Thursday, April 28, 2011

Farewell, Michael Scott

I've been a fan of The Office (American version) since it first aired. I've laughed, I've cried and although the show isn't what it used to be, I'm stuck by it. And I can honestly say that when Michael Scott leaves Dunder Mifflin/Sabre tonight, I will be wiping tears away. As he said in last week's episode...

"Yeah okay, this is going to hurt like a motherf***er."

Here are some of my top Michael Scott moments. In no particular order:

1. Basketball (Season 1, Episode 5): When he takes a shot and not only misses but hits the top of the warehouse and yells "WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME TODAY???". Hilarious. I still crack up at that episode.

2. The Injury (Season 2, Episode 12): He George Foreman grills his foot, Dwight has a concussion and throws up on his car and Michael sticks his foot into the MRI machine while Dwight is getting checked out.

3. A Benihana Christmas (Season 3, Episodes 10/11): He brings the waitress from Benihana back to the Christmas party and he and Andy forget which girl belongs to which Michael marks his date on the hand with a marker.

4. Phyllis' Wedding (Season 3, Ep 16): This was a low point in the life of Michael Scott. His behavior at her wedding was horrid. I think I spent the entire episode shaking my head.

5. Survivor Man (Season 4, Ep 11): His crush Ryan doesn't invite him to a camping trip so he goes on his own wilderness retreat. When it gets hot outside, he cuts the sleeves off of his jacket. When it gets cold....he just has a sleeveless jacket.

6. Golden Ticket (Season 5, Episode 19) He puts his Golden Tickets into 5 boxes....going to the same company. Whoops. He tries to pin the idea on Dwight which backfires when hottie CFO David Wallace loves the idea.

7. Niagara (Season 6, Ep 4/5): More of a Jim and Pam episode but still the same old Michael shenanigans. He flirts with Pam's mom and orchestrated the Chris Brown "Forever" dance.

8. The ongoing Michael and Toby battle. Epic always.

Do you watch The Office? What are your favorite Michael Scott moments??


Anna Andersen said...

I love The Office! Can't wait to get hooked on Parenthood :)

StumpyG said...

I'm pretty sure my Top Micheal moments list would be exactly the same. I was already crying last week, I'm gonna lose it tonight! So sad.

Christy said...

Oh I agree with most of those...the Foreman episode is hands down my favorite, them taking Meredith's van to the hospital is classic. Oh, and him dragging Meredith into rehab...HILARIOUS!! The Office will never be the same.