Monday, March 14, 2011

Going to the Fair

Last year, I entered a few pictures into the photography exhibit of our local fair. I drive by the fairgrounds every single day and was reminded that they are now accepting entries! When I got home last night, I took some time going through my pictures, deciding which ones I would enter into the fair and lose to a crappy picture of someone standing at a wedding. Seriously. One of the blue ribbon winners last year was a picture of a couple standing on the dance floor at a wedding. There was nothing special about this picture. Color me confused.
I stepped up my game this year and I'm going to enter 8 pictures!
Scenic Views:


I need help from you! I can only enter two pictures per category and I have three potential pictures in the "Animal" category. Please tell me which two you think I should enter:




I realize that I am no award winning photographer and these pictures aren't anything to really write home about but it is fun to enter them into the fair and see them hanging up on display!


Christy said...

I think even though I love the close up of Kitty's face, the one of her jumping is definitely a hard shot to get therefore it would be more fun to see on display :) All those shots are gorgeous though...I can see the Golden Gate one with a ribbon already!

The Jesse said...

your photo of the golden gate is beautiful! i think #2 & #3 for the animal category. the kitty in mid-air is a great shot :) ps - your kitty looks super cuddly & what a cutie!!!

Brant and Amanda said...

#3 I think is really cute. I liked the cat ones also.

Lynsey Kaye said...

I love kitteh pic #1. All of your photos are great.

runningonwords said...

I love them!

I vote for #2 and #3, although #2 is my hands down favorite.

Kelly Jean said...

For the kitty pictures - I'm not a big fan of #2 at all (although I see I'm in the minority there!) but I LOVE #1. Good luck! All VERY good pics! :D