Monday, February 14, 2011

Maybe I'm just old

Instead of watching The Grammy's live last night, I enjoyed a date night with my husband. We watched The King's Speech and LOVED IT SO MUCH. Then we went to a fancy dinner at The Outback. We had cheese fries, pork and steak. Fancy.
Since I'm off work today, I plopped down on the couch while doing laundry to watch fast forward through The Grammys. Am I just old? What is up with the state of music? Here are some of my WTF moments:
-Lady Gaga. I get it. You are weird. But your new song is not all that. And it is ripped off from Express Yourself by Madonna. Don't deny it.
-Still not a Bieber fan. I'm not his target audience so I'm sure that is fine but his look makes me shake my head. The skinny jeans and big old shoes? Do not like. And Jaden Smith with his leopard skinny pants? NO. NO. NO.
-I'm mad at Christina for screwing up the words to the National Anthem at the Superbowl. Know those words girl. But I'm sick of everyone calling her fat. She isn't fat. People saying she is fat are mean. And I'm not even a big fan of hers.
-Did you notice a pattern? Person performs. Another person performs. An award is presented to the first performer. Rinse and repeat. All the drama was taken out of the awards because every other performer was a winner.
-Who are these Mumford and Sons? I like them.
-I'm over "Need You Now." I'm sure I'm not alone.
-Eminem was lip syncing. I think he lip syncs most awards show performances. Funny how he used to rag on Britney for doing the same thing. I'm an expert at spotting lip syncers. I've been to SEVEN Britney concerts ok? I know what I'm talking about. Chris Brown was also lip syncing during SNL this weekend.
I could go on but this post is too long and whiny. I'm going to curl up in a ball and listen to The Beatles and dream of when music was good.


Angie said...

-i'm a bieber fan(obviously) ;)
-jaden's pants..yea, hideous!
-i'm also SO OVER lady antebellum
-umm, can you please explain cee loo's performance? i mean that song..i like..but wth was up with that performance?!?!
- it also irritated me that they've been calling christina fat. i mean seriously?? so she might have gained a few lbs(which i didn't even notice)...but FAT she is NOT! :/

Jen said...

I must be old too... cause who the heck is Arcade Fire????

I guesss I listen to talk radio too much to know all of these new bands! That is the definition of old! Oh well! :-)