Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have a serious problem (and it doesn't have to do with making a child)

I've recently started playing Words With Friends on my phone again. I quit a while back when I became obsessed with Angry Birds but since finishing that game, I needed something else to do and I've convinced myself that playing phone scrabble is helping to keep my brain sharp. Since I stopped playing WWF, some idiot app designer has created a cheaters version of the game. You type in the letters that you have and it tells you what words you can create and how many points they are worth. CHEATERS. I refuse to use that version because I am not a cheater. BUT, I suspect that a person I am playing against is a cheater. And this isn't just a random player. It is someone I know. Why do I suspect that this person is cheating? Here are some words that they have played: cation, zoa, rosin, quaff. Really? Does anyone know what those words even mean???? If this person isn't cheating, the only thing that makes sense is that he/she is just throwing letters onto the board and hoping that one works. Obviously, I'm getting my a$$ handed to me and it upsets me because I have NO fair shot in winning these games. And yes, I like to win at phone scrabble. I lost 253-419 last time. What were some words during that game? Hewed, seine, calif, rom. I guess I can stop accepting games from this person but then he/she might ask me why I'm not playing anymore. I'm afraid I might just blurt it out. "I THINK YOU ARE DAMN DIRTY WORDS WITH FRIENDS CHEATER!!! SHOW ME YOUR PHONE!!!"


Azine said...

Ok, all those words are ridiculous! ..but i'll vouch for rosin. That's the stuff you put on your violin bow to make things sound better. i only know this because my parents tortured me and put me in orchestra for 1 too meany years. The rest though? blech.

DroidWords is just as bad. Its the computer coming up with messed up make believe words. No fair!

Stefanie K. said...

Dude, the WWF cheating is Soooooooo obvious! My MIL and I used to play, and then I heard from my husband, who heard from my FIL that my MIL wasn't happy with how much I had been beating her. Suddenly, not long after that, she started KILLING me with these whack-o words! My husband was even like, "I think my mom might be cheating at WWF...?!"...yeah, if we both notice at the same time that you're suddenly Ah-MAZ-ing at the game, I'm calling cheater! Not cool. Maybe you should keep playing the person, but use really lame words. Like start with "at" and play for the lowest score - like golf! - without telling them :)

Michelle said...

Now I feel better, Stef! I'm totally going to do the low score thing. Great idea!!!

runningonwords said...

Hate to say it, but the only one of those words I'm not sure of is zoa, however, there is no way on earth that I would be able to pull those out of my butt during a game. Sounds like a cheater! You should cheat against them just this one time to scare them.

Angie said... sister plays AND she admitted to cheating. when my SIL posted about wanting people to play with her. i warned her not to play with my sister because she cheats!
also, i knew NONE of those

crazy bunny lady said...

Ugh that is so annoying! I played WordFeud for a long time b/c I have a Droid and that's what was offered. I can finally play WWF, and I am so disappointed that people can cheat! I admit to throwing letters up there and hoping something will work sometimes, but I've never full on cheated (and don't intend to.) That is so lame!

I say just stop accepting games. If the person asks, just say you don't really like to play it anymore. How's s/he going to know?Or forfeit the game if they start using cheating words. Maybe they'll get the hint. Or call them out! They deserve it! ::madface::