Thursday, March 31, 2011

Have it your way (minus a straw)

I went to McDonalds for lunch today. Don't judge me. I had a grilled snack wrap and a chocolate shake. It's hot today. I feel your eyes judging me!!!

This McDonalds is kind enough to bring your food to your table. What nice service! The tray was put in front of my face. Snack wrap and milkshake.

No straw. No napkin. As the "waitress" walked away and asked "may I have a straw?"

Her response: "you can get one over there." And walked away.

So much for good service.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teen Mom 2

Let me first say that I have way too many opinions about this show and I found myself getting seriously worked up about it last night. Please validate me and tell me that I am not alone in my feelings. Now to the recap. SPOILERS AHEAD....

Kailyn: I have to start off with her because last night I was almost in tears watching the end of her story. It made me so, so, so remarkably sad. She was trying to take the high road and they were both doing the right thing getting their arrangement legally justified. But they are 19 year olds and subject to massive hormonal mood swings. It was sad to see both Kailyn and Jo lose all sense of "getting along" and go verbally abusive on each other. I wish Kailyn would just shut her mouth and take it because whenever she says anything, Jo seems to unleash a whole new verbal assault on her. Not that she shouldn't try to defend herself because she should but it doesn't matter. Even if she was to say "you are right", he would still call her worthless. I had my hands to my face, shaking my head in disbelief that these two people are so immature but given the responsiblity of raising a child. Jo is a horrible role model for his son. No woman should be talked to the way he talks to Kailyn. I hope Kailyn knows that she is worth more than that and will not accept that kind of treatment from future men in her life. Jo's parents should be coming down harder on him instead of how they were wasting their time trying to parent Kailyn.

Chelsea: I'm sure we'll find out during the reunion show that this breakup with Adam didn't last and I'm sure Chelsea welcomed him back with open arms but I was proud of her. The way she broke down saying that she has raised her daughter alone and her friends said "you are a strong person" was moving. I just hope she believes it. Adam is a complete douche. I just wish Chelsea's dad would have higher expectations for his daughter, like finishing high school. Second place for hilarious line of the night: "This present is from step-daddy Megan." HILARIOUS.

 Jenelle: There really isn't much to say about this girl. She has no self esteem, much like Chelsea. 1 step forward, 8 million miles back. I can't even imagine how stressed out her mom is over everything that has happened. First place for hilarious line of the night:
Jenelle: I'm in jail
Barbara: What are you doing there?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I know it shouldn't be funny but it is and I'm sure that is how you would respond because of shock.
Also..."I'm going to give him two weeks to change and then I'm gone for good." Sigh. Hopeless. Janelle is hopeless. She will lead a life of crime, homelessness and never, ever connect with her son. And now that she has been arrested for beating the snot out of some girl on video, I don't see great things for her.

Leah: I love that they got married at Coonskin Park. Maybe Corey just isn't good at eye contact but I kept thinking "LOOK AT HER" while saying your vows!!!!! They are cute and I hope they can make it. Statistics are against them. I got very teary eyed when Corey's dad was talking to him before the wedding. That was really sweet. Their parents seem like such nice, supportive people.

I'm looking forward (kinda) to the reunion show next week although I know it will just make me more angry. I don't know if I can handle another season of these girls and their mistakes. They have to get a little more mature, right?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am putting off TTC Tuesday for the week so I can geek out over Britney Spears.
Yes, I love Britney Spears. Innocent Britney. Popular Britney. Crazy Britney. I love them all. I have been on the Britney train since 1998 and I have never been off the tracks, even when she was. Even when she was married to K-Fed, I knew that she would rise above that and someday return to glory.
As her new album gets released today, I wanted to take a fond look back at late 90's/early 00's Britney. Enjoy! Or don't enjoy if you are a hater. :)
Her first VMA performance in 1999: The nude bodysuit performance in 2000: I'm a Slave 4 U performace in 2001. One of my favorite songs of hers: And of course, the famous Britney-Madonna kiss in 2003. Madonna must have poison saliva because within months, Britney married and divorced that dude in Vegas, then met K-Fed and made me sad because I was scared of what that loser was doing to my girl. I've been to 6 Britney concerts and if she tours again, I will be there.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My alter ego wakes up at 5:00 a.m.

I wasn't sure if my morning workout schedule would stick. Sleeping in gym clothes isn't super comfortable after all. But somehow, I have managed to make it part of my routine. Last Friday, I even managed to wake up at 4:00 a.m. and be on the elliptical machine by 4:15. Who me? I never thought I could do that but now I never want to go back. Working out in the morning is easy. The hardest part is getting out of bed but as soon as I step out the front door (and run to my car because I'm scared of the boogie man hiding in the bushes) and drive to the gym, I'm awake and ready to go. I complete my hour of cardio and drive home to get ready for the day. The best part? Walking in the door at 5:00 or later and knowing that I have the entire evening to do what I please. Cook dinner, watch tv, play with the kitty, talk to my husband, grocery shop. No rushing to the gym and everything that comes with it. Right now, I work out Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Maybe a Wednesday or Friday if I feel like getting up at 4:00. Who am I kidding. No one ever FEELS like getting up that early but I have to say, I'm addicted to the morning workout!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TTC Tuesday: The Little Things

This whole thing is a roller coaster and the smallest dip or the biggest climb can turn me into a mess. And sometimes, it is the little things that really have me in tears.
My mind tends to run and my imagination gets out of control and I think the worst of a situation that has presented itself. Like Friday, at my follow up ultrasound when the doctor didn't see what he wanted to see. Granted, it was only cycle day 7 (usually, I would be seen on day 9 or 10 to give the meds a chance to work) but with the weekend approaching, they thought it was best that I was seen early instead of too late. But in this case, that wasn't better because parts of my body weren't working "like an orchestra" like my doctor likes to see. My orchestra was like a bunch of preschoolers with instruments. Some were playing like they should be while others were sneezing into their tuba's and others were napping on their music stands. I left that appointment not knowing what was in store for my cycle, out $127 and another appointment (and $127) set for Monday.
Monday was better. Everything was good. The doctor was happy with how things had come together over the weekend. I had every reason to be happy. But it was a little thing that sent me into tears. The cost of my hcg shot had gone up $31 since I last needed it in January. In just 7 weeks, for some reason, the cost increased. $31, big deal. Yes, big deal.
Every time I get out my charge card to pay for an appointment or a prescription, I hold back tears. It is the financial part of this experience that sends me into an emotional spiral. I'm paying to make a child. Something that is FREE and I have to pay for it. And now I have to pay more? I try to remind myself that this could be the last time! It could work this time! But I have that nagging voice in my head that says "it hasn't worked before and it hasn't worked many times for other people. Why should I be so lucky." And no matter how hard I try to shake those voices out of my head, they are there, causing me to get that pit in my stomach and those tears in my eyes.
Hoping for the best this time is the best defense against those nasty thoughts. And I hope the next time I am pulling out my charge card, the appointment is a much happier one.

Friday, March 18, 2011

All basketball, all the time

I love March Madness. I have been filling out a bracket for the NCAA tourney for many, many years. Since my husband isn't a fan of the college hoops tournament (for shame), I wager $5 per round with my mom in hopes of winning some money and pride. This great nation does not seem to understand the importance of college basketball. I still have to work during the tournament. Weird, right? I went to Chili's during my lunch break yesterday just in time to see two of my teams (top ranked by the way) lose in buzzer beaters. I was angry and the waitress was scared of the crowd that was gathered in the bar area. The results so far: First round I was 3-1 and I do not like this new weird first round where 8 teams play. Thursday (1st day of second round): 11-5. My mom was 12-4 so I need to pull out a few wins today to win $5. I'll be keeping track on my phone, watch a game before going to a Pampered Chef party tonight and then I will remain glued to the couch the rest of the weekend (and next weekend) hoping that my bracket doesn't fall apart like last year! Happy Friday. Happy Weekend. Happy Basketball watching!!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prude or Rude? You Decide

I went to a festival in a small town with my sister and my two nieces last weekend. I'm pretty sure the entire population of this town was in attendance because it was very crowded. The festival essentially took place in one city block: at a park and across the street from the park. There were multiple food booths, community centered booths and fun things for kids to do. When we arrived it was lunch time and I had my mind made up that I wanted a tri-tip sandwich but we needed to find some food for the girls so we stumbled across a little deli where my sister could get grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids and a deli sandwich for herself. Because of the small town + huge crowds, there were not many places to sit and eat. Luckily, there was a picnic bench sitting outside of the deli so we made ourselves comfortable while my sister waited for the food. There were two young men sitting at the table when we got there. They were in the mid to late 20's. They were also eating lunch. I couldn't help but hear their conversation and I was a bit shocked (and annoyed, to be honest) at the words they chose to use. Lots of F-words. Lots of Sh-words. Lots of other curse words. They weren't saying these words under their breath or quietly. I was uncomfortable but we didn't really have an option to move to another table. There were no other places to eat. I was a little intimidated by them so I failed to make eye contact in order to express my disgust at their language. I just tried to keep my nieces occupied on something else and their ears diverted from the conversation going on. Maybe I'm a prude but I just don't understand the complete lack of consideration for other people. There were CHILDREN sitting within an ear shot of these guys. Isn't it just good social manners to recognize that perhaps spewing out the F-word isn't good manners in front of kids....or anyone?? You couldn't have a conversation about cars without using offensive words? When I hear middle and high school students rattling off horrid words, I roll my eyes. They are immature and probably don't realize how stupid they actually sound. But guys in their mid-20's? They really don't know that speaking that way, out in the open in public, is just rude and offensive? Especially when two small kids are sitting within an arms length from you? If they would have been younger, say in their teens, I might have said something to them. Maybe. Am I a complete prude? Do you find it shocking when people use foul language in public? Do you have examples of this happening?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TTC Tuesday: No horse pills here

Two tiny pills.
Taken for 5 days.
A routine that is anything but normal has become "my normal."

Monday, March 14, 2011

Going to the Fair

Last year, I entered a few pictures into the photography exhibit of our local fair. I drive by the fairgrounds every single day and was reminded that they are now accepting entries! When I got home last night, I took some time going through my pictures, deciding which ones I would enter into the fair and lose to a crappy picture of someone standing at a wedding. Seriously. One of the blue ribbon winners last year was a picture of a couple standing on the dance floor at a wedding. There was nothing special about this picture. Color me confused.
I stepped up my game this year and I'm going to enter 8 pictures!
Scenic Views:


I need help from you! I can only enter two pictures per category and I have three potential pictures in the "Animal" category. Please tell me which two you think I should enter:




I realize that I am no award winning photographer and these pictures aren't anything to really write home about but it is fun to enter them into the fair and see them hanging up on display!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Reality Show Wrap Up

SPOILERS! SPOILERS. Don't say I didn't warn you! The Amazing Race: Favorites: Justin and Zev; Flight Time and Big Easy; Mallory and her dad (forgot his name!); Christina Justin and Zev are hilarious and are so easy going. They don't really fight and seem like they are having fun. Did you see in the first episode that they were wearing shirts thats aid Globetrotters just like Flight Time and Big Easy? Hilarious. The Globetrotters are also awesome. I want them to win! Mallory is cute and that is one of my favorite names that I could never name my actually child. She and her dad make me happy. And I picked Christina just because I feel bad that she has a dad that is so off his rocker. Least Favorites: Cowboys; Ron; The Cheerleaders; Margie and Luke I'm excited and terrified to see Ron lose his mind next week. What is wrong with that man? I don't know why Christina would agree to run the race with him again. He is loony. The Cowboys annoy me but I think I have this weird fear of small, petite men with somewhat high voices. The Cheerleaders are ignorant and haven't changed since their season. They think that everyone in the world should speak English. You signed up for the wrong reality show. Margie and Luke seem manipulative and whiny if they don't get their way. Did anyone catch when they got a clue last week and Luke was trying to read it and Margie gave him a SHUSH? Wow. The Real Housewives of Orange County: This is the only R.H. show that I have ever watched. The others just seemed way too over the top for me. But now it seems that the O.C. wenches have stepped up their drama factor. Gretchen is an alcoholic who can't control herself while drinking. Alexis is a complete phony who uses religion to make her sound smart and caring. Vicki needs to gather her belongs and move off the show. Tamara, who I used to like, had too much plastic surgery and just seems like a 40 year old who wants too badly to be 25 again. I'm glad Lynne is off the show because she was the worst!!! I think they took her brain out during her face lift. What a numbnuts. Teen Mom 2: My husband said "how was Teen Mom?" I said "infuriating." I know teenagers make stupid decisions because their brain's haven't yet developed all the way BUT WOW. These chicks (and dudes) are useless. I can't even type everything I am thinking because I'll get angry just thinking about it but I want to fly to South Dakota and go to Chelsea's dad's house and explain to him that he needs to act like a parent who's daughter is being verbally abused and stop allowing that dirtbag creep to live in HIS house for free. Then he needs to pack up his daughter's stuff and move it back to his house. Freedom isn't working so well for this one. Janelle is a moron. Kailyn makes dumb choices and Leah shouldn't have a wedding dress more expensive than mine. Price compare girl!!!

Survivor: I didn't think the producers would allow it to happen. Just a few episodes in and Russell gets voted out AND loses at Redemption Island. A little something about R.I.: I thought it would be a turning wheel. A person gets voted off, goes to R.I. and waits for the next person to get there. They battle, the loser leaves and the winner goes back into the game right away. That isn't how it happens so how does this work? Will this go on until the merge and then the person gets back in the game? I really thought that if Russell won, they would say "Okay, RI is over, Russell is back in the game" because no way would they let this goldmine walk away without even being in the jury.

But they did and I am thrilled. I have NEVER liked Russell. In all three seasons, I have thought he was a complete jerk. He bitches and moans when he hasn't won the game but hello dude. NO ONE LIKES YOU. He doesn't understand that Survivor isn't 100% about scheming and burying socks, etc. It is about getting people to trust and respect you because THOSE are the people who win. I'm glad his team lost the challenge on purpose to get him out. They had to do it. And now I can watch Survivor without being irritated!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kitty Time!

My husband took Kitty to the vet on Saturday for her yearly check-up. I was babysitting my niece so I couldn't go. My husband called to give me the full report. He said that the vet told him that female tabby cats were very rare and she actually had to check that she was female because she wasn't used to seeing them. Everything looked great except for one thing....
She is overweight. According to my husband, the vet said this RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY KITTY. She didn't even whisper it or ask my cat to leave the room for a minute. This vet has questionable bedside manner in my opinion. After hearing this news, my cat didn't act like herself the rest of the weekend. I swear she was depressed and walked around the house with her head down. We are making some adjustments to her portion size and I even asked the local pet food place if we should give her a different kind of food for weight loss.
To ease the pain of this news, I had a kitty photo shoot last night. I love her.
Kitty paws are the best!
Close your legs Kitty!!!!!! What a doll.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TTC Tuesday: Two Years

Two years ago, we decided to officially start trying to conceive a child. March 2009 was the first month that I started keeping track of my BBT, thinking that it would be super easy to make sure we did the deed at just the right time and BOOM, I would be pregnant. And if we were one of the lucky ones that happened to get pregnant the first time trying, we would have a 15-16 month old right now. But we don't. When you have been trying for something for 2 years and each month is a failure, it can be hard to stay positive. I have earned the tears I have cried. I deserve to be sad. But this is one of those moments that I try to focus on what I do have and what I can do. I try to stay positive and know that when it is our turn, we will be overjoyed and happy and ecstatic.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Project Guest Bedroom: Painting DONE!

When I saw this post go up over at Young House Love, I was inspired. I threw all my plans to do a beige colored guest room out the window. And if you check the date on that post, it was last April that I was all fired up to start working on the guest bedroom. Hilarious. I'm so lazy.

This bedroom was home to unused furniture and the cat carrier and the rockband drums. These were the pictures I took last year so in the last 10 months, it also became home to Christmas wrapping paper, stocking stuffers and empty boxes. We moved all the crap out of the room and prepared for the painting.

After much debate while standing in the paint aisle at Lowe's, we picked a color. We were kind of scared. This wasn't a color that could be described as muted or light. It is not a color that blends in with the wall.

Pine Forest from Valspar.

"We aren't going to drip, right?" says my husband (who painted the window and closet on accident.) We opened the window and shut the door (so kitty wouldn't run in) and after my husband vetoed listening to Britney Spears, we dipped the rollers in the paint tray and got to work. A couple hours later (including a trip to Lowe's to buy more paint) we were done.

We love it. I love it. I'm crazy about it. I can't wait to decorate it and make it a space where our guests can crash (but only for 1-2 nights). I was afraid it would be too dark but it isn't. It is lovely.

We know that we want to do a few accent colors, white being one of them. Light colors only as we do not want to overwhelm the dark colors of the wall. Any suggestions? My husband has a good eye for design but I suck at it.

Faux Lent

I'm not Catholic so I feel weird making an announcement that I am going to give something up for Lent. My friend Mayra, who is Catholic, said she isn't offended that I want to participate in Lent so that means I'm safe. Thanks Mayra. I've been thinking about what I want to give up and decided that I'm not going to give something up that I can't stick with. For example, saying that I am going to stop watching tv as much is silly. And saying that I'm giving up all sweets wouldn't work because I would turn into a total beyotch if I didn't have a stream of sugar running through my veins at least once a day. I need at least one of the big 3 C's (cake, cookie, candy) to make it through the month week day morning. Give up Facebook? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No. I'm going to give up two things that will not only help me mentally but also physically. I'll be saying peace out to the last of the big 3 C's and twitter. Candy and twitter, people. Candy and twitter. Why candy? Because I have become consumed with it. I eat WAY TOO MUCH candy. I can't just eat 5 skittles or 10 M&M's. I shovel that junk into my mouth like it tastes like....well, candy. Bad, bad, bad. I need to stop. My only concern is that I'll start eating donuts every morning or eating too many cookies to get my sugar fix. It might seem like one of those impossible things, giving up candy, but I have actually done it before. And I plan on binging* on Cadbury Mini Eggs and Peeps today so I'll get a stomach ache** and be happy about being done with candy for the next 6.5 weeks. Why Twitter? Because it makes me negative. I post all my annoying complaints about life on twitter. "OMG this line is too long. " "OMG why is this person talking so loud at the grocery store." "OMG this person at the gym seriously needs to lay off the cologne." SHUT UP MICHELLE. I need to go back to the time when we didn't have twitter (but not so far back that I give up facebook). Also Charlie Sheen. I HATE Charlie Sheen and his 1 million twitter followers. I hate that nearly every.single.tweet is about this buffoon.*** Wish me luck peeps! Yummmmmm peeps. *Does anyone else read this word as bing ing? Like BING ing? I had to make sure I was spelling it correctly. **I seriously typed "stomache" to mean stomach ache because the "ache" is already in the word so I thought the word stomach was stomache ache. Wow. ***I would seriously go on a tirade about this man and call him so many other words but my mom reads this blog and I need to seem polite.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Post!

Happy Friday! I'm so glad the weekend is here. You know what else I am happy about? Allow me to share: -Watching The Grammy's long enough to discover Mumford & Sons. I seriously love their cd, Sigh No More. Your homework is to go to itunes (everyone has itunes, right?) and listen to their songs. Obviously, if you aren't into that type of music you might not enjoy it but I happen to love male-led British bands. A song I really love (besides all of them) is Winter Winds. -Ole Henriksen On The Go cleanser. It smells nice thanks to the Orange Extract and makes my skin feel clean without leaving any residue. -Big Love. I am already mourning this show ending in just a few weeks. I started watching it in 2009 and managed to watch most of the past shows On Demand but I think I missed a chunk of Season 2 or 3. I think I'll go back and watch those once it ends. It is such a great show. And as I always put on twitter at the end of each episode: I hate Nikki. HATE. -My cat. I love my cat. My husband is finally admitting, without any hesitation, that he loves her too. She sits on the bathroom counter as we are getting ready for bed and the past few days, whenever I floss, she stares at me for a second, then paces back and force while letting out small "meows" and then goes back to staring at me. I wonder if she thinks I am hurting myself. It is weird. -My current, darker hair color. Even though Spring is approaching, I decided to go darker with my hair color instead of more blonde. I prefer my hair dark but not for long periods of time. Lucky for me, my hair holds color horribly so by the time I'm sick of it, it will fade back to dirty blonde. And as a bonus, my hair picks up shades of red when I color it so it has a brown-red color to it. -Girl Scout Cookies. Always Thin Mints and Samoas but I'm digging Lemonade cookies as well. I love lemon desserts. I need to make a habit of baking lemon desserts more. What are things that you love right now? Anything making you particularly happy?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

San Diego Pictures

I didn't take many pictures and didn't bring the nice camera but I thought I'd share some pictures I took with my iphone when I was in San Diego last weekend.
View from our hotel room, The Doubletree on Front St.

View to the right, looking out at the water. Pretty sweet view for a $100 room. Thanks AAA!

In the daytime. The weather was pretty crummy. I bet on a sunny day, it is a gorgeous view!

Looking at the ocean from Sunset Cliffs.

The Mormon Temple in La Jolla. Again, very beautiful when the sun is shining and there aren't clouds in the sky. *GOSH...blogger really sucks at uploading and spacing pictures. Get it together blogger.*

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TTC Tuesday: What I can do now

Instead of whining about not being pregnant, I really try to focus on the things in my life that I CAN do because I'm not pregnant/don't have a child. This is my reality right now so I might as well enjoy it, right? Here is my list: 1. Go to San Diego at the drop of a hat to be there for my friend 2. Drink a margarita and a glass of wine during the trip 3. Get 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep 4. Go to the gym anytime I want to 5. Go see movies 6. Watch the Oscars (and other tv shows) in their entirety without stopping 7. Lose weight 8. Color my hair 9. Hang out with my sister and her kids any random time on weekends that I'd like 10. Leave my house in minutes (I've heard people with kids take a long time to leave the house) Do I want to be pregnant and have a baby? YES. But right now, I am just me and I am going to appreciate my life as it is today.