Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teen Mom 2

Let me first say that I have way too many opinions about this show and I found myself getting seriously worked up about it last night. Please validate me and tell me that I am not alone in my feelings. Now to the recap. SPOILERS AHEAD....

Kailyn: I have to start off with her because last night I was almost in tears watching the end of her story. It made me so, so, so remarkably sad. She was trying to take the high road and they were both doing the right thing getting their arrangement legally justified. But they are 19 year olds and subject to massive hormonal mood swings. It was sad to see both Kailyn and Jo lose all sense of "getting along" and go verbally abusive on each other. I wish Kailyn would just shut her mouth and take it because whenever she says anything, Jo seems to unleash a whole new verbal assault on her. Not that she shouldn't try to defend herself because she should but it doesn't matter. Even if she was to say "you are right", he would still call her worthless. I had my hands to my face, shaking my head in disbelief that these two people are so immature but given the responsiblity of raising a child. Jo is a horrible role model for his son. No woman should be talked to the way he talks to Kailyn. I hope Kailyn knows that she is worth more than that and will not accept that kind of treatment from future men in her life. Jo's parents should be coming down harder on him instead of how they were wasting their time trying to parent Kailyn.

Chelsea: I'm sure we'll find out during the reunion show that this breakup with Adam didn't last and I'm sure Chelsea welcomed him back with open arms but I was proud of her. The way she broke down saying that she has raised her daughter alone and her friends said "you are a strong person" was moving. I just hope she believes it. Adam is a complete douche. I just wish Chelsea's dad would have higher expectations for his daughter, like finishing high school. Second place for hilarious line of the night: "This present is from step-daddy Megan." HILARIOUS.

 Jenelle: There really isn't much to say about this girl. She has no self esteem, much like Chelsea. 1 step forward, 8 million miles back. I can't even imagine how stressed out her mom is over everything that has happened. First place for hilarious line of the night:
Jenelle: I'm in jail
Barbara: What are you doing there?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I know it shouldn't be funny but it is and I'm sure that is how you would respond because of shock.
Also..."I'm going to give him two weeks to change and then I'm gone for good." Sigh. Hopeless. Janelle is hopeless. She will lead a life of crime, homelessness and never, ever connect with her son. And now that she has been arrested for beating the snot out of some girl on video, I don't see great things for her.

Leah: I love that they got married at Coonskin Park. Maybe Corey just isn't good at eye contact but I kept thinking "LOOK AT HER" while saying your vows!!!!! They are cute and I hope they can make it. Statistics are against them. I got very teary eyed when Corey's dad was talking to him before the wedding. That was really sweet. Their parents seem like such nice, supportive people.

I'm looking forward (kinda) to the reunion show next week although I know it will just make me more angry. I don't know if I can handle another season of these girls and their mistakes. They have to get a little more mature, right?


Brant and Amanda said...

Oh my gosh I was dieing last night watching that show.
Jenelle- I want to beat her and her mother. I have to mute the TV sometimes cause they yell way to much and have you noticed Jace starts crying every
time they yell at each other.
Leah- I feel for her. She looked beautiful. Her little baby is so cute with those glasses. I'm glad they both have good families.
Chelsea- She is a dummy. She is so insecure. UGGGGG
Kaitlyn- What the hell are they doing cursing in front of there baby. I was going to reach through the TV and hit both of them. And the way Joe talks to her I wonder where he gets it. MOM AND DAD.

Cathleya said...

I hate to see the stories "end." I still wish they were filming the Teen Mom 1, as well as this season.

I don't have anything new to add (you covered it pretty well) except that Chelsea is so spoiled and will never go anywhere in life because hr dad gives too much. He should learn some more hard ass parenting and realize that HE's the reason that Chelsea won't get off her ass and get her HS diploma. HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. Come on.

Jenelle and Chelsea should trade parents. I know that Jenelle's mom yells ALL THE TIME but I can't say I wouldn't do the same if I were her.

Kelly said...

love your wrap up.. you said it all perfectly. And I caught a glimps of the reunion before I gave Olivia her bath tonight (don't worry, she wasn't in the room!) and I saw that Chelsea was back with her loser boyfriend... can you say dumptruck!? it's hard to watch, but I can't look away! I pray that I'm raising a self confident and smart woman... and I hope she'll just ask for birth control if she decides to have sex one day... but she won't because I'll kill her if she does. :)
And for Jenelle... she can be the biggest screw up, which she is, but if her and her mother don't stop fighting in front of that sweet little boy I'm going to lose my mind! If they only knew the dammage they were doing! What's wrong with these people!! Ok, I'm going, I'm getting worked up.

Kelly said...

ps. love your blog :) miss you!