Thursday, June 30, 2011

First World Problem

Problem: Canceling our awesome, amazing, great location for a great price tickets to see The Book of Mormon (the musical) since we won't be going on vacation next week. When I called to cancel the tickets, even the lady on the phone seemed surprised that we would be canceling the tickets. I wonder if they posted them for sale or if they go into a special pot to be given out in the lottery before the show. Whatever. They don't belong to me anymore so I don't care. But I obvious do care. Cry.cry.cry.

The bigger problem: Realizing that we still both really, really, really want to go see this show and upon searching on Stubhub, discovering that two tickets for crappier seats will cost a lot more. And we purchased them anyway. I closed my eyes when I hit "order." It was that painful. For the next few weeks, I'll be cutting back every penny that I can in order to make room for that purchase in our travel budget.

I realize these are First World Problems. We are blessed to be going on this vacation in the first place (on the second try, at least) so my OMG POOR ME and my CRAPPY BROADWAY TICKETS BUT STILL BROADWAY TICKETS whine isn't really pity worthy. I get that.

But seriously, from Orchestra to BFE Mezz.


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