Monday, February 28, 2011

I need an H on my timesheet

I got my timesheet for March today. There are no H's on it. No holidays. Nothing. This makes me sad. Other thoughts: -It was really great that I had the chance to go to San Diego this past weekend. I was so happy to be there for my friend and her family. In between the sadness of the memorial, I managed to have a really nice time with my traveling companion. My friend Melissa is the awesome. I told her that we should take another trip together, even if it is just 30 hours long. I think the shortness of the trip made it that much more fun. -Do you ever have days when you feel super emotional and just feel like you could cry? Today is that day for me. Not sure why. Maybe I feel like this at the end of every month. Paying bills stresses me out. -I was SO HAPPY that The King's Speech won Best Picture last night at the Oscars. I love awards show and happily was parked on the couch for 5.5 hours watching the red carpet and the show. I have a serious crush on Colin Firth too. He is so adorably handsome. Although, my favorite role of his is from Love Actually. "I hate Uncle Jamie." Favorite. -I'm keeping notes on my iphone of the hilarious, random stuff that my husband says. Obviously, they are inside jokes and might not be funny to other people but the list is getting really long and it is only March. He had some zingers last night during the Oscars. I'm convinced my husband is the funniest person on earth. Seriously. I love him so. -Did I tell you that there are no holidays in March? How can I create one? -If I'm not Catholic, can I still do something for Lent? I like the challenge of giving something up/ adding something positive for a certain period of time and seeing if I can stick with it. Maybe I'll do both. I have until next Monday so I'll report back then. -Our flight was 90 minutes late to San Diego Friday afternoon. We landed at 6:15, got our luggage, waited for the shuttle and checked into our hotel. We had to hustle to make it to dinner with our friends so we asked the front desk to call us a cab. When we went outside, there was no cab......but there was a man with a limo (not a stretch limo though) and said he would take us where we needed to go for $15. I hesistated but my friend Melissa did not. "YES, we'll take it!" she exclaimed. So we took a limo to dinner. It was hilarious.


The Jesse said...

i totally have emotional days all the time. most recenlty, last friday. i cried so much i woke up the next day with puffy eyes!

no holidays in march? lame sauce :(

i was raised catholic but i dont go to church anymore but i still participate in lent. i think if you want to, you should too! i'm giving up sweets again this year {i gave them up last year for lent too}.

runningonwords said...

I'm not Catholic, but I usually do something for Lent. One year I gave up tv. That was heinous. This year I think instead of giving something up I'm going to try to do some kind of devotional.

March needs some freakin holidays! I cannot be expected to work this much. It makes me sad.