Sunday, June 26, 2011

Delayed/Postponed/Fingers Crossed

Just a few hours after I posted our planned itinerary for our big trip, I got a call from my husband.

We would have to cancel our trip and move it to another date. I was at my sister's house for my niece's birthday. He felt awful about telling me when he did but he didn't want to wait until the next day. I cried and cried and even left the birthday party before we had cake. Unheard of for me! I got home and sat in the dark, allowing myself to process the news.

Normally, something like this would be disappointing. Its a lot of work to reschedule stuff and it is going to cost a bit more money but that isn't what made me sad. Our trip had us in Washington D.C. on the 4th of July. That is the whole reason we planned the trip for that week so we could be in our Nation's Capitol on the 4th. Its on my bucket list, if I had a bucket list. We were getting so close that I started to picture myself sitting in The Mall, staring up at the Washington Monument and watching the explosion of colors in the sky. I could taste it. And now it is gone. Along with killer seats to see Book of Mormon the Musical in New York. I can get my money back for the seats but the show is completely sold out. Not going isn't an option so we are going to suck it up, close our eyes and buy tickets on Stubhub.

That leads me to our plan. We are going on this trip later in July. We have tentative dates that should work but I've been living in the world of "should" for weeks now. We should be getting on a plane this Saturday. We should be enjoying the fireworks and the play. But instead we'll both be at work and on the 4th I'll attempt to enjoy spending the day with my family and see the janky fireworks that my town puts on and I will NOT be watching the Washington D.C. fireworks on tv because that would be like salt in an open wound.

There are some good things about moving our trip but I'm not quite to the point where I can smile and say "its a good thing!" yet. So I won't. I'll just get through the next two weeks and move on when I know we can book our trip, take #2.

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andrea said...

I'm so sorry Michelle...