Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am putting off TTC Tuesday for the week so I can geek out over Britney Spears.
Yes, I love Britney Spears. Innocent Britney. Popular Britney. Crazy Britney. I love them all. I have been on the Britney train since 1998 and I have never been off the tracks, even when she was. Even when she was married to K-Fed, I knew that she would rise above that and someday return to glory.
As her new album gets released today, I wanted to take a fond look back at late 90's/early 00's Britney. Enjoy! Or don't enjoy if you are a hater. :)
Her first VMA performance in 1999: The nude bodysuit performance in 2000: I'm a Slave 4 U performace in 2001. One of my favorite songs of hers: And of course, the famous Britney-Madonna kiss in 2003. Madonna must have poison saliva because within months, Britney married and divorced that dude in Vegas, then met K-Fed and made me sad because I was scared of what that loser was doing to my girl. I've been to 6 Britney concerts and if she tours again, I will be there.


crazy bunny lady said...

I'm a Brit fan! I'm also a HUGE Jessica Simpson fan. Sometimes I'm still 15 and wish and hope that she and Nick will get back together. Someday... ::sigh::

Do you know if she's coming to the Bay Area? I wanted to see "Circus" SO BADLY, but couldn't. I've never seen her perform, and would totally love to.

Michelle said...

Dude! I just tried to find you on FB. Where did you go? Her tour announcement was today. Sacramento and San Jose in June!

crazy bunny lady said...

I deactivated my facebook. =( I think it's temporary, but I'm just trying to "unplug" for a while. Thanks for checking in for me though! =)

When do tickets go on sale?!

Kelly Jean said...

lol I love this! Sometimes I'm also still 15 and wish that Jess & Nick would get back together! Heck, I'm still holding out hope for Britney and Justin, hahahah! :D

runningonwords said...

Madonna's poison saliva, indeed! She scares me. I hate to admit this, but I was always more a Christina Aguilera fan out of all the pop princesses when they first came out. I haven't listened to her music in years, so maybe she sucks now.