Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Crisis in Egypt

I'd like to explore the topic of the current political crisis in Egypt today......... I'm totally kidding. I watch the news and all that jazz but seriously, I just posted about Teen Mom yesterday. I am kidding myself if I think I am going to launch into a tirade about the current dictator and what will happen when he steps down soon. Plus, I'm sick AGAIN. Did I tell you that? Well, I am. I started to get that evil sick feeling last Friday. Even though I told my body that it was the WRONG weekend to get sick, my body didn't listen. Cee-Lo Green song to you body! I had to work Saturday morning, entertain people Saturday night, go with my sister to her 10K run Sunday morning and entertain more people on Sunday for my husband's birthday. My Monday I felt like real crap and stayed home. I'm not feeling horrible anymore but my voice is a wreck. Virtually non-existant. Last night, I launched into that part of a cold/allergies when you can't take a breath without coughing. I was hacking most of the evening and decided to go to bed early at my usual time of 8:30 pm. Husband (Dr. D) rubbed some Vicks Vapor Rub on my chest (nothing sexual, I swear) and eventually I fell asleep. There is a time limit to that vapor rub because by 4 a.m. I was back to my coughing self and moved my sick ass to the couch in the loft. I didn't really sleep out there, I was just trying to make sure my husband could get some sleep. He didn't. I have a three day weekend coming up (two in a row actually) so I'm looking forward to resting my voice so I don't sound like a man anymore. Valentine's Day is Monday and since we are SUPER FANCY we are going to the in The Outback Steakhouse. Told you. Fancy.

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