Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Washington D.C.

I spent some time making the first draft itinerary for Washington D.C. Please add suggestions for restaurants, tours/museums to add, things to skip and anything else that may help make our 3 days there memorable!

Arrive early Sunday morning; check bags into hotel and we're off!
The Mall
Holocaust Museum
Lunch (suggestions)
Spy Museum (kinda pricey; not sure about this one)
Ford's Theatre
White House (if we get approved for a tour, this will move to Tuesday morning)
Dinner (suggestions)

Arlington National Cemetery
The Pentagon
Old Town Alexandria
Lunch in Alexandria (suggestions?)
Cupcake tour: Hello Cupcake and Red Velvet Cupcakery near Dupont Circle
Back to hotel for resting
Dinner (suggestions)
Special plans for this Monday night :)

White House tour (if applicable)
Get to Georgetown Cupcake before the masses and buy tons a couple of cupcakes.
Lunch in Georgetown (suggestions?)
Back to The Mall for anything that we didn't get to on Monday's tour of museums
Back to hotel for resting
Dinner (suggestions?)
Moonlight Monument tour from 7:30-10:00

Catch the train to NYC!!!!

What did I miss? What should I omit? Tuesday is a pretty laid back day so if we want to go back to any of the free museums, I think we should be able to make that happen. Thanks for any help!!!


Beth said...

Here are some links on things to do in DC.

This one is from the Washington Post - 3 Days in DC:

And this is the Washington Post's visitors guide: http://www.washingtonpost.com/gog/dc-visitors-guide.html

Most of the Smithsonian Museums don't open until 10am. I say pick a few and explore. You could spend a week in DC and not get through all the exhibits! http://www.si.edu/visit/hours#ExtendedHours

The Holocaust Museum is so moving. I haven't been there since HS, but I would love to go again. Bring some tissues. I would suggest getting a pass in advance for the permanant gallery. Again, the museum opens at 10am. http://www.ushmm.org/visit/

My friend passed on this link: http://www.goldstar.com it has offers on discout tickets and such. (I haven't signed up as I'm only going to be in DC for about less than 48 hours this time)

The Jesse said...

when you go to Arlington cemetery, make sure you catch the changing of the guard! its very moving :)

runningonwords said...

Make sure you get your reservations to the Holocaust Museum and White House ASAP since they tend to sell out really early.

"V" said...

I would move the moonlight monuments tour to the first night. It will give you a "lay of the land" near the beginning of your adventures!

"V" said...
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"V" said...

Also, after Georgetown, go up the street (a good walk) to Embassy Row and then to the National Cathedral. Won't take long, but worth seeing. There are also bus lines if you get tired!