Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Post!

Happy Friday! I'm so glad the weekend is here. You know what else I am happy about? Allow me to share: -Watching The Grammy's long enough to discover Mumford & Sons. I seriously love their cd, Sigh No More. Your homework is to go to itunes (everyone has itunes, right?) and listen to their songs. Obviously, if you aren't into that type of music you might not enjoy it but I happen to love male-led British bands. A song I really love (besides all of them) is Winter Winds. -Ole Henriksen On The Go cleanser. It smells nice thanks to the Orange Extract and makes my skin feel clean without leaving any residue. -Big Love. I am already mourning this show ending in just a few weeks. I started watching it in 2009 and managed to watch most of the past shows On Demand but I think I missed a chunk of Season 2 or 3. I think I'll go back and watch those once it ends. It is such a great show. And as I always put on twitter at the end of each episode: I hate Nikki. HATE. -My cat. I love my cat. My husband is finally admitting, without any hesitation, that he loves her too. She sits on the bathroom counter as we are getting ready for bed and the past few days, whenever I floss, she stares at me for a second, then paces back and force while letting out small "meows" and then goes back to staring at me. I wonder if she thinks I am hurting myself. It is weird. -My current, darker hair color. Even though Spring is approaching, I decided to go darker with my hair color instead of more blonde. I prefer my hair dark but not for long periods of time. Lucky for me, my hair holds color horribly so by the time I'm sick of it, it will fade back to dirty blonde. And as a bonus, my hair picks up shades of red when I color it so it has a brown-red color to it. -Girl Scout Cookies. Always Thin Mints and Samoas but I'm digging Lemonade cookies as well. I love lemon desserts. I need to make a habit of baking lemon desserts more. What are things that you love right now? Anything making you particularly happy?


Kelly Jean said...

That the weather is getting a bit nicer!

That we're going to have a "food day" at work soon!

That today is dress down Friday!

That my girlfriends and I are going out to celebrate a birthday tomorrow!

That in just a few days I'll know if this cycle worked or not!!!

The Jesse said...

Awesome Post!
Things I'm loving right now:
-I just started watching "Rules of Engagment", I'm on season 2 and I LOVE IT.
-I got "My Fair Lady" in the mail from Netflix yesterday and I can't wait to watch it this weekend (its one of my all time fav movies & I'm sad that I don't own it, yet).
-GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. I bought 4 boxes last weekend (Thin Mints, Lemonades, Thanks-a-lot & some peanut butter ones for the hubs). I'm eating through them, a serving a day, until next Wednesday when I will be giving up "sweets" for Lent. PS - I freeze my Thin Mints, I think they are so much better that way & I agree, Lemonades are sooo good!!! I want to make Lemon Bars after Lent is over :)
Have a great weekend!!!

runningonwords said...

I HATE Nikki. I have to say I feel like Big Love may have jumped the shark more than once, but I love it anyways!

And I gotta second freezing thin mints.