Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celebrity Trash

Please click "Comment on this post" and share your insights about Hugh Hefner and his "fiance" breaking up just days before their wedding.

I don't care if the media reports that invitations were sent out for this wedding that was to take place this past Saturday. I don't believe it one bit. This girl (who, by the way, looks way older than 25) has serious issues for even being in a "fake" relationship with this man. Just like Kendra and Bridget before her. And while I think Holly Madison is adorable, she actually was in a relationship with him and that is just gross. I actually heard that she underwent several IVF cycles to get pregnant while in a relationship with him. Anyways.....this Crystal girl had a single drop last Tuesday. The same day she fled the mansion, saying the marriage just wasn't what she wanted anymore. And now she is in Vegas hosting a pool party while Hef is lighting up Twitter, dropping the names of every single blonde bimbo that is stopping by the mansion to "comfort" him.

And now this. Man, the world of Playboy is just weird. Did Kendra talk about this in depth in her book because if she did, I'd love to read it. It is just so fascinating while being disgusting and fake at the same time. Obviously, Hef didn't really intend on marrying that girl. It was all for show. It put his name and his brand in the headlines, it got her single on the radio and it gave him a chance to find a new girl to date (the ex's best friend!) so the stories wouldn't die out.

I feel like I have spent enough time watching E! News and watching these reality shows to know this these relationships are all for show. No one goes on The Bachelor/Bachelorette to actually find love. The Real World isn't real and neither was The Hills. It is all contrived b.s. to be famous or to create a brand name out of your life. When these people are old and wrinkled (or unwrinkled thanks to surgery) no one will care about them. They will be on Celebrity Apprentice Season 23 and all of us normal folks will be laughing at how sad they are. ALSO....how long before Anthony Weiner shows up on a reality show? It has to happen right? Blagojevich did it. Most other disgraced athletes/politicians do it. Only a matter of time....


runningonwords said...

You should read Bunny Tales by Izabella St. James.

Sweet Bean said...

I'd "marry" him for "love" and only "love"... and to launch my celebritidom.