Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Building a Guest Room: Cost Analysis

No TTC Tuesday this week. Honestly, I've run out of things to talk about for the time being. Any suggestions? Email me! michelle at seemichelleblog dot com. Thanks!

We started from scratch with this guest room. We have never had a guest room before so we really had nothing to start with. I tried to do the best bargain shopping that I could and cut out pieces of furniture/accessories that would be too expensive and not functional and necessary. We wanted the room to look nice but it didn't need to come with a hefty price tag. My biggest piece of advice: shop sales and clearances for bedding, google the heck out of coupon codes and hit up outlet stores for whatever you can. I probably could have saved more had I looked around for cheaper accessories (the aqua vases are a bit pricey for non-functional decor) but I wanted to officially finish the room and I love anything blue!

 Headboard: Brinmes from Ikea $99.99

 Nightstand: Hemnes from Ikea $129.99

Mattress, boxspring and frame: From a matress outlet store: $322

Table Lamp shade: Alvine Parla from Ikea: $12.00

Table Lamp Base: Ekarp from Ikea $9.99

Bedspread: JcPenny's online: $55.26 w/tax (online markdown from $100 plus $9.00 off through a coupon code I found online. No delivery fee because I had it shipped to Ace Hardware which services as JcP's catalog store)

Pillows: Bed, Bath and Beyond: $14.99 x 2= $29.98

Sheets: 500 TC from Bed, Bath and Beyond found on clearance: $29.99 (original price $79.99) Bed Skirt: Bed, Bath and Beyond: The price is slipping my mind and I can't find the receipt. No more than $20, I think.

Decorative Pillow: Ikea $14.99 (polka dots); $19.99 (Alvine Flora)

Valspar Sating Finish Paint: $65.96 (2 gallons)

Honey, Let's Run Away to Venice print: Art.com; print plus frame $114.99. I googled around for a coupon code and found 30% off framed art. Total price (with tax and shipping): $108.79. Basically, we got the print ($29.99) for free and just paid for the very nice frame.

Floor Lamp Shade: Alvine Parla $15.00

Floor Lamp Base: Ekarp $29.99

Aqua Vases: Ikea $7.99 each

Fake flowers in vases: Michael's $1.99 each (originally $4.99 each)

Wall shelves: Target $29.99

White frames: Ikea $3.99 for a 2 pack

Easels: Ikea .99 cents each (painted white using white paint from Michaels that was .59 cents)

Nightstand Alarm Clock: Target $16.99

Total Price: $1043.59

Still needed: a blanket for the bed, a frame for one more Venice picture that will hang to the left of the closet and possibly something to go underneath the picture of the Rialto Bridge.

Something seems to be missing under the picture...suggestions?


The Jesse said...

i'm still loving the head board!

what about a book shelf for under the frame? just a small one with like two shelves. it could be used as functional storage when you have guests --- like a place to put towels for them or something like that? or maybe one of those skinny tables that usually go in entry ways or behind couches ...

Kelly Jean said...

I agree - some type of little table. You could put a vase with fresh flowers or a few vintage books, etc.

Kristin said...

Amazing - it looks absolutely fantastic, and I love the bargains you found!

I like the bookshelf/table idea, or maybe a bench? Additional seating/place to throw stuff while staying there?

LaurakC said...

What about a blanket rack? The room looks great =)

Mama Parker said...

Looks great! I think I'm going to have to come visit. :) And take a trip to IKEA in the near future. I love those picture easels!

Christy said...

Could you do like a luggage rack, or a small shelf for guests to put their things on underneath that art print...purse, cell phone (since it's near an outlet), wallet, keys. I know when I stay at other people's houses I like to have a place to put those things.

Kelly said...

what about a bench under the picture? when people visit they could put their luggage down... just a thought! it's beautiful!

New York Muhtari said...


I have a question. How did you put together Ekarp lamp.. I brought it home but there is no harp, included..