Friday, March 18, 2011

All basketball, all the time

I love March Madness. I have been filling out a bracket for the NCAA tourney for many, many years. Since my husband isn't a fan of the college hoops tournament (for shame), I wager $5 per round with my mom in hopes of winning some money and pride. This great nation does not seem to understand the importance of college basketball. I still have to work during the tournament. Weird, right? I went to Chili's during my lunch break yesterday just in time to see two of my teams (top ranked by the way) lose in buzzer beaters. I was angry and the waitress was scared of the crowd that was gathered in the bar area. The results so far: First round I was 3-1 and I do not like this new weird first round where 8 teams play. Thursday (1st day of second round): 11-5. My mom was 12-4 so I need to pull out a few wins today to win $5. I'll be keeping track on my phone, watch a game before going to a Pampered Chef party tonight and then I will remain glued to the couch the rest of the weekend (and next weekend) hoping that my bracket doesn't fall apart like last year! Happy Friday. Happy Weekend. Happy Basketball watching!!!!!

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runningonwords said...

I was also 3-1 on the first round. I then promptly got lost on how we are scoring these brackets and haven't looked today. Yay, basketball!