Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Infertility Myth Blog Challenge: Stop Trying and You'll Get Pregnant!

Myth Busting: Infertility Diagnosis

April 24th-April 30th is National Infertility Awareness Week. Did you know that 1 out of 8 couples suffers from infertility? It is something that, while common, is still hard to talk about. I commend RESOLVE for being a leader in bringing the discussion of infertility into the lives of everyday people as well as lawmakers.

For this TTC Tuesday, I am participating in the Bust a infertility Myth Blog Challenge. The Resolve website offered up a variety of topics for participants to blog about. I didn't feel really inspired by any of them so I made up my own. "Stop Trying and You'll get Pregnant!"

There are those people who get pregnant after they adopt. They try for years and years and when they make the decision to adopt or stop trying all together, the magically turn up pregnant. Their body must have known that they weren't stressing out about it anymore!!! I'm happy it worked for Charlotte York Goldenblatt but it doesn't mean it happens for everyone.

The first few months of trying to make a baby were fun. I was having a great time charting my temperatures every morning (seriously, I really liked it). It was like this crazy experiment to see if I could get pregnant. Temp spike and GO! Have sex! And when it didn't work those first few months, it was easy to refer back to the common statistic that it can take healthy couples up to a year to conceive. But as we moved into 2010 and my uterus was still empty, I was concerned. We called the doctor, we had tests done and we went through our first medicated cycle that failed. It was then that I realized that I was overweight and needed to get on the treadmill and do something about it. So we took a self imposed trying to conceive break. This is where the "relax and you'll get pregnant" myth entered my mind. We weren't really "Trying" anymore. We weren't seeing a doctor every cycle. And even though we weren't really timing things perfectly, that little voice inside my ovaries said "this might be the month it works because you aren't really trying."

Turns out that I'm not Charlotte York Goldenblatt. My body didn't give a rats ass that I wasn't stressing about getting pregnant. I completed those 6 months 23 pounds lighter and still without a baby in my belly. Stop trying and get pregnant? Sure, for some people. But that doesn't work for most people that have an actual infertility diagnosis.  Science is NOT on our side and apparently, miracles aren't either. I guess I'll just have to keep lugging myself to the RE each cycle and hope that the hundreds of dollars I'm spending on appointments, meds and procedures eventually works. So don't tell me to RELAX. Don't tell me that I should focus on something else for a while. I don't have a while. And relax is rarely in an infertile's vocabulary.

Learn more about Infertility here: http://www.resolve.org/infertility101

Learn more about National Infertility Awareness Week here: http://www.resolve.org/takecharge.


runningonwords said...

Thank you!!! I am so sick of people telling me to stop trying because it will make me get pregnant right away. The worst was when my crazy neighbor finally got pregnant and decided she was a fertility expert.

Serendipitie said...

I don't know why, but this is the hardest one to break people of. You can explain it to them every which way, and the will still say they know so many people that this happened to!

rico said...

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Michelle said...

I use blogger.