Friday, March 11, 2011

Reality Show Wrap Up

SPOILERS! SPOILERS. Don't say I didn't warn you! The Amazing Race: Favorites: Justin and Zev; Flight Time and Big Easy; Mallory and her dad (forgot his name!); Christina Justin and Zev are hilarious and are so easy going. They don't really fight and seem like they are having fun. Did you see in the first episode that they were wearing shirts thats aid Globetrotters just like Flight Time and Big Easy? Hilarious. The Globetrotters are also awesome. I want them to win! Mallory is cute and that is one of my favorite names that I could never name my actually child. She and her dad make me happy. And I picked Christina just because I feel bad that she has a dad that is so off his rocker. Least Favorites: Cowboys; Ron; The Cheerleaders; Margie and Luke I'm excited and terrified to see Ron lose his mind next week. What is wrong with that man? I don't know why Christina would agree to run the race with him again. He is loony. The Cowboys annoy me but I think I have this weird fear of small, petite men with somewhat high voices. The Cheerleaders are ignorant and haven't changed since their season. They think that everyone in the world should speak English. You signed up for the wrong reality show. Margie and Luke seem manipulative and whiny if they don't get their way. Did anyone catch when they got a clue last week and Luke was trying to read it and Margie gave him a SHUSH? Wow. The Real Housewives of Orange County: This is the only R.H. show that I have ever watched. The others just seemed way too over the top for me. But now it seems that the O.C. wenches have stepped up their drama factor. Gretchen is an alcoholic who can't control herself while drinking. Alexis is a complete phony who uses religion to make her sound smart and caring. Vicki needs to gather her belongs and move off the show. Tamara, who I used to like, had too much plastic surgery and just seems like a 40 year old who wants too badly to be 25 again. I'm glad Lynne is off the show because she was the worst!!! I think they took her brain out during her face lift. What a numbnuts. Teen Mom 2: My husband said "how was Teen Mom?" I said "infuriating." I know teenagers make stupid decisions because their brain's haven't yet developed all the way BUT WOW. These chicks (and dudes) are useless. I can't even type everything I am thinking because I'll get angry just thinking about it but I want to fly to South Dakota and go to Chelsea's dad's house and explain to him that he needs to act like a parent who's daughter is being verbally abused and stop allowing that dirtbag creep to live in HIS house for free. Then he needs to pack up his daughter's stuff and move it back to his house. Freedom isn't working so well for this one. Janelle is a moron. Kailyn makes dumb choices and Leah shouldn't have a wedding dress more expensive than mine. Price compare girl!!!

Survivor: I didn't think the producers would allow it to happen. Just a few episodes in and Russell gets voted out AND loses at Redemption Island. A little something about R.I.: I thought it would be a turning wheel. A person gets voted off, goes to R.I. and waits for the next person to get there. They battle, the loser leaves and the winner goes back into the game right away. That isn't how it happens so how does this work? Will this go on until the merge and then the person gets back in the game? I really thought that if Russell won, they would say "Okay, RI is over, Russell is back in the game" because no way would they let this goldmine walk away without even being in the jury.

But they did and I am thrilled. I have NEVER liked Russell. In all three seasons, I have thought he was a complete jerk. He bitches and moans when he hasn't won the game but hello dude. NO ONE LIKES YOU. He doesn't understand that Survivor isn't 100% about scheming and burying socks, etc. It is about getting people to trust and respect you because THOSE are the people who win. I'm glad his team lost the challenge on purpose to get him out. They had to do it. And now I can watch Survivor without being irritated!


Jen said...

I agree with you on both Real Housewives and Teen Mom 2.

I was so glad crazy Lynne and her uber dysfunctional family is off the show. Looking at her hurt my eyes! The new housewife looks just as crazy though showing up to the shooting range dressed to the nines!

I thought that Amber from Teen Mom was bad, but these girls from Teen Mom 2 are EXTRA bad. I don't know what they are thinking! Seriously!

It all makes for good TV though! :-)

Brant and Amanda said...

I have only seen Housewives of New Jersey and WOW!!! DRAMA!!! Though there is a crazy chic on there and I laugh every time she talks.

I watch Teen Mom 2 and I agree with you. Some of those girls I just want to hit upside the head.

runningonwords said...

I really need to start watching some reality tv! I think a housewives show might be my best bet, although Teen Mom has a certain appeal.

Mye said...

I love the Amazing Race!