Friday, January 21, 2011

No Strings Attached

Maybe I just watch a lot of tv (ok, I do watch a lot of tv) but the ads for this damn movie are on overkill. Every single commercial break features Natalie and Ashton making out, the stupid mix cd about your period and Natalie Portman yelling out in a public place "Why can't we just have sex." OMG. That scene makes me cringe. I can't see this movie. The previews have actually made me want to physically stop people from seeing this movie. I don't care if People Magazine gave it three out of four stars. I don't care if it is clever and funny and awesome. "Why can't we just have sex." I'm sure the cast of Jersey Shore will love this film. I'm going to have to pass.


Azine said...

SOOO TRUE! Its one of the only ads that's streaming on my Pandora station too. Overkill is an understatement

~ Viri ~ said...

I TOOOOOOOTALLY agree! I can't stand such movies like that period. I find it repulsive to be honest. It's like the ok for men and woman to think that type of mentality is ok. Sorry people but NO!