Wednesday, March 2, 2011

San Diego Pictures

I didn't take many pictures and didn't bring the nice camera but I thought I'd share some pictures I took with my iphone when I was in San Diego last weekend.
View from our hotel room, The Doubletree on Front St.

View to the right, looking out at the water. Pretty sweet view for a $100 room. Thanks AAA!

In the daytime. The weather was pretty crummy. I bet on a sunny day, it is a gorgeous view!

Looking at the ocean from Sunset Cliffs.

The Mormon Temple in La Jolla. Again, very beautiful when the sun is shining and there aren't clouds in the sky. *GOSH...blogger really sucks at uploading and spacing pictures. Get it together blogger.*


The Jesse said...

I love San Diego! We use to have a friend that lived down there so we got to go visit a few times. I love any place near the ocean, haha :)

runningonwords said...

I haven't been to San DIego in years, but I remember loving it. I'm glad you got to go be there for your friend!

Kelly Jean said...

Beautiful pics! And I agree about Blogger. Drives me CRAZY trying to post pics!!