Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TTC Tuesday: I need to know NOW

Previous TTC Tuesday Post All logical thinking goes out the window when the only thing on your mind is implanting a child in your uterus. This is why I some women tend to go crazy and take a home pregnancy test days before they get their period. Why do they do this? Why do they waste money buying HPT's and risk getting less than desired results when they can just wait until their periods are late and take a test that is more than likely going to give them the result they want? Because logical thinking doesn't exist. And for women who are going through fertility treatments, it can be even harder to wait. We imagine that we have symptoms when we don't. "Hmm I'm pretty sure my boobs hurt and that NEVER happens so I must be pregnant....PEE ON A STICK." "I feel something in my uterus twitching. I'm sure it means I'm pregnant....PEE ON A STICK." "Man, I'm exhausted, achy and hungry. Pregnant! PEE ON A STICK!" Also, it doesn't help that several companies love rubbing it in that their tests can produce accurate results up to 6 days before a missed period. Why wait until you miss your period??? Who does that anymore? Patience is for the birds. It is no surprise in our culture of I WANT EVERYTHING NOW that we can't even wait for nature to come along to inform us of the state of our bodies. We must pee on a plastic stick and let that be our answer. I'd like to see the correlation between women who take HPT's 6 days before a missed period and those that find out what sex they are having as soon as they can. The need to know generation is large and we are busting down the doors to get answers as soon as possible. Those women who glide through life and notice 6 days AFTER their missed period and then take a pregnancy test have to have something in common with the women who want the sex of their baby to be a surprise until birth, right? Me? I'm in the NEED TO KNOW group. I need to know. I pee on a stick even when I have clear signs that I'm going to start my period and we have already agreed that we will find out the sex of our child and then proceed to shout it from the rooftops because WE NEED TO KNOW. NOW.

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Angie said...

ALSO!!! what about the woman on that show "i didn't know i was pregnant." it's like, there's a moving baby in ur uterus..that's not the taco bell burrito you had last night lady!!

before we found out about the infertility, i swear i wasted a lot of $$ every damn month on HPT's!! it was especially frustrating when my period decided it wanted to play an extra evil trick on my a be 4 days late, when i have ALWAYS been on schedule. why now?? when i'm trying to get pregnant does my cycle decide to screw with me??