Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Goals!

I had a few goals that I wanted to accomplish this weekend. I'm happy to report that I was able to complete almost all of them. I'm off today so I still have time.
1. Workout Saturday, Sunday and Monday: It has been too long since I have worked out consistently (stupid head cold) but I managed to workout three days in a row and will continue working out through the week!
2. Eat frozen yogurt: I met up with my sister yesterday and had some delicious fro-yo. The sun came out long enough to eat it and not feel silly eating froyo in February.
3. Spend time with my husband: We drove up to Sacramento on Saturday so he could go to Fry's and I could go to Kohls and do some shopping. I found a fabulous coat that was marked down from $170 to $51. We had lunch at On The Border. They have great salsa.
4. Kick it with my kitty: Consider her kicked. Errrrr, that sounds horrible. We kicked it together. It was nice.
5. Find some casual black boots: I'm hoping to accomplish this today. I have $30 Kohls Cash but they seem to have moved onto Spring/Summer shoes and have removed all of their boots from the shelves already. I have some fake Ugg type boots in brown but I am tired of wearing those with black tops and jackets. It looks awful (says the girl who is the least fashionable person ever). Wish me luck!
How was your weekend? Did you accomplish anything?


runningonwords said...

That sounds like a nice weekend! I didn't get much done, but I am all caught up on last week's primetime.

Lynsey Kaye said...

On the border does have fantastic salsa!!

The Jesse said...

sounds like a great weekend. i love on the border, mainly for the swirly margaritas with sangria :) BUT the salsa is good too!!!