Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy I'm going to go cry

I was pretty excited when my sister told us that she was pregnant with their first child. She gave me a box of gum.* It took me a second to understand. Did I have habitual bad breath? She looked at me with big eyes and POOF. My brain started working, tears poured out of my eyes and I got it. I was going to be an aunt. My sister and her husband were on Team "We aren't finding out what we are having ahead of time." A team I cheer against but the memories I have of being told "Its a girl" were so thrilling. I can still picture it. Me, my mom and my dad standing in the hallway of the hospital and after hearing the news, we had a little group hug.

Today that little girl turns 6. Six years old. And it is her last day of Kindergarten. And for all the emotions that must be running through the minds of her parents, Au Bob is feeling quite emotional about it. Where did the last 6 years go? How is it possible that time can really move so quickly. I was looking at her the other day and realized that she isn't a little girl anymore. I know she is too young to be called a "young lady" but she sure isn't the baby I once held in my arms. She is so long and dangly that picking her up and carrying her is out of the question. But I still hear her yell "AU BOB!!" when I knock on the front door of her house and she lights up when she seems me. Being an aunt is a gift and I'm so lucky that it was a gift given to me.

My first time holding her, three days after she was born.

We are both so young and small. :)

I love you Diana!!! Happy Birthday!

*Can anyone name with the box of gum came from???*


Angie said...

great, now I'M crying! happy birthday to that beautiful little girl :)

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