Friday, January 14, 2011

Watch this NOW

Did I tell you guys about a documentary that we watched about a month or so ago? NO, I didn't and for that reason, I should be stuck with this pounding sinus headache for at least another day. How dare I. "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia." It streams on Netflix which means you should watch it this weekend and then watch the Golden Globes Sunday night and get angry when it doesn't win in the category "Most jaw dropping documentary ever made." I'm not kidding. If you get through this with your jaw NOT on the floor the whole time, I'm going to wonder about you and the lifestyle you live. Don't google it. Don't watch the trailer. Just watch the film and come back to this post and PLEASE tell me what you thought. That is your homework for the weekend, class. Now it is recess. Go play!


Angie said...

ok, so i cheated and googled (what? i hate rules;))

umm..WOW..just wow!

so of course since i don't have netflix i tried to find it online. i started watching it, then 34 minutes just froze. SO i subscribed to netflix just to finish

and YEA, my jaw was on the floor and i was nodding my head in disbelief the whole damn time!
i just..i..mean. wow..there really aren't any words. i think the moment that shocked me the most was when that woman(kirk)still recovering from giving birth and is snorting lines in her hotpital room!!!!!!!WTF?!?!?! and then they wondered WHY they took her precious baby, when you know she was high throughout her entire pregnancy. god! i reallly hope she is able to stay clean, sadly i know she wont :/

amybyrd said...

we started watching it based on your recommendation, and I was like WTF is this real. We couldn't finish it--interesting but I don't think it is an award winner.

Jen said...

The Hubs and I watched this over the weekend and the whole time I kept looking at my husband with my mouth wide open asking..."Did they just do that????" At one point The Hubs asked, "Why are they taking the time to grind up the pills and snort it? Isn't it easier to just swallow." Guess the speed of getting the high is worth the effort.

I agree with Angie about the most shocking moment being when they were snorting lines in the hospital. Absolutely CRAZY!