at the young man and my heart broke a little. I'm not sure if he had other disabilities other than being visually impaired but it seemed that way. Being the empathetic person that I am (sometimes, too much), I watched this young man and wondered what goes on in his head. I wonder how kids at the school treat him. I wonder if he can experience middle school like his peers. I wonder what his future holds and what he will be doing in 10 years. And yes, I felt sad for him. No real reason that I should feel sad for him because for all I know, he could have the happiest life ever. But in the moment, as he sat there, he showed no emotion on his face while his peers laughed, hugged, waved and enjoyed being out of class for 40 minutes to eat lunch. And then the music started and his face lit up. He really did FEEL the music. He looked so happy. He was nodding his head. He was smiling. He was loving life. He enjoyed that talent more than the students who could see it. He didn't stop smiling the entire time. And it just made me thankful that there are people out there to remind me that I should stop and FEEL the "music" everyday. That I should let complete and utter joy wash over my face at least once a day, if not more. My "music" is my husband. My family. My kitty. My time to exercise. My laughter. My friendships. My life. I hope this kid has several times when he feels the "music" throughout his day. And even though I will probably never see him again, I will think of him often whenever I need to pause and remember to feel the music.

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