Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Verify THIS!

I'm going to be honest. I am not a fan of word verifications. On blogs. On ticketmaster. On anything. I don't want to have to prove that I am a human being. I typed a comment, isn't that enough? Even though typing in the word verfication prompt only takes a matter of seconds, I tend to skip commenting if I have to complete this step.

I also get pouty if I have to go through the above routine. Pull down to pick my account.....wait 3 seconds for the page to reload.....type in the word verification. Still silly of me to get upset over this but I just want to type my comment and move on with my day. Picking and waiting and verfiying is tiring!

So please tell me.....why do you have word verification on your blog? Why don't you?


Cathleya said...

I think I have it on my blog (if you don't register for xanga) and I hate it as well (but I don't have the option to take it away...I would if I could, because I GET TONS OF SPAM ANYWAY!!!)

It used to bother me a lot more, but I think I leave less comments everywhere lately so it bothers me less now...

Which means comment verification has won. I definitely comment everywhere less because of it.

Although, some blogs have the comment verification thing on the SAME screen as the "write the comment" box---so you write your comment and simultaneously comment verify on the same screen (so you only have to click submit once). I don't mind that so much!

runningonwords said...

I hope I don't have it on my blog! I tried to check, but I wasn't certain I didn't have it by accident. I always forget to check for comment verification because I usually comment, hit submit, go to a new window and then come back and close old window assuming my comment went through. I don't mind filtering spam comments and I feel like it is just part of the territory with blogging, so it irritates me when people use CAPTCHA. Also, sometimes I have trouble reading the dumb things.

Angie said...

i don't have a blog..heh.
but these damn word verification things make me stabby!!! i mean who can tell on the first try what the effin word is? i usually have to hit the refresh like 3 times before i could actually type the damn word. ugh!

Lynsey Kaye said...

I am pretty sure I don't have it on my blog. Like you, it annoys to heck out of me.

Not that I have a ton of traffic on my blog, but spamming isn't a huge issue. If I get some spam in my comments I just delete. I would rather "jump through hoops" myself with deleted some random comments than have my commenters annoyed.