Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday (party) Dad!

We waited a few days to gather as a family and celebrate my dad's birthday. I made a cake for the occasion. That was a comedy of errors. I consulted my new cookbook for a chocolate cake recipe and got to work. I was nervous about making a cake from scratch and even thought about buying a boxed cake mix just in case I screwed up. I put on my husband's Mickey Mouse apron and got to work. I checked in on the cake and it was bubbling. Liquid was bubbling. That just didn't seem right and it wasn't. When I removed the cake, it was awful looking. I failed big time. And since I chose to believe in my abilities, I didn't buy boxed cake mix and therefore, was stuck. I decided to go ahead and try it again. After I had already cleaned every dish, bowl and utensil. SUCK. But I'm happy to report that the cake came out fine the second time.
And my dad loved the Blurb book I made him of our Italy trip in 2004. He didn't cry, like I hoped he would have but that's ok. I know that he loved it. I didn't feel like wearing my contacts and I thought it would be fun to see how much me and my sister really look alike. The answer: lots. Chris and Diana played a game of Sorry. In this picture, Chris is talking smack, saying he has never lost a game of Sorry. 15 minutes later, he lost. To a 5.5 year old. Then we sang and ate cake. And guess what? The cake tasted good! Hooray for me! Happy Birthday dad! Love ya!

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