Monday, June 20, 2011

Gardens, Graduates and Golf

It was a busy weekend. It was a hot weekend. My blood must have been pretty sweet because I have multiple bug bites on my arms, legs and face. Yes, I have a bug bite on my face.

I spent many hours working on the front yard this past week. I even planted these two flowers after my dad trimmed back our rosemary bush. The flower on the left is already wilting. Heat resistant my butt.

My Sister in law graduated from high school on Saturday. I drove her and a friend to graduation early so she could take pictures with her friends. While we were waiting, I got yelled at by the campus monitor that has been at the school since before I went there. It was disrespectful and unnecessary so I emailed the Principal a complaint. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful ceremony and we are all so proud of our graduate!

Our family has a tradition of going to the local golf course, eating breakfast and practicing our putting on Father's Day. Pretend that there is a stellar picture of me, my sister and my dad below. I have an actual picture but it is just not flattering for any of us so I'm not going to post it.

 My Brother in law teaching his daughters proper form

 My dad with hands on grandparenting

Me and Amy taking a walk, hand in hand. How cute are her pigtails?

I've also rejoined the softball team and we had our first game of the new season yesterday. I played catcher and outfielder and managed to get on base once. I also got some color on my arms and face from all the time spent in the sun which had me completely WIPED OUT by the time Sunday night rolled around. I was not ready for my alarm to go off this morning. The countdown is officially on for our vacation and I am getting more excited by the day. I can't wait to spend time with my husband see explore two of the most exciting places in our country!

I hope everyone is surviving their Monday!

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