Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm here!

Sorry for the blog silence since my last post on Thursday (my TTC posts are written in advance and scheduled). I have a lot to say but not much time to type it! I had a huge work event last night, our last of the school year, so that has kept me busy but I'm happy to report it went very well, my hard work paid off and now I can cruise through May knowing the school year is almost over! FINALLY. In September, it feels like it will never end.

Today is my Mom's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! This weekend we are having a little family party for her in conjunction with the Pacquiao fight on Saturday night. My husband is going to be working 7 days a week soon so I'll need to find things to do on the weekends to keep myself busy.

I'm thinking of doing a weekly feature on different parts of my house that I love. That means I'll actually have to clean a lot in order to put my best foot forward but again, my weekends will be wide open so I'll have the time.

Look for a better blog post on Friday on what I've been up to all week, my thoughts on the Royal Wedding (yes, I'm still thinking about that) and the biggest news that America has been talking about all week, the death of Enemy #1.

Have a great Wednesday everyone! May the Fourth Be With You! :)

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