Friday, February 25, 2011

A necessary trip

Last week, I mentioned a friend who was going through a nightmare of a situation. It really rocked me to my core and I spent most of that day crying or trying to hold back tears. Damn you empathy for being such a strong personality trait. This friend, L, is someone I have seen twice in a decade. I had breakfast with her back in 2007 when she was in town visiting friends. We are facebook friends so I keep up with her life but we aren't in any type of communication with each other. But back in high school, we were very, very close. We played on the same sports teams and developed a strong relationship through those seasons. I was a year older than her so when I went away to college, and then she went away to college, we drifted apart. It happens. When I got the call about the bad news, I instantly thought, "should I be there for her?" My best friend, L's friend as well, said she was going to find a way to travel down to Southern California to be there for her. By Thursday morning, it felt like it was the only thing to do. I made sure my husband was okay with it and called my friend to tell her that I'd like to go with her. In the meantime, I've reached out to several other high school friends through facebook and have heard that they are also going to attend the services to be there for L. These are also friends that haven't been in communication with her for a while but that just doesn't matter. My mom said that no matter what, there is something comforting about people you were close to in your past. Something that feels like home when you are going through such a mess of a time. The trip will be fast. Fly out this afternoon, fly back Saturday night. I'm so glad that I am doing this. And that I'm doing it with another friend. And additional friends will be there as well. It won't be a happy reunion but a necessary one.


runningonwords said...

You are a good friend! I made a similar emergency trip recently to say goodbye to my great aunt and I'm so glad I was able to be there for her and my cousin. You won't regret it.

Mrs. T said...

Definitely a necessary trip. Good for your for reaching out.

andrea said...

Girlfriends are amazing. Good for you for being such an amazing girlfriend.