Monday, June 13, 2011

I can only do my best

Maybe it is just the blogs or websites that I read, but I am noticing a huge food movement towards vegetarianism, eating "clean", eating local, etc.

I must confess: I'm doing none of the above. I might be the worlds pickiest eater. I didn't even eat salsa until about 6 years ago. Or sour cream. I don't know what was wrong with me but I go back in time and think of all the fun I was missing out on by not dipping my chip into lovely, yummy salsa and I weep. I won't carry on about the joys of sour cream because I could go on forever.

I recall sitting at the dinner table for HOURS when I was younger because I wouldn't eat my peas (gross). I do remember eating certain foods that I refuse to eat now but I think its because my taste buds weren't fully developed. I'm sure my mom can remember (and might chime in) about when my picky habits started but they haven't ended. I'm picky. Luckily, my husband tends to be at the same level so I don't have to feel embarrassed about eating (and not eating) certain things.

Once, while eating a delicious, amazing, juicy steak, I said "I could never be a vegetarian, I love steak too much." To which my dad replied "you couldn't be a vegetarian because you don't like vegetables." True that. I don't. Smells drive a lot of what I will and won't eat and the smell of broccoli makes me dry heave. I don't care how much cheese I can melt on top. Dry. Heave. Barf.

I buy snacks that come in a box that have billions of ingredients that I can't pronounce. I don't really eat too many vegetables although I do add spinach leaves into my smoothies everyday and mix it into my romaine only salads every now and again. Spinach tastes very planty. I have an apple a day. I make chicken at least 3-4 times a week for dinner. I make tacos with ground beef. Not ground turkey or chicken or tofu. Red, ground beef. And I love every second of taco night. I don't really drink sodas and tend to consume loads of water. I love candy. A lot. If vegetarians refuse to eat meat, I refuse to eat fish. What does that make me? Fish smell and look funny and come from the ocean. Something about that freaks me out. I realize my weight issues are due to my food choices but I know plenty of "healthy eaters" who are overweight so I know it is more of my overeating that dooms me.

I may not be doing all the right things for my body and I am fully aware of that. I think about changing and trying new things but again...dry heave, gag reflex, barf.  I enjoy not coming across as a preachy know it all who thinks my way is the best way. Whoops, I think I released some venom there. Again, maybe it is just the things that I am reading and perhaps I should STOP reading them. But I can only do my best and when I'm ready to reach out and try harder to eat better, I will. I think adding spinach into my salads and smoothie is a pretty big step for me.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy my perfectly baked chicken for dinner tonight and the Pretzel M & M's I'm going to eat with my lunch. And when I'm in New York and I order a slab of prime rib at a steakhouse, my heart will go pitter patter as I cut into it with my knife and ignore the side of veggies on the plate. And I'll enjoy life and not be consumed and obsessed with doing the "right thing" according to the world. I'll do the right thing according to me.

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Cathleya said...

It's your life---live it! I am not a fan of people preaching a certain lifestyle and deeming everyone else that doesn't do it somehow inferior. Get over yourself. The age old adage "everything in moderation" will probably be the key to "successful eating" (whatever that means) that outlasts any fad or mantra when it comes to eating.